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Cait 10-26-2012 05:19 PM

Attn gameguard victims!

Please follow the following steps:


Hello Tricksters,

We have been working to resolve the gameguard issues and would like to request that if you are still having issues with Gameguard please follow the steps below:

1) Create a folder on the desktop Named TO_GG_(Account Name). (Right click Desktop > New > Folder ) ( Example: TO_GG_TheCait )
2) Click Start.
3) Select Run. (If you are on windows 7, type it in the "Search programs and files box")
4) Type "DxDiag".
5) Press Enter. (If it asks you to digitally sign the drivers, select yes or no, doesn't matter)
6) When check is complete, select "Save All Information...".
7) Save the File to the TO_GG_(Account Name) folder on your desktop.
8) Close the Direct X Window.
9) Right-Click your Trickster Shortcut.
10) Select Properties.
11) Click the Open File Location button (Located on the Shortcut tab).
12) Open the GameGuard Folder.
13) Sort the Folder by Type. (by clicking on the Type header near the top)
14) Copy all the Files of Type ERL to your TO_GG_(Account Name) folder. (Click the top ERL file, press shift down, scroll down, then hit the last ERL file, let go of Shift, hit Ctrl+C, then under your TO_GG_XXX folder, press Ctrl+V)
15) Close the Gameguard folder window.
16) Close the Shortcut properties window.
17) Right-Click the TO_GG_(Account Name) folder
18) Select Send to -> "Compressed (Zipped) Folder)"
19) Send the zipped folder to (By attaching the .zip file to your email)
20) Please use the subject "[GameGuard]".
21) For the body of the email please include a brief summary of the GameGuard issue you encounter.

Please note that submitting the email without the subject or proper attachments will delay your request from being processed, possibly delaying the issue from being resolved.

Emails about support will not be answered and may be directed to 1:1 support.

- Trickster Online Team

A big Thank you GMs for giving us this update that you are still trying to fix it. <3

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