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07-13-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Unhappy Help with laptop crash?

okay... question latale and two other pc games that causes my laptop to crash completely (turning black the screen and all power cut) NO blue screen.. So i wanna know what does this imply then? Since it's not just happenening to latale but to some of the other programs i have as well. Oh and if u wanna know the name of the pc games also causing this is Plants Vs Zombies and Drawn the painted tower and latale.. My operating system is window 7 enteprise. i just wanna understand the why so yeah please help thanks alot >.<

I've already tried checking whether anot it's cause of an overheating and it isnt because even with the cooler on my laptop this happens still. CC cleaner and anti virus also comes out clean... Anyway this is the information i can provide to help...

Latest boot log

hjt log

Dx diag

Can anyone suggest wad is the problem or even help to solve it because i've been trying already for more then a month yet it still persists thks alot
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