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Queen 12-12-2012 09:32 AM

Sound Card Questions.
So a few weeks ago I was running Skype with sounds and and mumble hitched up to my headset while raiding in WoW. The whole 3 hours Skype was doing it's notification blip but it was coming out of the speakers. I know this is a known issue with Skype (it's happened on my friends Macbook as well).

After that 3 hours of sound coming out of two sources the next day my system crashed. While my laptop was closed (Asus K72Jr) it was making like a computer's version of white noise. I essentially ended up just reformating and starting from scratch (Windows 7 Ultimate).

Well it's working better but now every so often during intense sound situations (25m raiding in WoW), the sound will come out with glitchy break-ups. Eventually my system starts to freak out and lag a bit and I restart and it's happy again.

Everyone I've spoken too thinks my card got fried thanks to Skype's shitty problem that it's had for years and I forgot to disable the sound on it.

Essentially what I want to know is:

can I replace the sound card on this?
is it something I can do myself?
is it something a tech can do? (I don't trust them but I have friends)

and if I can't well... time to save up for a new laptop.

kag 12-12-2012 06:49 PM

No you can't replace built in the sound card.
You can use USB sound cards as an alternative.

You can try this driver.

You can't really fry a soundcard so easily, usually drivers control and limits the software from doing crazy things to your hardware.
Sound crossing over from mic to speakers/headsets or vice versa are usually caused by bad shielding, wiring or short circuits or software and incorrect settings as well.

Queen 12-12-2012 07:38 PM

I had the problem years ago and a google search yielded high amounts of people specifically having problems with Skype outputs.

Considering this ONLY started happening after Skype and WoW/Mumble were running, I'm still more inclined to believe something occurred with the card.

Can confirm the Skype issue with a Dell Inspiron/Asus K Series/Macbook Pro.

Seems to be more than enough for 'coincidence'

edit: also, laptop is just over a year old.

and, I'm not trying to be all 'baw don't want your help' sounding, but this all feels too coincidental to be faulty wiring that's JUST showing face over a year later?

kag 12-12-2012 09:56 PM

You can get something like this. - usb sound
Thou i have no idea which are good.

Shugi 12-22-2012 11:21 AM


Originally Posted by kag (Post 1790338)
You can get something like this. - usb sound
Thou i have no idea which are good.

The ones with the gaming brands are an exact copy of what their headsets come with. So those are probably safer choices.

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