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08-02-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default How to fix update problems on TO!

I'm not the person who wrote this and I found it off the official forums. But as nobody has the will to search for it, I say why not put it somewhere that everyone looks?

Credits Goes to the Original Poster..

- It took me a lot of searching to find out how to update Trickster..

This is for those who have problems with patching their Clients..

Hope this helps..

Sometimes, when Trickster gets updated after some maintenance, some people has problem with Trickster not patching in the launcher, and prevents them from playing due to version difference, or Exceptional Error, if not weird stuff. I have found a workaround to allow Trickster Launcher to patch Trickster.

To make the Launcher detect the new version of Trickster and patch
1. Close Trickster Launcher if already open (optional)

2. go to here using Internet Explorer (this doesn't work with firefox). It should lead to a page with some version information. It looks like this:

version = 2.17.1
notice =
filelist = filelist.200708280115
patch =
3. when there, refresh by pressing CTRL-F5. You should notice that the "version" field change

4. Open Trickster Launcher (or press file check if open) and it will detect the new version and patch.

You should be able to play the updated version of Trickster now.

I found this workaround when I asked myself "Why a lot of people can't play immediately after the maintenances?", and started to look, and I found that this is the problem.

If it doesn't work for any of you, let me know about it, I will try to find a deeper solution if possible.

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I remembered seeing this guide being posted in MT
not quite sure who the original author was though

there is always the 'IF' possibility when you still cant play trickster after trying out the workaround
the problem usually lies in your ISP server's cache,
you'll have to wait it out untill the server renews the cache so you can update your client

thanks for reposting the guide,
im sure it would be helpful if it was stickied in the Technical Issues section ^__^
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