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06-26-2008   #21 (permalink)
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Jellybean is on a distinguished road
IGN: Inventoristic
Class: Lion/Hybrid
Level: 15X
Guild: Ares

Originally Posted by Sanichi
JelloBin the bunny?!
I would totally take the name Jellybean if i could rename my character >_> But unfortunately... I decided to go randomness and name my lion Inventoristic.
Trickster Online - English -
Inventoristic - Lion 2143 - Lv. 1XX - Jewelia
Lightnessless - Deleted
TobascoSauce - Sheep 1441 - (undecided elements)- Lv. 6X - Jewelia
Clawtastic - Cat 4114 - Lv. 5X - bored of her - Jewelia
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