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Kirbymaster 09-10-2009 05:42 AM

puhhh PvM chars.
Uhm yeah hi its me again.
The biggest noob from Jewelia xD

I only want to know which char is really good for PvM/Bossing.
(I really dont care about strange or something like this)

I have a Water/Thunder Soulmaster x3, a HV no evo Prima (maybe changing her to diva if primas get more evo skills) and a AP warrior (GS+GLS user)

I love my sheep and my cat but my bull... boring and the low WT is x(

so what about a 3124, 2134 raccoon? (DP, HP, AP/HV, AP...)
are they good for PvM?

so peace and thx for every reply:py54:

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