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Khoon 10-04-2012 06:43 PM

Just a heads up.
I've made a Titans' back up guild yesterday. Named it "TlTANS" (with lower case L instead i).
Just in case. Lvling it up so we can at least use a guild mark when we need this.
We can still use our guild since we have people who have some control.
But if Jess couldn't migrate her account, we'd have no full control with our guild.

You guys get my point right? It's just a back up. I don't know when we will use this.
But we can use it when we need a guild that we have full control over. Just in case ;)

Also. If I'm the only one coming back to Lunia for now, I will be joining one of these new Korean guilds soon.
It's kinda lonely alone here q.q
I hope that one of those guilds will understand me that I need to leave their guild at some point though... some Korean guilds are kinda too strict o_o
And based on my experience with past Korean guilds, they don't last very long...
But those past Korean guilds were people in States temporarily unlike these new people are actually in their homeland... Anyways!

If we knew our pass to private section, I'd post this there, but eh...

Jess, when you read this,
let us know about current situation with your Lunia accounts.
It will help us, people still in Lunia and who's coming back, clear things up :)

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