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Rikiyuu 11-26-2012 06:01 PM

Riki's Lil Artbook
Hello my name is Nett but you can call me Riki if you want
I'm currently in college and hoping to pursue a life in industrial design and children's book illustrating. I dont always use punctuation gomen
I have some characters in trickster that can be viewed here along with their dream equips yeah
They will mostly be the ones that are drawn here~
I also have a long story involving them because i like stories hey
Im actually kinda shy so if i do fluster a lot im sorry ;w;
(also this thread isnt letting me put things in quotes i wanna be like the cool kids :py27:)

Also if you ever want me to draw your character i totally can just drop a hint and i totally will ;o; (galder doesnt have to be involved id prefer tears of happy ;w;/)

Commissions & Requests & Stuff
If you do wanna commission you can see some general examples on my deviantart and tumblr
Pft i dunno im mostly saving for expensive things IM SORRY ;_;
We can discuss prices ingame or pm or stuff you feel me \m/
more specifically things in here or a spinel seed (if you buy me a spinel seed ill explode so hard i might draw you a whole coMIC WOWEE DOKI DOKI)

But enough about me, time to art ;w;

Rikiyuu 11-26-2012 06:03 PM

I was messing with some neat brushes i found on tumblr and man if my tablet had nice sensitivity id totally use them 24/7

he is my soon to be active buff name virizion ;3; //high fives people because pokemon

(gomen for double posting ;_;/)

Rikiyuu 11-27-2012 09:34 PM

so here is a really silly doodle i did for firefly guild QwQ
under spoiler because im lame

its me and sakatakun........>w>
i promise ill have decent pictures up soon im sorry

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