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03-13-2012   #1 (permalink)
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Default Looking for Legend-x

It used to be a guild back in like 2009s or something. I'm curious about it because I used to be part of it and I'm just asking if anyone knew anything about what happened to it. Thanks.
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If you're talking about Legend-X from Fantasia, I'm pretty sure the guild master got banned and most members quit Trickster, and those that stayed scattered. Or so that's what I've been told.
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*CougH* well..

Legend-X. Wow. Memories I don't want to think about.

The management was terrible. Accusing other guilds of hacking. Cheating themselves to get higher ranks. Their forums and stuff got trolled a lot... not sure by who.

Anyway - uh -

Eventually, yeah, they got banned, and it was the happiest day of my frikkin life. They caused SO much frikkin drama in that server.

A lot of the better members went to my guild.. Boris and Nani are 2 that came.. I dont remember a lot of the rest, it was back in 2009.

There's essentially noone left though, so I'd suggest finding another community to get cosy with :3
06-26-2013   #4 (permalink)
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Hi, I was one of the guild leaders of Legend-X. I don't remember you, what was your IGN?

I disbanded the guild due to various reasons that have no importance anymore.

It's interesting how you seem to delight in the demise of Legend-X, Cait - yet you pretended to have no qualms.

Just because Legend-X was run differently from yours, doesn't mean the management was "terrible". Ex-guildmates "testimonies" mean nothing as they did not run/manage the guild and majority were not long term members.

We didn't cheat/hack to get higher ranks, either... I can personally attest that I use to spend way too many hours in the game to get points and hounding members, my bad. But cheating for

Anyway, I'm actually glad I was banned (for "swearing" which 50-90% of tricksters did), because the game was poorly ran by incompetent GMs and full of ass kissers/teeny boppers.

Also when I did come back around 2012, the gameplay sucked, the maps sucked, it wasn't the Trickster I initially loved.

Nani and Boris were guild hoppers so figures. "A lot of the better members" great way to judge other members and players you didn't even know.

I still keep in contact with members who actually did contribute, were cordial and I formed some bond with on a personal level beyond the game.

And for the record, an ex-guildmember (Syrine), who apparently joined firefly, is a "ho". She stripped on webcam for Colbey, while I was still dating him, and knew this. I have the recording, so don't even go there. Go look up the meaning of "ho", fits the situation.

It's amazing how people love to take one side of a story (or situation) and make it the "truth".

As of now, Legend-X has no guilds anywhere, because I've decided games have no importance in my life currently. There is such thing as you IRL and doing something productive with your life.

HOWEVER, maybe in the future we'll make a comeback! :3
09-07-2013   #5 (permalink)
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Valr will become famous soon enough

Huh..I still have a backup of our forum, don't see any troll or spam posts at all..wutchu talkin bout? The only thing that was taken from the forum was our real life pictures, someone felt the need to mirror all of mine onto their blog post. I feel loved .

Any previous member that ever said anything bad about the guild mainly had complaints because I refused to kick them, so they had to wait in order to join another guild. If they wanna talk shit cuz of that, oh well.

Any proof that we hacked or cheated? No? Baseless accusations. Believe me, we had hoarded a ton of quest items for each town, and gave them away to new guild members. If that's cheating, oh well.
I don't know who we accused of hacking, I know whenever I brought up "h4x" I was mainly ****in around, guess you'd had to of spent time with me to understand my humor.

Fantasia was the epitome of drama. Period. Has nothing to do with a single entity or guild. No matter where you went, there was always drama. Game communities tend to suck when the majority of players are just starting to hit puberty and can't control their hormones.

But yeah, no more online games for me. Just League of Legends once in a great while. With my mental problems and no meds I can't play a game longer than 10 minutes before shutting it off. Sucks.

Want to keep in touch? Send me a PM.



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