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Perkinz 11-07-2012 07:09 PM

How many people can get online lately?
So as the thread name says, barring things like tonight's maintenance...

How many of you are able to get online?

How many of you that can get online are using Windows 7?

All I know is I came back from a several month hiatus and couldn't log in.

I read a bunch of old posts from about a month back and from the gist of it, it sounded like almost no one could----whereas newer posts tend to be of the variety that people CAN indeed get on.

Mega 11-07-2012 07:14 PM

Hmm I haven't played the last 4 years, and wanted to come back just to see what changed. I logged in just fine last week.

(Though all my characters had to go through the "new" beginning tutorial they didn't have when I last played lol.)

Shanni 11-07-2012 07:45 PM

I can get online just fine with Windows 7 64 bit. Same with my bootcamped Mac with Windows 7 64 bit.

Perkinz 11-07-2012 08:08 PM

That's good to know. Apparently it's something on my end, then. Well, I guess i have 4 hours to figure it out before the servers come online.

PoisonousFrog 11-11-2012 02:42 PM

Same!! Windows 7 64bit works just fine with out changing any files!! Although the game guard seems to make me lag a bit D:

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