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Dragon 12-15-2008 01:49 PM

Guide To The Tremendiously Tedious Tenter Trials
I was requested to do this guide for those that want to do this quest. It is fairly empty as many people don't hunt Tenter because the complexity of the quest. Tenter now drops all 3 of it's Unique items: Tenter Lion Mane, Tenter Lion Tail Spear, Tenter Lion Earring.

This is a work in progress as I cannot get some images, and names because I'm not at Tenter Lion Trials currently.

This is what you get from killing Tenter. If more than one person is killing Tenter Lion, the person dealing the final blow will get this.

It has no specific function. I guess many players want to have 1 at least to see it on their MyView.

Alright let's get started to the guide of how to finish the Trials.


In order to enter Tenter Lion Trials, you must go to Swamp Field 6 - Lake of Illusion and talk to Little Chagan. She will ask you for a Lotus Flower, obtainable from Lotus Wormhole in Swamp Dungeon 4 - Marshy Garden and Swamp Dungeon 5 - Marshy Lawn.

Swamp Field 6 - Lake of Illusion

(If anyone could, could you please tell me the Level Range for entering Tenter Trials?)

Map 1: (In this map, you will ONLY be able to see yourself. If you are in a party, you may see that they are in the same map, but you will not see them other than on the Mini-Map)

After you enter the map, you will see Frog Shaman. She will ask you to do a quest:

Part 1:

Hunt 8 Tentacles in 2 minutes.
Each Tentacle has around 9k-10k HP and does around 1.5k damage (2.3k crit) on a character with 1k DP. They can use bull's eye to increase their accuracy. They seem to use skills often to do the damage.

After you kill the Tentacles, you will follow the path to talk to the NPC again. He will take you to the next part of Map 1.

Part 2:

In this part, the goal is to collect 6 Dark Necklaces.

Dark Necklaces are dropped from Dark Shamans. They have around 10k HP and does around 3k when they crit. They have fairly low accuracy. Each one drops a Dark Necklace when it dies.

After you have 6 Necklaces, you can talk to the NPC again, who will then take away your Dark Necklaces, and teleport you to Map 2.

Map 2: (In this map, you will ONLY be able to see yourself. If you are in a party, you may see that they are in the same map, but you will not see them other than on the Mini-Map)

You will see Witch La Befana is actually the previous NPC. Talk to Witch La Befana and she will teleport you to the first part of this map.

In the following trials, your goal is to kill all the monsters and collect their drops and hand them in to Witch La Befana.

Part 1:

Collect 1 Warrior's Water Drop. It is dropped from Super Cobra Flower. It has around 10k HP.

Part 2:

Collect 2 Water Drop of Power. It is dropped from Super Myconid. It has around 10k HP. These guys have a power attack.

Part 3:

Collect 3 Water Drop of Magic. It is dropped from Super Lotus Wormhole. It has around 8k HP. These guys have Guard Break and a power attack.

Part 4:

Collect 1 Water Drop of Sense. It is dropped from Super Stoor Worm. It has around 11k HP. This one knows Drip Bomb with Water Web, and Mana Ring.

Part 5:

Collect 2 Water Drop of Strength. It is dropped from Super Slug G. It has around 17k HP. These guys have buffalo's skill, Berserk, and a power attack that seems like Uppersmash.

Part 6: **

Collect 4 Marble of Fortune. It is dropped from Shadow Mon. I'm fairly sure they have only around 4k HP. Be careful. They start attacking you right away. They are invisible unless you hover your mouse over them. Use multi-target attacks if you have. They know Arrow Rush and an attack that looks like a Charm type attack skill.

Map 3: This is the first map in the trial that allows you to see other people on the map. There are three versions of this map. There are no correlations as to which you will get, however, I have listed them in order of how often I get the maps. Version 1 and 2 are almost the same likelihood while Version 3 is very rare. There are VERY few differences in the maps. The paths are changed slightly and the NPCs for this quest are different in each version.

NPCs in this map are:

Witch La Befana - Always right in centre of map where you spawn

Pastor Tau
Kristoffer J
Madam Sarah
Warrior Kei
Swampy Suu

They must be approached in the following order

Witch La Befana (Quest Starter)
Pastor Tau (Gives you Children's Letters)
Kristoffer J (Gives you Sand Filled Bag)
Madam Sarah (Gives you Herbal Tea)
Warrior Kei (Gives you The Brave Story Book)
Swampy Suu (Takes away 1 Children's Letters, 1 Sand Bag Filled, 1 Herbal Tea, 1 The Brave Story Book, and gives you 1 Mud Ball)
Pastor Tau (Takes away 1 Mud Ball and teleports you to map 4)

I will only post the differences of NPC positions

Version 1:

Pastor Tau - Top Right
Kristoffer J - Bottom Middle
Madam Sarah - Top Middle
Warrior Kei - Bottom Right
Swampy Suu - Bottom Left

Version 2:

Pastor Tau - Top Left
Kristopher J - Top Right
Madam Sarah - Bottom Left
Warrior Kei - Top Middle
Swampy Suu - Bottom Middle

Version 3:

Pastor Tau - Bottom Middle
Kristoffer J - Top Right
Madam Sarah - Top Left
Warrior Kei - Bottom Right
Swampy Suu - Top Middle

Map 4: ** (In this map, you will ONLY be able to see yourself. If you are in a party, you may see that they are in the same map, but you will not see them other than on the Mini-Map)

Collect 8 Teleport Scroll: Tenter Lion's Lair. They are dropped from Ancient Hero Statues. They have around 14k HP. These guys know how to use Faint and Banish (very deadly combination) and Arrow Rush and Mana Arrow(unsure) and possibly Power Blow(unsure).

Map 5: Swamp Dungeon 7: Tenterlion's Cave

Finally you did it. This is where Tenter Lion resides. It's a fairly big map.

Tenter Lion - 5 Lives

Notes: As Tenter Lion looses lives, it gets more resistance to attacks and can change resistance. By the last bar, it has very high physical resist. Tenter knows how to use Banish with a large area. It also knows, Cleaving Terra, and some other skills. It does around 11k damage with criticals. It can still summon monsters like before.

Respawn Time for Tenter Lion is 11 minutes from last respawn. If Tenter Lion hasn't been killed for over 11 minutes, it will respawn approximately 30 seconds after death.

If you are lucky enough, you will get one of Tenter's Unique Items. You are able to get Tenter Lion Mane (Hat) and Tenter Lion Tail Spear (1 Hand Weapon) and Tenter Lion Earring (Accessory). They are level 210. I'll add more information later on.

* A Few Notes:

Quests obtained from before can be continued in a later trial if you are teleported. This applies for all quests except for the Tenticle killing part.

There is a lot of lag in Tenter Lion Trials. NPCs may take your items but not teleport you to the next part of the map. To prevent this, wait for text to load and do not double click.

The best way to take turns is to save the Mud Ball from Map 3 as it is very tedious to get the Mud Ball. After Tenter Lion respawns, you can skip most of Map 3 and just talk to Pastor Tau for the teleport to Map 4. Why do I call this trial tedious? It takes me around 7 minutes to complete the trial with the Kitty Earring and basically 1HKOing everything *

** Special Glitch?

These parts may be skipped for certain players. I personally cannot so I do not know why this is possible. I have heard that it's because they were trial hunters from the first day when Tenter Trials were released. Apparently they get special treatment...This saves them lots of time especially in rushing to Tenter **


Me :D

Momijii for requesting this guide

The following are people that have contributed to this guide: Thank you all :D


Kusuriuri 12-15-2008 02:04 PM

Well, Im actually Tenter hunting on pearl right now, so I'll give you what you need.

NPC is a she, Frog Shaman, who transforms back into Befana after doing the Tentacle and Dark Shaman quests.

Also, I believe it is supposed to be the shield that it drops, not the earring. According to the trend on most of the bosses, you get a weapon/hat/shield from the boss, and an accessory from a quest.

EDIT: Heres the Shadow Mon for anyone curious. As Res said, you dont see them unless you mouse over them, otherwise theyre invisible. If you stand still, you can see some vague movement around you.

james 12-15-2008 04:31 PM

Very good guide, I like it.
Don't take it personally, but I think it could use some pictures; other than that, it's perfect~
Namely, during the trials.

Dragon 12-15-2008 04:47 PM

I'm working on it. I couldn't get on today (Had to remember everything based on memory and my previous post on the SS section)

I'll have all the pictures up tomorrow if I finish my essay I have for French

Kusuriuri 12-15-2008 04:50 PM

Res, tell me what you need, since Im still at Tenter o_o

FoxFX 12-15-2008 05:14 PM

does suffocate work on these invisible things? 0_0

Dragon 12-15-2008 05:54 PM

They are not invisible as shown in the screenshot. They "camoflauge" into their surroundings. You can see them it them move (very slighty) or just hover the mouse over that area. This isn't the same as Hide skill that foxes have

Bolter 12-21-2008 04:45 AM

Tenter can use Dodge Master and Drip Bomb and Power Blow too and at the red life, it may(but rarely) uses Impelling Rage. There was one coon who told me that it did 20k crit on him.

Dragon 12-21-2008 10:47 AM

Oh okay, I'll update hopefully. I'm kinda depressed about something right now.

kikiral 12-21-2008 01:34 PM

You can pick up Tenters earring now

Kusuriuri 12-21-2008 01:39 PM

Yeah we know, Res already has the shield from the quest lol :x Its been posted in the screenshot thread what the stats of the earring and shield is.

RoseLany 02-10-2009 01:29 AM

Thanks for the great tutorial,it'll help everyone ~


sketched 03-24-2009 06:16 AM

how come i can't do tenter trial the second time? when i get to map 3 Befana wont start my quest for the maze. i talked to everyone . Help?

R 03-24-2009 01:46 PM


Originally Posted by sketched (Post 766773)
how come i can't do tenter trial the second time? when i get to map 3 Befana wont start my quest for the maze. i talked to everyone . Help?

Trial 3 is bugged. It's the same bug that was there when they first Revo'd Tenter. Which means, you can't do it more than once.

I made an annoucement in-game and they fixed it right away, I would do it again but i refuse to recharge just for this. Plus, I don't go to Tenter anymore. Or rarely, anyways. So unless someone else wants to bring this bug to the GMs attention: You'll have to wait until possibly the next patch or until they decide to fix it. Which could be even longer than the next patch, lols.

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