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Default [badna0's] ITEM FUSING FAQ!

It's not that complicated!
Interested in the Item Fusing system? Here's what the deal is.

Item Fusing let's you keep the stats of one item (the stat item), with the appearance of another item (the image item).

1. The level requirements, stats, compound slots, tradeability (of myshop items, etc.), etc. of the stat item are kept the same. No exceptions.
2. The image item can be any item you like... Any level requirement, any type (myshop/non-myshop)... The only requirement is that it must occupy the same item slot as the stat item. You can't for, example, fuse a cape with a sword in order to wear a sword on your back.
3. As of the current patch (2/20/08), only hats/shields/weapons may be fused. Furthermore, guns can only be fused with guns. Swords, Knives, and Wands can be inter-fused (is this a word?), however.
4. The fusion requires one Artisan Flame. The Artisan Flame is a MyShop only item, and as of right now, they are sold in packs of 3, which cost 4400 points. They are classified as MyShop items, which means they are untradeable (they were tradeable in an earlier patch, but this bug has been fixed).
5. Tradeable items: Any fused item can be traded, provided that its stat item was tradeable. If you use a MyShop item as a stat item, even though your image item is a non-MyShop item, you will not be able to trade it.
6. NPC: The NPC for the Fusion is Fusion Master Arlene. She has locations in many places, including Megalopolis Shop and Paradise Shop.
7. You CAN re-fuse items. . . . . You CAN re-refine fused items (and they will retain their image)...
8. Fused items have a BLUE NAME.
9. Special Exceptions: The Shining Crystal Set cannot be fused. The Gold Pharoah set cannot be fused (confirmed by zgmfx09a and Rose, thanks!) Oops set? Caballa set? Desert Set


I fuse my Suitcase Shield 100 (MyShop item, lvl 100) [stat item] with a Teddy-Bear Shield (non-MyShop, lvl 30) [image item].

-I get a shield with the Suitcase's stats, but the appearance of a Teddy-Bear Shield. The name of the shield is still "Suitcase Shield 100", and the level requirement is still 100. Furthermore, since the Suitcase was MyShop, I will not be able to trade this item.

I fuse my Inferno cape [stat] with a Solar Cape [image].

-NONONONO. If you read above, you'll notice that a) capes can't be fused.

I fuse my Old Poniard (Non-MyShop, lvl 5) [stat] with a Cork Bat (lvl 1 MyShop)[image]...

-You get an item titled "Old Poniard", with a lvl 5 requirement and the stats of the Old Poniard. It looks like a Cork Bat, and it is tradeable.

I fuse my craft felt hood (non-myshop, level 50) [stat] with an Inferno Helm (4g, level 220) [image]

-I don't know why you'd do this, but you'd get an item called "Craft Felt Hood", with a level 50 requirement, with the appearance and aura of the inferno helm. The item will be tradeable.
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