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NoeJeko 08-05-2008 08:44 AM

2.10.3 Patch Notes
Game Updates

1] Poppuri's Drilling event has begun! to participate simply drill anywhere and collect Poppuri boxes.

Every 500,000 boxes found will unlock a new reward for all Tricksters level 15 and higher!

Poppuri exchange NPC can be found on Event Garden and Paradise!

2] Help Indiana John and Madam Sarah fulfill their New Year's Activities!

Speak with Fortune Teller in Megalopolis to find out more!

Game Adjustments

1] Corrected all issues listed in the "[PATCH 2.9.1 KNOWN ISSUES]" thread on the Bug Report Forum

2] The drilling experience system has been overhauled with the coming of the new Poppuri Event!

Tricksters will now find an increased experience bonus for drilling based on the "Stage" of the drill used.

3] Don Giuvanni in Gate of Desert Beach has been tentatively adjusted to correct an Exceptional Error.

While we believe the problem has been resolved, if you experience an Exceptional Error please report it on the Bug Report Forum

My Shop Updates

1] Level 130 Mercury Sets have been added in Regular, Gun, Special and Gun Special variants.

2] Level 130 Saturn sets have been added in Regular and Special variants.

3] New Biker gear has been added in Level 70 and Level 120 variants.

This gear is available via the purchase of Biker Boxes from My Shop.

4] New Sprints have been added. Mystic Favor and Sign of Charisma are now available in My Shop.

These sprints do not stack with other sprints as usual, and function at 80% speed increase.

5] New Pouches have been added. Blue Dragon Pouch and Phoenix Pouch are available in My Shop.

6] Two new fashion accesories, Omnipotent Umbrella 130 and Ruby Shades have been added to My Shop.

7] When Tricksters purchase 5,000 points worth of items from My Shop they will receive a Gold Inlaid Box with special Gold Father items.

The Gold Father pet, Gold Father's Hat, Gold Father's Shield and Gold Father's Sword will all be available from these boxes.

This is a cumulative bonus, so purchasing multiple items that are together worth 5,000 points or more will award a box.

Likewise, purchasing a single item worth 20,000 points will award four boxes.

8] Two New Drills have been added to My Shop. Bling Drill and Hot Drill are now available in My Shop.

Gacha Updates

1] Gacha Town 2 has been redone! Magical Girl Sephira has taken over!

2] A new drill type has been added to Gacha!

Up until now, the only drill usable to dig in Gacha Towns was the "Basic Drill".

Now, the Flicker Drill is available and can be used to dig in Gacha Towns for an added bonus!

At a cost of two coins per use, the Flicker Drill guarantees a rare item on every dig.

3] New Gacha-exclusive items have been added.


1] The Nate's Compounding Event has ended! Prizes have been distributed.

2] The Fashion Tips With Grimm event has ended, congratulations to the winners! You will be receiving your prizes soon!

3] 4G Solar Vests have been distributed, if you were qualified you have been given your vest!

4] Episode 1 Completion prizes have been distributed! Check your My Camp for your new Lunar Set!

5] Maid Minnie Pet bonuses have also been distributed. Anyone who owned a Maid Minnie or Maid Minnie EX pet should check their My Camp inventory for their new Maid My Camp!

6] Odinea Tickets have been redeemed. Rugs and dolls have been distributed to My Camp inventories! For players who might have some boxes saved we will be checking for tickets in the futur to make sure nobody misses out!

7] MMO Site Halloween Spooky Sets have been distributed!

-- Trickster Online Revolution Team


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