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Lightbulb Fox new skills idea

I could not find a suggetion for trickster but here I go... I also post a link to show you what I mean or how it might look like...

Since the revamp will be coming and also some new skill as well...I thought I might as well put some ideas for a fox...

I'm not good at explaining so well, so I will do my best to make it clear and understandable...

1) this skill is call Anti-Damage or Shadow Shuriken...
If u get hit, a Hidden Shuriken will hit the enemy thus leaving you with no is a video to show u what I mean... this skill is on/off megaman get hit when he use the Anti-Dmge Chip and watch how Conoel get hit by it...

YouTube - Megaman Battle Network 6 - Colonel Snipers (Hard Mode) (1).wmv

2) This skill is call Dark Blade...

this skill will send an aura of Darkness similer to the Chi Sword but not completly coverd so it more like those shining Ekips... this skill will increase AP,DA, and LK and Darkness Attribute or just one of the stats but still get Darkness attribute, the side effect is that it will cost you HP or I guss the whole CHARM Stats and this skill is also by Percent Power... this skill is a Timer Skill

or in a different way to use this

everything is the same but it will Drastically decrease HP the longer u have this skill on n cut up DP and HV

3) this skill is call Muramasa...

this skill delivers damage by the difference of your HP...

so say you have 1000 HP your health got only 1 HP left so you will deal 999 damage... so the more HP you have, the more Muramasa deals of how much HP you had...this skill is a on/off

4) this skill is call Shadow Step or Flash Step...

when your in HIDE skill or not...this skill will cut the enemy by a Quick Flash...

so it cuts the enemy right thru it by an is a video for what I am trying to say... this skill is on/off

YouTube - Fullmetal Alchemist- Brotherhood (SUB) - 1 - Fullmetal Alchemist (1).wmv

YouTube - flash step.wmv

well that is it for now...I have more Ideas but I will post them up next week...the next idea is for bunny or maybe the other characters...

Note*) some of these Skills ideas may sound more of other Characters type such as Dark Blade is more suitable for Power type...mostly Buffalo... I do Apologize but I just want it to be for Fox...

Note**) if these Skill ideas does happen then that great but it might not be for Fox so don't get your hopes up just yet...

Note***) I use my Imagination on how these skill work so use your imagination on how these skill will work out...

thx for reading...Rate and Comment, would love to hear you guys Honest Opinion...

also share your ideas you have for FOX only...

here a link to what other are saying about it in the Trickster Online Forum

Fox new skills idea - Trickster Online Revolution

Last edited by Wendyfav3; 03-07-2011 at 08:56 PM. Reason: I wanted to add Tags but I guss I can't...
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