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03-17-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Default Tips-On Card Battle Maintenance(how to get high points)

Doing this guide cuz i fed up when i cant get top 5 card battle maintanance winners . inorder to make it fair

In Order to get high points, u must do Card Combo & U must win in all 4 times in a rows but if u lose 1 times in a row or draw then the combo is disable
Like This One:

Example : Orc Brother Combo Deck consist of power/sense/charm orc(I dunno the name ._.)
: Magic Type Combo Deck =Dragon & Sheep

Example: U won 30 points (without any combo)(Perfect)
With Combo: Orc Brother Deck(3 cards) roughly 50-60 points(perfect)
Magic Type Deck(2 cards) roughly 40+ points(perfect)

Another Tips-Get The Lowest Number of the cards(the upper one)

Hope This Helps
SORRY IF MY ENGLISH SUCK =/ i only got basic english

+rep For me
Another Thing I Dunno If Someone Make this Guide Already cuz i use search system cant find anything about this @@

If Any Sentence U Dont Understand Or Wrong Sentence Please Feel free To pm me So i Can Edit it
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10-11-2010   #2 (permalink)
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Thank you for the tips

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11-30-2011   #3 (permalink)
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I'm always lost in Card Battle lol. Nice Guide


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