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SteelFlex 04-30-2012 06:29 AM

Recruiting Fantasians for a new guild
Hi all,
I just made this guild a week ago (took me a week to decide on a name, Symphony I believe was taken) Ill be more active come late May. Anyways its called Rhapsody and it will be hopefully a GvG active guild with people (including myself) ready to help. Anything can be accomplished if we all work together.

There are only two rules for this guild
1. If you are offline for more than 11 days without informing me you will be kicked. If you inform me that you will be offline for the next two weeks, however, I will not kick you. You get a max of one month of offline days if you inform me(unless you have a good reason.
2. You cant be in this guild just to be in it, you gotta talk every once and a while

So I'm looking forward to making new friends :D

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