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PedroRomero 07-02-2008 12:08 PM

Gacha Addict? I don't get it...
I just don't understand how people could spend so much money on gacha. If you all know me then you know i'm a Prince Stephano fan (his biggest fan :rabies:) and I've wanted the Stephano pet since I saw it some time last year. anyway we got the new gacha and it was Stephano and of course i foamed at the mouth and I had 16 free gacha coins saved up from all those times I didn't care to do gacha. And I used them-- and i got various things including a marie elle pet. Naturally I was crestfallen but now it's been... uh maybe two months since the release of the town and I still want stephano but I haven't gotten him yet because i don't have the heart to recharge to buy gacha coins...

I see it like this-- the chance of me getting stephano is pretty slim. Why would i waste 20 dolalrs and get a bunch of useless junk and not get the object i'm searching for.

Yet on the other hand i know people who have spent hundreds on gacha looking for a pet and never got it. I just don't see the point or gratification in it.

I DO want that pet. i really do. and when i see someone in game with it I always get a little sad and angry and have to leave the area they're in. But... is it worth spending hundreds on it? I don't think so--

So I'm about to go now and charge 20 dollars. but I don't know if it's gonna go all into gacha when I could buy PPADs and such. and KNOW what i'm getting and know that the thing i'm getting is something i actually want.

tl;dr version:
So my question and the reason for this thread is: Why do you keep buying gacha? Have you ever spent tons on a town? What was your motivation?

Spectre 07-02-2008 12:17 PM

agreeable....honestly, lolboxes are a better spend >_>

LUNAtik 07-02-2008 12:52 PM

Never have, and never will spend tons and tons on a town.
I was once so close to getting Hunter Master pet, the last item on the list. But after a couple more coins, I gave up. It's not worth it to me, to try get one item and keep getting the same stuff over and over. Despite loving the pet, and having a guildmate with two of 'em. >_>

Maybe I give up too easily, but I'd feel very unhappy if I spent tons of coins to get one item, reach my limit as to how much I wanted to spend, and end up not getting it.

My latest motivation to Gacha, was Dorothy. I just loved that pet since I saw her in jTO, and gave it a shot. A lucky shot. 31 coins and she was mine. I would've gone up to 50 coins (because the Super Gacha Coin was available). Honestly, despite loving her, I just don't think it'd be worth spending 50 coins on it if the Super Gacha Coin wasn't available.

Moonflow 07-02-2008 12:57 PM

thx for the tl;dr version ^^
hmm lets see i never spent real money on gacha.
only event points and coins, i normally stay away from special town to get the most out of my coins.
i did spend a lot of pts once in town .. 3 i think it was, because i only needed the pet to complete it and it just wouldnt come out. got it after around 120 coins>>
hurrah for pop event lol
it is strangely addictive, if i was rich i think id be an addict.

Ayaiyai 07-02-2008 01:04 PM

i usually get what i want from a town without spending too much though o-o
in fact, i got a 4g5 (with 34 coins) when i only wanted the sword and cape... - sword came 2nd last on the rare items list

Broken 07-02-2008 01:48 PM

i gacha when im bored or a friend needs a 4G... no not some random friend. <.<
i completed all current towns because of that... lol friend was in need for a 4G3 and 4 and i got them just to make her happy.
Then there was just the beginner town left and i thought "hmm... just go for eet" and i completed that town as well.

yeah i know... its a waste of money... but iono what to do with all my moneys. lolol

PedroRomero 07-02-2008 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by Broken (Post 33827)
yeah i know... its a waste of money... but iono what to do with all my moneys. lolol

i wish i had enough money to not know what to do with all of it

InnoSensei 07-02-2008 02:04 PM

Ew to boxes and gacha ._.

Both r types of gambling, especially the boxe with random stat items.... (perfect example= robo boxes) >.>

As for gacha, at least none of the items (except the cape) in the new town are that great, same goes for the new 4g set, so at least I'm not forced to spend money trying to get anything (already got what I want) ._.

Rydia 07-02-2008 02:11 PM


Originally Posted by DukeDevlin (Post 33839)
i wish i had enough money to not know what to do with all of it

I know right lol.

Anyway, my hugest gacha blunder was Sephira where I spent over 200 coins to get her but it was like 90% with free gacha I'd gotten. I don't think I could ever really spend 200 dollars on a pet...its not worth it and I'm in no situation to be wasting money like that. D: As much as I really REALLY want a Swimsuit Rosetta I'm not going back into that town or recharging for more coins. :/

Mei 07-02-2008 03:16 PM

Oh my goodness, I feel for you. I'm exactly the same way with the Express Panda pet (I didn't get one from my free boxes); I never fail to feel a bit envious or aggravated when I see someone zipping by with one, especially after the Poppuri Event. However, I had a chance of obtaining one myself, when the World Boxes were released for sale in Myshop some time before the event. Despite desperately wanting one even then, I wasn't desperate enough to recharge and try my (horrible, real life) luck.

There was also another time when I really wanted the Bunny Maid equips from Gacha but I wouldn't let myself recharge. I attempted Gacha for the first time with a couple of free coins, but alas. Thank goodness items can now be fused!

Currently, I'm fighting the urge to purchase Gacha coins to get the new Dorothy pet (she's one of my most favorite NPC's) and some of the Mint/Karu stuff. I've never played Gacha with real money, only with free points and coins. I'm trying to keep this up.

Kebin 07-02-2008 03:47 PM

Yea, honestly, it is way to hard to get everything in gacha, i'd rather sell myshop or get lolboxes. It makes me kinda tickle inside when someone spends half a thousand dollars or more for something and don't get it~

windandwater 07-02-2008 04:27 PM

Frankly, the appeal of Gacha is the same as the appeal of regular gambling. It's the idea/thought that "just one more try" will win you the big prize, or the item you really want. Gambling, however, can turn into a serious addiction. With Gacha, I really hope people aren't seriously addicted, because I'd tell them to go to Vegas or something instead, since then at least you could be winning real money instead of a bunch of pixels.

Ascherit 07-02-2008 05:19 PM

Gacha is like a slot machine.

I keep putting in coins hoping that the next drill will get me the 'grand prize'. Q__Q

I blew 130 coins trying to complete Sephira town. Of course they were all free gacha, but agh, that was about 120k points of myhax that could've been used on recharges. ;o;

Kusuriuri 07-02-2008 05:26 PM

Depends on the town. I dont recharge too often, so the only town I ever bothered to complete was Befana. Har har, the pet was last, that would figure. I was two rares away from finishing the wedding town (lolBefana and the lame candlestick), but never got a chance to finish. Im 3 rares from completing the new town 5. For my lion, wasting money on this town isnt worth it. But for my dragon, who's had nothing to rely on but Noxx/Pluto and a couple Robo boxes, this town is completely worth trying to finish. Even if I get multiples of items (Capes especially), I can just compound them, since more than likely I'll end up using them at some point.

Miyuki 07-02-2008 05:35 PM

hmm...addictions? Like the feeling on..

"Gosh...2 more...2 more then I'll get 4g!!! YES!!!"
^ lol?

Mai 07-02-2008 06:31 PM

I used to be semi-addicted to gacha.. and the motivation I'd get are either the 4Gs or the pets... I quit getting myshop since the Poppuri event since I can't get anymore. I mainly spent my points on gacha when I had the chance to.. I remember I spent like all of my points on a mule to get Master Louis.. @__@ I also took my brother's points to get coins.. Lots of drilling and such. It sucked but I'm done with gacha now even though they have some really awesome stuff *Glares at town 5* Oh well, we could always get something better =] (If it ever happens!)

Broken 07-02-2008 06:51 PM


Originally Posted by Miyuki (Post 34046)
hmm...addictions? Like the feeling on..

"Gosh...2 more...2 more then I'll get 4g!!! YES!!!"
^ lol?

lololol i remember when they released the solar set and i tried gacha for the first time.
I was like this "OMG! 3 rares in a row, 5 more till 4G weee", but nowadays it's more like "OMG! the 20th mycamp Doll in a row now, this is rigged :inf:"



Kohane 07-02-2008 08:10 PM

Gacha is a virus D8

zgmfx19a 07-02-2008 08:14 PM

Which is why I hardly spend on lolbox and gacha. My luck sucks on those...

I still remember those lucky heaven boxes. I blew 10 boxes before I finally get the hammer, and in-between i get 4 shields which I had no freaking use for, and only a single arrow...

Now I only gacha using free coins. Lolboxes, they better be super and split up into classes, like heavens.

Catharsis 07-02-2008 09:05 PM

I only went all-out with gacha with free points from the poppuri event, and even then I only spent "donations". The one time I mass-bought lolboxes was for the heaven's set, because that had really good stats specialized for classes plus only the pet had random stats. ._. </3 random stats

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