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03-16-2011   #1 (permalink)
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Lightbulb Sheep Skills ideas

These are some new sheep skill Ideas and other magic I came up with... give me your Opinion on them... some of these skill goes to some credit to a friend of my who also happen to be a sheep...


1) Mana Field:

A Party Skill that increases Magic Defense...

2) Magical TriSoul:

A magic attack that release 3x magical soul...

3) Mana Twister:

A magical Twister moving around the user hitting any surrounding enemy's...


4) Whirlpool: ~Water Type~

releases a whirlpool on the ground hitting multiple times...( Possible of trapping enemy's ) you guys know how them whirlpool trap them bouts right...??? and it hard for a bout to get out of the whirlpool XD...

5) Tidal Wave: ~Water Type~

releasing a wave of water to any nearby enemy's...

Watch the Subtitle When using TIDAL WAVE...

6) Ice or water arrows, fire arrows, thunder arrow, wind arrows, rock arrows:

Arrow Rush made of ice or water, fire, thunder, wind, or rocks...

7) Lightning Blade: ~thunder type~

A powerful Blade made of Lightning crashing down an enemy...

8) Explode: ~Fire type~

throw a fire blast to an enemy also hitting any nearby enemy's...

9) Rockalanche: ~Earth type~

throws multiple rolling of rocks...

10) Wind Scar or Air Slice: ~Air type~

A cutting edge skill that slice the ground like a circle hitting anyone in the circle...

Note* these skills Ideas were a bit hard as I had to go thru all the skills and what there about in Trickster Wiki... =_=

Note** I Apologize if some of these skills does not suit your taste =/

Note*** These Skills can be Modify for better use by the developers of Ntreeve...

Note**** Rate and Comment if you want these Skills to be taking into Consideration by Ntreeve/SG Interactive...

here a Link to hear other comment and also see a video to show you what i sorta mean...

Sheep Skills ideas - Trickster Online Revolution
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03-20-2011   #2 (permalink)
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Yay for another Earth skill. :P
I would love for it to have the same AoE type as Fan of Knives (how it goes off in a fan in the direction you are facing) like you're actually launching boulders at things. xD

I also like the idea of the arrow rush in different elements... what I would think is the skill could be like a buff (and when you use it your arrow rush becomes that element).


ntreeve, sg interactive, sheep, skills, trickster

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