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01-28-2013   #1 (permalink)
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Lightbulb Just an idea. Yeah.

So I've been gone for some time, forgot the information to this and registered a new account only to forget it. I found the information to this, so I thought I'd come back to make a post here. Unrelated, but yeah w/e.

So I've been thinking, and I'm probably gonna make a post on tumblr to try to get people to join TO in an attempt to help revive it and possibly change SGI/Gamerage's mind about shutting it down, however unlikely it may be. I was wondering if anyone else would be willing to give that a shot or anything as well.

Before the "just let it rest" or "let it go" comments come in, let me just say this: You might not want the game to live, but there are plenty that do. I have plenty of good memories and such myself there, and I've spent a good bit of money on this game. I understand everything has to end at some point, but it's at least worth a shot to try to get a little bit more time out of this game than just a month.

I was thinking that if enough people made posts about it and got people to join, after a certain point it might make a difference. As I said before, it's unlikely, but worth a shot.
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01-28-2013   #2 (permalink)
Greetings to you!
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You would need about 5000+ people to help you sign your petition or whatever. Thanks to GameGuard half the people can't even log on to show their love, talk about a lose-lose situation...

Good luck I guess.

01-28-2013   #3 (permalink)
ggFTW Lurker
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AionDarkness is on a distinguished road

A few of us have already started a campaign since yesterday. You might wanna check it out Mitsu



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