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Yumidesu 09-20-2012 05:22 PM

Boyfriend having issues with "lag spikes".
There's this game called Heroes of Newerth (HoN) and he seems to have a lot of freezes constantly. But these freezes are weird, in a sense.

What happens is that he gets these insane lag spikes, where his latency hits 1k+. During this time, apparently, the chat works fine. He can type, and the chat messages, supposedly, show up on time. From both himself and other players. Though, I don't think they do, since he's not too sure. This happens rather frequently, and he said that his freezes and latency (maybe coincidentally or maybe not) get worse during teamfights, AKA, when a lot of things take place on his screen at once.

Now, he didn't really freeze or any of this stuff when he was playing earlier today at his friend's house. So he believes it's his internet. But I am 99% sure that a simple increase in latency would just cause your commands/actions to be very delayed from the time you entered them. Not actually cause your game to freeze frame.

If it matters, he uses a laptop.

Can anyone possibly help me figure out what's causing this? I'll give any additional info required.

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