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sabo 02-22-2013 11:27 PM

Did anyone find out the reason as to why they had to shut down T.O. just wonderin since for some reason GC would still be up and not Trix

-shrugs- just curious

no wild assumptions now :P

Rydia 02-23-2013 01:52 AM

The people who know are probably bound by confidentiality agreements, all you're gonna get here is wild assumptions lol.


RaiTheSoul 02-23-2013 04:52 PM

T.O. doesn't bring in money neither does GC. T.O. is headache for GM's (BS drama reports, hackers, glitchers, QQ'ers) while GC's QQ'ers don't use every slip up in the book to report someone, the glitches for some reason in GC are never beneficial unlike the level up GB farming glitch and i've never seen a hacker on GC. No offense to TO ...


Cait 02-27-2013 02:03 AM

Theyre focusing on crossfire, since its an incredibly popular game. (rank 6th on xfire atm)

And an article i read said theyre going to switch to working more with console games instead

Senpai 02-27-2013 04:01 AM


Originally Posted by Rydia (Post 1806211)
tl;dr probably money.

Everything in the business world, if not the entire world, revolves around money. So this is probably true.

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