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Admirado 07-18-2013 12:25 PM

Need an MMORPG? hmmm...

1. Too much letters and words... can you just say the name of game?
2. What is the size of the game?
-10gb (120mb playable, you can pause/resume download while playing)
3. How big is the map?
- very big, players everywhere and NO portals(a space and time warp that you must enter to reach a certain destination that requires loading e.g city, banks, auction house)
4. Are there portals which will send me from 1 place to another?
- Yesh
4. Do I have to buy LolCash to buy a premium mount?
- yes, but the game gives non-lolcash players a chance to buy the fastest mount using in-game cash
5. I messed up my skill stats, what should I do?
- Spend your in-game money then! no need for lolcash!
6. Will I get bored?
-download the 120mb and find out :)
7. You played the game and came up with only 7 FAQS? wadafudge?
-yea, discover the other FAQS from your naggy friend :3

Ok so I was browsing the web and thought maybe I should share this game that I've found. It's called Rift. One of the things that impressed me is that you can migrate on other servers. A single class can have multiple roles! There are 4 class characters: Mage, Rogue, Warrior and Cleric. Let's say I have a rogue class, I can switch either to tank, damage dealer or support anywhere! :py62: The game's size is approximately 10gb Whatthefudge!! yea, but it's playable once you download 120mb, so it's really worth a try and if it doesn't meet your expectations, just visit your local control panel xD I'm really impressed with this game, maybe that's why I'm sharing it.

Thanks! I hope I can at least help 1 person who is gravely searching for a game. trickster ftw!:py48::py05:

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