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Kanoka 01-28-2013 01:41 PM

Operation: "Visit" jTO. わたしたちがんばりましょう Success!!!!
NOTE: Information of this first post will be edited freely in case of new/corrected information. I'm More of a hardware girl, so networks and software is out of my jurisdiction in most cases D:

Good Thing to keep in mind before doing anything jTO related: See SnowBerry post (#2)

Update 02-3rd-2013:

MY guide is up :py62:

Update 01-30th-2013:

Dear gawd. I feel like and idiot. I found a MUCH easier way to play jTO >.>
This way only took me 30 minutes to set up, compared to the 3 hours of the last method xD
Smaller easier guide :3

Update 01-29th-2013:

My 4th theory worked!!!

Guide coming soon :D
(btw you can use Katakana, Hiragana, Kanji, AND English characters)

Mission: (post#4)




Guide out! :/forum/

Confirmed Solutions:

the Kale15 Solution:
"remote log-in to a friends computer in japan and play that way."

Its Very uncovensional. (since most people don't have a friend in japan that can do that for them.)

But at least it works :py45:

Neo-Kanoka Meathod

This Method is easier. I found it on jp maplestory forums xD.

*Classified until guide is out*

Use Windows 7's built in VPN program.

:py33: The long and stupid Method
The "Kanoka" Method xD

*Classified until guide is out*

Use a specially configured VMware virtual machine with jTO and windows installed on it.

Run VPN on HOST system, while GUEST system (the virtual machine) run jTO

Hint: Game guard controls the current systems vital processes and programs. The VPN is running "outside" game guard's Jurisdiction.

I will NOT tell you if you guess correctly :3
(Feel free to guess any ways. when the guide comes out, you'll know :3)

Even though a more convent Trick has been found, this trick still isnt very "conventional", So I hope my work inspires more people to get working on a more convenient Solution :py55:

Draft 01-28-2013 01:58 PM

Sorry but I highly do not recommend doing anything to bypass and getting into jTO. Why? It's region locked for a reason, you could get in serious trouble. Some people would even go out of their way to report you.

Even if you did managed to find a way, this could put you guys on high alert. I'm pretty sure a few people are gonna blurt out "I'm playing jTO in the US(or somewhere besides Japan)" or something around those lines and cause a whole road of chao.

Just my warning, I am not your hands or brain so it's up to you to decide what to do.

Kanoka 01-28-2013 06:22 PM

Hmm I guess I should've said a mission statement:
My mission is to open up the option of visiting jTO as a new experience for players of eTO.

(Make note of the visiting part*)

as I said Earlier:
"(Or you can look at a Hiragana chart~. But if you had to do that.... I would recommend learning it before playing jTO)"

If you plan on visiting jTO you should at least learn the basics of Japanese, and some common curtsies. :py33:

The reason why I want to open up this option is so that interested people who are familiar with eTO, would be able to have an immersible experience with native Japanese speakers, while in a somewhat familiar environment.

Hence the "Learn Japanese Basics";
Making this option only for those who are INTERESTED in Japanese :3

(Sort of like a USA high school Japanese 1 Class Introducing "Jan ken Pon"(rock paper scissor) to the students. The students are already familiar with the concept of Rock paper scissor, thus they'll more likely have a easier time interacting in a foreign language:py13:)

Though you can't really use English characters or Speak in jTO, You would still be able to experience Japanese words/symbol in a more natural environment, eventually increasing ones comprehension skill Japanese words and symbols.
(Just because you learned Hiragana and Katakana, doesn't mean you'll be able to read pages of it as fast as a native. its takes practice and/or immersion before your reading speed catches up)

If all works out, we can probably make a active chat room for people (ie: Skype chat group) so that people can help each other out when they are having trouble understanding something in Japanese~:py54:

As a back ground story;

Years ago, while I was in Japan, my cousin introduced me to a certain online mmo, my first one in fact. (can you guess what it was called? ;D)
I made a Sheep and got her to around lvl 40ish, Made lots of friends, and had a really fun time.:py12:

Then when I moved to the states~, I found I couldn't play jTO, So I switched to eTO, and immersed myself into that community. :py33:
(seriously, I had a great time. and at the same time I bettered my English skills!)

Now with eTO coming to an ?end? soon, I decided it be nice to Visit jTO again. :3 (I really need to catch up on my japanese ;-; , my Japanese is like that of a preschooler right now :py22: ,along with seeing how the community evolved while I was gone.)

When I said "Yesterday I registered for it easily. I'm current in USA*"
It was more of a re-registration. Trickster jp seemed to have changed hands? so pretty much I had to fill out a capcha, and some new information, and my account was active again :py62:

As for new players, I already heard from friends who were able to make new accounts~(though they can't log on the actual jTO game server xD)

[When I played, I think it used to be called Trickster LOVE? the start screen had queen Odenia on it :D]

Noticed how I used the term "Visit", Instead of invade or migrate.
I mean it in way that this is meant for interested people come over to play and learn on jTO. Like a Tourist visiting a Japanese Shinto shrine~ (He could've easily visited Paris instead, but instead he chose visit to japan, as japan perked this guys interest more~. He wanted to Learn more about japan~)

If I (or someone else) gets this working, If we could get a small community We'll At Least know we'll be visiting jTO with friends :ok:

Like how the High school Japanese 1 class slowly learn Japanese together~ (while having fun:py44:)

(I hope I worded that in a way that could be understood x,x)

Khmer1337 01-28-2013 06:34 PM

Gdam... you guys go hard!

iTaker 01-28-2013 07:31 PM

I mean really trickster has meant a lot to me as my first MMO, but not enough to go to another language on a region locked game.

Kanoka 01-29-2013 06:49 AM

So far progress is moderate. my first 3 theories didn't work D:. My 4th theory is showing promising signs, so lets hope this works xD.

@rare, interesting. IF i get it working, I'll try to investigate into that~. Japanese trickster wouldn't be as fun without Japanese character input :/
(too bad my jp keyboard was left in japan >3<. I can probably ask my cousin to ship it to me)

Kanoka 01-29-2013 09:33 AM

I'm getting an error while updating the client(before gamegaurd or Start button appears)

アップデート中誤謬が発生しました. アップデートをもうー度実行してくだきい.
(I can't read kanji xD)

Romanji(English characters. no Kanji)
Appudeeto ? ? ? ga ? ? shimasta. appudeeto wo(partical) mouu? ? ?shitekudasai.

Rough translation(Replace Japanese words with English equivilent)
update ??????(ga*) ? ? (past tense**). update (wo*) [one more?] ? ? ? Do it please.

my take of translation: Update Failed. Do update once more.
(I'm guessing what the verbs are.)

*connects object to action/noun/subject. its a particle
**makes the unknown kanji verb/action past tense.

to make sure I did a google translate:

I Already tried updating it again twice. with or without the vpn.

Anyone have an Idea on how to fix this? Did I translate it correct?
[how big is jTO? I might need to get more HD space xD]

(btw so far my test were to get a Japanese vpn that works with eTO. it worked, and gamegaurd ignored it. [not saying what I did yet*],
So I'm on the stage of testing it with jTO. so far I'm just stuck on updating it xD

Valese 01-29-2013 12:44 PM


Originally Posted by Destroyer68 (Post 1801961)
I mean really trickster has meant a lot to me as my first MMO, but not enough to go to another language on a region locked game.

Same here.. eTO or noTO for me haha.

Senpai 01-29-2013 01:57 PM


Originally Posted by Kanoka (Post 1802090)
アップデート中誤謬が発生しました. アップデートをもうー度実行してくだきい.

An error occurred during the update. Please run the update again.

Kanoka 01-29-2013 02:12 PM

Thanks for the translation :3

I'll try to find out what causes this issue when I get home tonight :/

If anyone else gets this issue and/or Have a solution, It'll be nice to know :P

Also if you got jTO client to update no problem, tell me x3. It would tell me that its something wrong with my setup~(and not a widespread occurance)

If you have the issue, but no solution. Say what is special about your setup.
(It'll probably help me pin point/rule out factors that may or may not cause the issue.)

If you Had the issue, and fixed it..... post it please? :D


Kanoka 01-29-2013 11:40 PM

I got it to work finally xD. I just switched network type. and kept on running update over and over xD. (seems like it just picks up from where it died)

jTO is working with this specific theory :D
only a 1-2ms input lag, but everything else is working buttery smooth :3

(First post update!!!!!)

IdlenessTT 01-29-2013 11:59 PM

please share the guide soon :) i really want to check out the new character.

Gaap 01-30-2013 01:52 AM

Reading the "Mission" reminds me of .hack//Legend of the Twilight, where this one character named "HOTARU" who was a US citizen in real life, but logged in to "The World" (R1) as her "final test" to test her Japanese-speaking skills. (Sad to day, her first experience was not as "happy" until a American player namded Sanjuro came into her aid.

I am not going to jump into the bandwagon since I am rust out on my basic Hiragana skills, plus I am not playing to play TO if I can't read anything. But since it's meant as a "visit" to experience and "test" your language like HOTARU, then I wish you the luck... Just hope you won't get caught and teased by the native players. ^^; (As I herd that jTO players are not as "welcoming" to the foreign players. Understandable.)

DigitSlayer 01-30-2013 09:56 AM

Hello, how is the guide coming along?

I got to the same point as you did, error message at the update.
Then I tried to change my IP to Japanese, using PacketiX VPN,
which worked out well too, my IP was identified to be from Tokyo, Japan,
however, the error message remains :(

I've tried XP compatibility mode and even changing Windows to Japanese with Japan as Location, but that didn't help either, so I can only imagine that my IP is still not good enough somehow...

EDIT (after the comment below): It really was the Time Zone that was still missing.
(I guess Location and Currency alone was not enough)
It's really weird, because I managed to run the update yesterday without any changes
and downloaded a huge part already.... Oh whatever, it's updating now again, that's all that counts,
mille grazie! :3

Kanoka 01-30-2013 10:03 AM

oh for the error during the update, I turn off the vpn, Switched my network type(you don't need to do it. my case was strange). then I just Kept on running the updater.

if you see that its downloading the update, just leave it it be, and keep on rerunning the installer until everything is done. my client crashed three times, but it eventually worked. it seems to pickup from where it crashed, as I never saw it re-download a file that already got downloaded~

Pretty much:
Making an account, downloading client, updating client DO NOT require an JP ip address

Everything AFTER clicking that "Start Game"(on the client. not the jTO website) button will require a JP ip Adress~

If that doesn't work, Change you regional settings all to japanese, and change your time local to japan :3

Glad that it helped :3
I had a similar issue in the past where my clock did not match Microsoft's time, so it would let me update. Changing the time to the correct time fixed that issue~. So I thought the same thing when it wouldn't let me update x,x. btw jTO update took me like 6 hours (Its was running at 200-400kb/s. tTO runs at 15-70kb/s, and eTO at 2000kb/s)

jTO has A LOT of voice files x3x. It was downloading em more like 2 hours xD

Stormquake 01-31-2013 10:17 AM

My current issue
[Fixed, maybe]

EDIT: oops, I forgot to change all my regional settings and uni-code settings to Japanese, ahaha...


Ok so... the start button is missing, is this where I need the VPN?

Also, for everyone wondering how to get this far...

Change ALL of your computer's settings to Japanese, ESPECIALLY the system locale and then run the patcher.

Kanoka 01-31-2013 05:41 PM

How did u launch the splash?
are logged in yet?
did you use the vpn yet?
Which vpn are you useing?

(I'll answer when I got time)
after update, time setting can be set back to normal~

One 01-31-2013 06:16 PM

I would give it a try, but it seems way too complicated.
I don't even understand Japanese and it would be much harder playing without myshop.
I've played games in a different language before but without communication between other players, I found it quite boring (Crazy Arcade, Chinese/Korean Version).
Good luck on your efforts though.

Stormquake 01-31-2013 07:33 PM


Originally Posted by Kanoka (Post 1802620)
How did u launch the splash?
are logged in yet?
did you use the vpn yet?
Which vpn are you useing?

(I'll answer when I got time)
after update, time setting can be set back to normal~

I launched the splash through splash.exe and then through GAME START on the website. Splash left me without a start button and GAME START crashed at Loading...

I tried to use the VPN and got the same results. Using PacketiX Manager and some vpn called source :V

Kanoka 01-31-2013 08:57 PM

I will Have a guide up in 2-4 days. I found a much easier way to get onto jTO (compared to my last method xD). I also was able to optimize it so that it runs ALMOST as fast as eTO. It runs ALOT faster than tTO for me~

I will post my other method up later, because it works with linux and mac os~

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