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Perfect World
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Perfect World



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04-17-2011   #41 (permalink)
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I don't know if I'd be willing to deal with the lag this might cause. The computer I play Trickster on isn't the best in the world. It's just an old handmedown I have to deal with because I use it ONLY for the game.

If they put up a couple other places to leap into like Pearl used to be on Jewelia. That place used to be my safe haven away from lag on Ruby. For now I just see it as being a bit of an annoyance after awhile.

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04-19-2011   #42 (permalink)
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There are literate--if not sentient--beings on Fantasia. We're just specks of salt in a pepper shaker.

I'm with a couple of people here that are iffy-->no on the merge. While I can't speak with the knowledge of pricing, server stress(?) and lag are something I do look at. But someone said there's advantages to both Fantasia and Jewelia.
04-20-2011   #43 (permalink)
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Nexon has merged two servers in MapleStory. [Info. here]

Basically they've changed it so that the characters hold over from one server to another, essentially making it like how Ruby and Pearl were (two different areas but on the same server). Downside, they can make it work because names aren't server unique. If there's a Momiji on Server X you can't make a Momiji on Server Y.
04-23-2011   #44 (permalink)
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maplestory has a good number of dead servers. since they add them as events vs any real need for them

i really think any online game needs two separate game worlds. being trapped to one game world is very binding. theres a lot of things that could happen in one world that could make you want to leave or change. its good to have the option for players.

since starting trickster i've kinda regretted starting my first char in fantasia due to the lower population, but on the upside the market isn't as daunting to enter.

it would be nice if they could offer a character transfer service, though ign's would be an issue. you could make the user choose a new IGN. having the added choice in ign's for each world is something that i really like about this game.


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