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kale15 06-17-2008 06:00 AM

Future Trickster Content (please, read the first post)
Future Trickster Content

This is the future trickster content thread, where we will post all the info we know about possible things that could be added to the English Language version of Trickster Online(eTO). Most of the info comes from the Japanese Trickster Wiki(jwiki), or the main site for the Korean Version of Trickster Online(kTO).

Table of Contents
Post 1 - Introduction and Thread Info
Post 2 - Content and Updates
Post 3 - Pets & Equips (Gacha, Myshop, and VIP shop)
Post 4 - Events (Quests & Rewards)
Post 5 - Other
Post 6 - Newly Added to eTO

General Info
We will update these first 6 posts as regularly as we can, so please check them before you ask questions.

Also we will add info as we find it, if it's not here we have no info about it.

kale15 06-17-2008 06:05 AM

Content & Updates

This section will have quests and permanent changes to the game.

New Characters
Her Story name is Paula. Shes a polar bear, and 12 years old. She came to caballa to see the polar bears in snow hill, as shes obsessed with polar bears.

1st job look
2nd job look

Shes a power type, however she gains power from DA (most likely skill formula), and her Suggested stat build is 4132. Her skills seem mostly 2-handed hammer based.

1st job skills:
Double Slam
slams the hammer down twice with tremendous power(2 hits)

Earthquake Slam
Slam a hammer down damaging enemies around you(personal AoE)

2nd job skills:
Crazy Hammer
Use the stress points built up from crazy drilling to increase hammer attack power(self buff)

Flying Hammer
Throw a hammer at a far off enemy(ranged attack)

3rd job skills:
Hammer Wheel
Spin around attacking enemies that get close to you (walking attack)

High Speed Hammer
Drop hammers at high speed on enemies around you(personal AoE)

Bear Raid
Use the spirit of a polar bear to scare the enemy (skill stopper)

Best Shield
Increase defense based on the best shield in the party (party buff)

2-handed hammer as suggested means you can't equip a shield with them, and are a new type of weapon.

New Chaos Tower Boss
available after completing all other boss quests. He gives a "shining chaos box" which has:
~ 1-6 stage requiem box
~ Altiverse equipment box
~ Nate's expander potion
~ Nate's extraordinary expander potion

Professor comby's smelting:
she takes up to 5 equips and destroys them, giving you a box based on the total point value of the equips. Better the equip, higher the points.

Grade 9 melting box: 300 points or less
Grade 8 Melting Box: 301 ~ 500 points
Grade 7 melting box: 501 ~ 700 points
Grade 6 Melting Box: 701 ~ 900 points
Grade 5 melting box: 901 ~ 1200 points
Grade 4 Melting Box: 1201 ~ 1500 points
Grade 3 Melting Box: 1501 ~ 1800 points
Grade 2 Melting Box: 1801 ~ 2100 points
Grade 1 Melting box: 2100+ points

Grade 9 Box: compound waste, nate expander potion
Grade 8 Box: 500; 1,000; 2,000 Gelder coupon, lousy chaos box, decent chaos box, great chaos box, nate expander potion
Grade 7 Box: lousy chaos box, decent chaos box, great chaos box, holy chaos box, nate expander potion
Grade 6 Box: nate expander potion
Grade 5 Box: Stage 3; 4; 5; 6 Requiem box, Flash Bat box, Thorny Rose box, nate expander potion
Grade 4 Box: 5,00 gelder coupon, 5; 6 requiem box, Maiden Queen box, Crimson box, nate expander potion, nate great expander potion
Grade 3 Box: Crimson box, nate expander potion, nate great expander potion
Grade 2 Box: nate expander potion, nate great expander potion
Grade 1 Box: nate expander potion, nate great expander potion

Nate can add extra compound slots to equips with an expander potion from the new chaos boss or comby's boxes, Boss equips can have a max of 5 slots, while everything else caps at 4 slots. If it fails to add another slot the equip is destroyed. There are myshop elixirs that can improve the success rate, and a myshop coin that can prevent destruction if it fails.

Harkon Defense

poppuri hunter in cermonia runs all of it now. must be lvl 30+, can only do 6 a day. It's kinda set-up like GvG, where a player makes a map and others join.

4 different modes:
Guard Mode - basic protect 5 towers mode, max of 6 people
Siege Mode - protect one harkon by building defensive towers, max of 6 people
Infinite Mode - survive 50 waves of monsters - uses current harkon room(unknown)
Boss Mode - kill super powerful harkon boss, requires a key

~stuff about the new green popuri repairing and boosting defense of harkons~

~stuff about defensive towers~

you now get rewarded with "harkon coins" not shards.

blue muffler popuri sells the harkon equips, defensive turrets, harkon repairers, harkon defense booster and boss key.

June Flower sells "nate framework", and pet skins.

the big popuri king has "harkon quests"

20 new related "honor titles"

~framework info~
not fully sure, but I get what the 100% does

when using a 100% framework you will get the max of the compound item you are using.

now I'm not sure if it says only one per equip, or you need one per compounding. Nate bottling the frame worked item destroys the framework.

if you use a framework, you can't use other auxiliary items(elixirs)

~Relevant Pictures~

Other Future Content

(Most of these things have been on other versions for awhile, no way of knowing if/when they will come to eTO)

Temper Limit on Equips(unknown if it will ever be activated)-

reform count is the amount of time you are allowed to temper that item with chaos feathers. There is a item in kTO myshop that allows you to reset that limit to 5 though.

Account Lock -

basically a back-up password, it's a 4-6 number code you enter at character selection, you can also activate the lock which requires you to enter the code when you move items from your inventory.

Hide pets when shop stall is open -

When you have opened a shop stall it hides your pet(like un-equipping), and restores it when the stall is closed.

Replacing Rosemary Apron Quest in Pyramid Dungeon with a normal portal

Sidero 06-17-2008 06:05 AM

Pets & Equipments (Gacha, Boxes, and VIP Shop)
Pets & Equipments
(Gacha, Boxes, and VIP Shop)

Here is the post where listed all future pets and equipments, not released to eTO.






kale15 06-17-2008 06:05 AM

Quests and the rewards you get from them

There's a lot of events to go through, and while they are all important I think at this point there's little to no chance for some of them to come to eTO. If there is a specific back event that you would like me to add to here Post or PM me with the picture and I will add it here.

Invasion of the Squid (anime based, un-likely to be added to eTO)

kale15 06-17-2008 06:05 AM


This is other, it's where all the stuff that doesn't fit in the above will be added.

Interview about the DNA update, translated by weissritter

Trickster Conference translated by weiss (layout of DNA updates)

Japanese Voice Pet Files
All Voice pets as of July 6th, 2011 + jTO opening songs "Magic Spell" and "Sensation"
Voice Pets 1-5(Rosalyn, Mushroom Fairy, Corvus, Belle, Jule)
Voice pets 6-10(Faunia, Alice, Fallen Angel, Squid Girl, Jacob Slayer)
Voice Pets 11-15(Kitsu, Minaris, Mirror Twins(Black and White), Uris)
Voice Pet 16 - Oyashiro
Voice Pet 17 - Satoko
Sphere Pets
Lisp Pets
jTO Opening Songs
Episode 6 related songs

Sidero 06-17-2008 06:06 AM

Newly Added to eTO
Newly Added to eTO

Here is the post where listed all newly added items to eTO.

White Darkness Set - Set, Set Equipped

Zodiac Kooh Set - Set, Pet Animations, Set Equipped

Young Martha & Young Butler Set - Set Equipped, Set, Pet Animations

Blue Robot Set - Set Equipped

Chesters 06-17-2008 09:59 AM

Ooh, that is pretty. +__+

D'you know if it's for the next Episode or something? o_o Or just adding on like more quests/monster quests, or maybe even a Key Quest..?

Pig 06-17-2008 10:36 AM

It could be a Key Quest, since they don't have one already.. But that'd be kinda awkward to be able to do the Mirage Island Key Quest after the Ghost Blue one, since Ghost Blue is for later levels.

PedroRomero 06-17-2008 10:37 AM

they should change the caballa relics music from field one of mirage island while they're at it. just thinking of it made the song stuck in my head! ARG!

XooSliceooX 06-17-2008 11:55 PM

Nice crystal. << I'd go there when it's out...But thinking of UNLOCKING mirage island for my character = lol <<

Kudaranai 06-18-2008 12:23 AM

Foreign Tricskter in general =D

Miyuki 06-18-2008 12:27 AM

Is related to episode quest, soon to be released?

I think CTO already released, yes?

Kusuriuri 06-18-2008 12:29 AM

Ugh. I still havent even touched present Mirage.

kale15 06-18-2008 12:29 AM


Originally Posted by Miyuki (Post 2996)
Is related to episode quest, soon to be released?

I think CTO already released, yes?

CTO gets it on july 10, and my friend on KTOR says it's episode 3 related.

Miyuki 06-18-2008 12:30 AM

^ that would be nice, since I want to know the story after epi 3.

The story interests me so far x3.

wacky 06-18-2008 01:13 AM

that's so pretty... :D

OT: yay... first post....!


kale15 06-18-2008 01:14 AM

ok, so something I know first hand.

Rose Garden (not Vampire Castle) Revolution

Monster lvl changes:

Dancer Michel: lvl 100 -> 138
Dancer Isabella: lvl 107 -> 141
Captain Charman: lvl 116 -> 142
Captain Arman: lvl 119 -> 145
Captain Norman: lvl 127 -> 148
Madame Chiffon: lvl 130 -> 150
Madame Moncher: lvl 134 -> 153
Madame Fondue: lvl 141 -> 155
Beast Vincento: lvl 158 -> 156
Mutant Dancer Michel: lvl 149

Quick Key Quest Guide:
field 1 - Rosemary - 1 ballet manuel, 1 red clay doll shoe - 830,896EXP - 5 times
field 3 - Horse Hiddink - 1 horseshoe - 830,896EXP - 5 times
field 3 - Fairy Godmother - 1 odinea's magic crystal, 1 golden carriage contract - 830,896EXP - 5 times
field 3 - Prince Sebastian - 10 rose petals - 830,896EXP - 5 times
secret garden - Queen Cecilia - 5 moncher pies, 5 cocoa powder - 300,000EXP - 5 times
secret garden - Queen Cecilia - 2 aristocrat fan, 1 fan chat method - 236,507EXP 451,710TMEXP - 5 times
secret garden - Queen Cecilia - 1 royal outfit - 1,038,621EXP - 5 times
field 1 - Louis Bitton - 1 fine silk, 1 high-grade lace, 1 quality yarn, 1 jewel box - 830,896EXP - 5 times
dungeon 1 - Butler - 1 one-eyed glasses, 1 pocket watch - 992,289EXP - 5 times
dungeon 1 - Butler - 2 golden cup - 992,289EXP - 5 times
dungeon 1 - Butler - 5 fresh strawberry juice - 992,289EXP - 5 times
secret room - Lycan - 5 stone of the sun - 500,000EXP - 5 times
secret garden - King Edward - 1 princess's letter - 1,530,760EXP 1,154,010TMEXP - 1 time
secret garden - Rosetta's Hair - 1 spit comb - 1,107,862EXP - 1 time
field 3 - clever owl - 3 rose garden worm, 1 100 gelder coupon - 823,772EXP - 5 times
secret garden - King Edward - 1 rusty sword, 1 rusty sheild, 1 rusty helm - 1,530,760EXP 1,154,010TMEXP - 1 time
secret garden - King Edward - 1 blood moonstone - 1,530,760EXP 1,154,010TMEXP - 1 time
secret room - Lycan - 3 moonstone, 1 knight appointment - 4,500,000EXP 3,300,000TMEXP - 1 time
field 1 - Rosaline Garcia - 13 garden stickers, 1 adventure book - 3,485,492EXP 5,306,493TMEXP - 1 time
field 1 - Rosaline Garcia - 1 the letter, 1 rosaline's fairy tale - 4,182,590EXP 6,367,792TMEXP -1 time
beast's garden - Princess Rosetta - 1 love rose - 3,485,492EXP 5,306,493TMEXP - 1 time
beast's garden - Prince Stephano - A look at rosaline's fairy tale - 3,485,492EXP 5,306,493TMEXP - 1 time

Plus various monster quests, and maybe three more (I left them out as they don't give stickers or emblems)

Map Revolution (they did this instead of Vampire Castle)

What Happens:
The UFO Twins take over the entire teleport system.
They reorder the maps in Black Swamp, Snow Hill, and Techichi Volcano. Refer to pictures.
They add a item girl to gate of vamp castle and gate of techichi
Black Swamp:
Snow Hill:

Kowiz 06-18-2008 01:16 AM

hmmm will it be a forced snowhill>techi>tap traveling now?
instead of our current techi>tap and snowhill>tap

Kudaranai 06-18-2008 01:16 AM

maps look scary +_+

kale15 06-18-2008 01:19 AM


Originally Posted by Kowiz (Post 3114)
hmmm will it be a forced snowhill>techi>tap traveling now?
instead of our current techi>tap and snowhill>tap

correct, and you have to pay the UFO girl that way too.

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