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Imogen 05-08-2012 09:44 PM

Will draw for pixels
I'm poor on Trickster and I literally want to buy the entire Trickster universe. OBVIOUSLY THIS DOES NOT COMPUTE WELL, so I'm selling some quick commissions for galder/items.

Not-so-short and not-so-sweet and lacking cool text effects (mostly because I don't know how to make them) here is the art I offer!
SKETCHES example example example example
ACTUAL LEGIT ILLUSTRATIONS example example example example
and smaller-scale illustrations example example
also I some Trickster fanart as more examples example example example
more art on my dA and artblog

**I really want to mostly stick to sketch commissions because I don't have the time to do draw anything more complex. HOWEVER, if you are willing to pay one of of my ~*top coveted*~ items listed in the 'payment' section, I am willing to draw out full illustrations!**
I will only take 2 commissions at a time.

Since this is my first time selling commissions on Trickster, I don't really know what to price my art? so I guess I'll let you guys just offer stuff. As a general price range, my sketches sell for 5-10 USD, but that would equate to a ridiculous 250-500mil galder, so I'd be okay with fuses as payment instead (which I am more interested in anyways, and obviously that doesn't have to match up with the MS-to-galder conversion)

SET GALDER PRICES (which may vary greatly)
(realistic!) fullbody sketch- 200mil
fullbody lineart- 400mil
fullbody colored & shaded- 750mil
complete illustration- 1.5bil+


Not sure if this is permitted or not (if not, I'd be happy to remove ASAP), I am really, really interested in Myshop as payment, too 8U

I do take USD/MS commissions, feel free to contact me separately if you're interested in that.
CONTACT via PM, thread reply,

Gerik 05-08-2012 10:14 PM

I loooooove your art. <3
I'd definitely order an illustration~

They're so amazing * w*

Gaap 05-08-2012 11:34 PM

Finally you have a thread up!

Anyway, just a self-promotion: Her art is awesome! Quite different from your typical modern-day cuteness in anime-art! Just to proof, here is another "sample" that she did for my Bunny (payed with my hard-earned Galder)!

Oh and BTW.. I remember someone actually had that Tut pet as her main... But yea he's quite a rare sight...

Kade 05-09-2012 01:30 AM

Your art is absolutely wonderful. Everyone, go buy from her now!

Imogen 05-09-2012 06:32 PM

@Gerik thank you again for commissioning me *U*
@Gaap aahh thank you for you kind words! I'm glad you like my piece (drawing the iconic Lady Gaap was quite a fun experience huhu)
I haven't ever seen a King Tut pet in-game :'D it's my most wanted item on Trickster--I hope they'll one day re-release his box.
@Kade thank you as well!! ;u;

ALSO, I've edited my first post w/ a list of fuses/items I am interested in.

Synzie 06-09-2012 01:33 PM

Wow, I must admit they are pretty damn awesome.

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