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Gaap 07-16-2013 09:46 PM

So one day on PangYa Island...
I was playing a game to complete a quest, and I met a Trickster veteran and we were talking about PangYa and then Trickster...

I never go deep enough through our little discussions before... But IF Ntreev Soft (AKA the kTO publishers) saw the bad game management from SGi/GameRage... Do you think this is the reason why the game closed down to prevent further trouble? Let alone from what shame the poor tiny staff had received from Ntreev Soft? IDK.

So chances of getting TO back might be slim. A new company needs to show how much they can take care of the game, it's fan base and the business aspect as well. (Such as pricing the Elixirs and so on.)

Anyway... Just saying. I still don't think it would be the hacker's fault. But I do admit that a inflation on Galder for items such as MyShop exclusives hurts so much that it reflects the company's reputation... And with z8Games as their allies... I think they have to remove one bad egg out of the way so they can rebuild their reputation back there.

Just saying... Thought I share.

EgnigemCenia 07-16-2013 11:40 PM

Trickster was hacked very few times in its lifetime, once or twice pre-2010 and it was solved fast and did nothing detrimental, and a few times in 2011 by the same person (the galder exploit one).

Supposedly there was a tempering hack too with no verifiable proof that it even existed.

It was hacked maybe five times at best but they added in GameGuard (ignoring the fact that it doesn't work to actually block hacks)? Other games would LOVE to say in five, long years they were hacked a number of times that was in the single digits.

Ntreev USA/SGI/GR proved that they had intentions of shutting it down as early as Feb 2012 for some odd reason. They issued refunds for just under a year before the announcement of its shut down? They didn't renew the yearly TO license, I guess, and that's why it shut down.

Which is a shame, it was the only game GR had that was actually unique and fun. Grand Chase offers nothing Elsword doesn't... well, it offers GameGuard, so if you want to destroy your operating system, it's a good game. The FPSes? You'll find better, less-laggy and cash-shop oriented gameplay elsewhere for FPSes.

Ntreev USA/SGI/GR proved time and time again they were too incompetent to handle Trickster, it became ever more apparent with each company namechange.

Trickster entering another company's hands would be difficult due to Ntreev directly owning it. Ntreev USA/SGI/GR was a subsidiary of Ntreev Soft, so that wasn't a shocking thing that they were hosting it. Then again, various companies host Ragnarok worldwide, some are even competitors for their mother company (Gravity), so who knows.

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