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Azumarill 08-03-2012 01:35 AM

Bugcode USB Driver (Bluescreen)

Yesterday my laptop got this error and got a blue screen after I plugged in my USB mouse. It was working just alright earlier that day. I didn't do anything special with my computer so I have no idea why it happened so suddenly.
Trying to plug in my iPod gave me another blue screen.
I can't use mouse or stuff anymore. A normal USB stick works tho. But sometimes when I try to plug in my USB mouse I get a new Blue Screen.

My computer is about a year old and I have never dropped it or anything.
I've had blue screen on my computer earlier, actually already when it was brand new. Which I have it fixed in a repair shop - the shop I bought it from for free. (I was told they changed my hard drive, memory and updated BIOS after the repair)

Could there be something weird with the product to begin with?
I was thinking of going back to the shop again. But if it is an error caused my my misusing my laptop I will have to pay for the fee. >.<

kag 08-03-2012 09:49 PM

Windows 7 64-bit bug code USB driver BSOD (Asus N61JQ)
It is probably not the mouse.

you might want to upload a minidump file.
from C:\Windows\Minidump

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