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iKandel 08-04-2011 03:24 AM

looking for a guild...
I;ve decided to join a guild. I'm not really the guild type, but my friend isn't playing much anymore and it gets boring by myself. I've played on and off since '07.

Lvl. 120 Light Magician. Mainly I play on my own anyway, I don't usually PvP cause I don't have many healing skills... XP
I don't usually talk much when I'm doing something, like quests or drilling, so there are times when I'm in and out when chatting.
I'm usually always on Jewelia, however I do have a character on Fantasia, however Fantasia is grossly under leveled. I more or less have it there to save my name on the sever. XP
Both are iKandel.

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