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02-28-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default Cyclone Kick Q

I personally aim for maxing out cyclone kick because of its short cool down and decent damage skill, and having a D-fist effect and knocking enemy down leaves a window for 2-3 5x dmg down stabs. However, reading some posts, I find some people who only suggest putting 1 point into cyclone kick. Please provide constructive criticism on whether maxing cyclone kick is an efficient method of skill distribution for a stage-built Tia, or whether is insufficient. If you could, please explain in terms of combos, skill efficiency, and other technical terms.
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02-28-2008   #2 (permalink)
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hahaheheho is on a distinguished road

u can do backstab combo with it
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theSinned is a jewel in the roughtheSinned is a jewel in the roughtheSinned is a jewel in the rough

i've been hit by it before and it hurts, its good.
BUT its really short in range(less range than a normal strike) which is a big turnoff for me.

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Maiyu has a spectacular aura aboutMaiyu has a spectacular aura aboutMaiyu has a spectacular aura about

Well serioulsy...

THis skill....

Is almost as strong as D-fist also...
Well not really.
But in terms of its low cool downs, and easily inputed into any combo, it could probably end up doing more accumilative damage than D-Fist. I would max if i were a stage build... even for PvP, i would consider it, if you had any left over points.

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02-29-2008   #5 (permalink)
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Fiona is on a distinguished road

I'm pretty sure most people dont' max cyclone kick simply because there are so many worth-maxing skills for Tia in general. I'm sure it's decent enough, but I wouldn't want to choose it over Fairy Thorn, Surprise Attack, or Wind Wedge, myself, and after you get all those up-close attacks, most people would prefer to spend their remaining skill points maxing a ranged attack like Thunder Shock or Flying Knives (or both!)
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02-29-2008   #6 (permalink)
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I'm maxing it out too. I was told not to since there are better skills to put points in, as others have already said. I think its a good skill because you can combo with it, not that I can combo, and its short cooldown time. kind of like hahaheheho said, backstab and cyclone or fairy.

If you are planning on this char to be your main you might want to keep looking into it. For me its just a temp char to use till I get my eir back, so I don't care much if my skills suck.

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