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08-28-2012   #21 (permalink)
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1. Describe your personality on trickster in 1-5 lines.
I'm usually pretty happy online. I'm usually flirty with a lot of people, including strangers and especially with close friends c: And it doesn't matter whether you're female or male even though i assure you, i'm 100% straight male lol I like to think my dragon as a diva sorta, like really conceited and stuff~ My dragon is GORGEOUS. I can't hate anyone though, hating isn't my thing, even for those that hate me and KoS me for stupid reasons lol

2. Now, are there any differences between your personilties/ways of interacting when you are no longer playing trickster?
Yes, IRL, i'm a bit more shy, although with my close friends, I do have some conceitedness especially with my hair lol I'm also much more down to earth and logical in the way I process things. I've also been known to be a bit cold hearted and indifferent lol

3. Are you more tolerant to "noobs" on or off trickster?
I could care-less about the begging type noobs on Trickster, but i'm usually willing to help those in learning needs~ IRL, i see noobs as those silly oblivious type people, and I love those~

4. Do you prefer your trickster on real life personality?
I can't prefer one over the other since both are part of me c:
and i wouldn't feel right if i suddenly changed my TO personality to my real life one.

5. Are there elements of the way you behave on trickster that you wish you were better at in real life?
Nah, I wouldn't act so openly irl with my TO personality lol

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