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Kusuriuri 11-17-2008 01:51 PM

For You Egg Bandwagoners :3 [General Sickness Guide]
Partially because I had no freaking clue where to post this and partially to get more activity in this section?

Ive noticed a lot more people stuffing eggs into their signatures, and Im sure moffs has the basic idea, Ive blabbed all about my own personal experiences and such, but I know that probably most people nabbing eggs dont have a clue about the sicknesses x_o

Softshell/Hatchling sickness guide can be found here. Copy/Pasted most of it over here in case people dont want to click the link.

Dragon Cave Forum -> Soft Shell and Sick Hatchling Guide


Views: Every time the image of the egg is loaded a view is added.
Unique Views: Similar to views, but only one unique view is registered per IP.
Clicks: Only one click is registered per IP, they are registered when someone views your egg's page.

The causes and cures of hatchling sickness are the same, but hatchlings normally only get type 4.

How do I know if my egg has soft shell?

It's easy. A message gets added below the description of the egg.

"The shell of the egg seems soft, as though there's something wrong with it."

(Veil's Note: Hatchling sickness is obvious as well. Under the description of your hatchling, you would read a message saying, "The hatchling seems sick. It hasn't been eating lately and it doesn't move very much.")

My egg has soft shell! What kind does it have?

There are 4 different types of soft shell, it's important to know which you have to be able to treat them. Type 1 soft shell no longer exists.
1. A bad ratio of views vs unique views. If you have about 15 or more times the number of views as unique views you have this kind of soft shell.
2. More clicks than unique views.
3. More unique views than views.
4. Too many views too fast. If you got many views on the first day and your ratios are otherwise healthy you have this kind of soft shell.

How do I cure my soft shell?

Each type of soft shell has a different treatment:
1. Post your egg somewhere with slower traffic where people won't view the page with the egg multiple times. This is most often caused by posting your eggs on a small forum with a close group of people, on a page where people will refresh, or people deliberately refreshing your eggs.
2. Remove the link part of the code, only posting the image. This will prevent people from giving it any more clicks until the ratio is fixed. This kind of soft shell can heal itself, so it is not so important to treat as long as the ratio is not very bad.
3. Post it somewhere where the same people will view the egg multiple times.
4. Hide the egg for at least a day. Usually eggs with this kind of soft shell already have enough views to hatch, so you can hide it for a few days and it will hatch fine.

Now I know how to cure the soft shell, but how do I prevent it from happening again?

1. Don't post it somewhere where the same people will view the eggs many times. Small forums can lead to this. Try to post it somewhere where at least 1000 or so different people will view the egg before it grows up, and won't on average view the egg more than 15 times.
2. This is most often caused by clicking your egg right after you get it before it gets any views. I believe it can also be caused by giving a direct link to the egg rather than posting the image. If you don't get the code from the "get code" area and end up with a code that looks like Hkg3/1.gif (bad) rather than Hkg3.gif it can cause this. I believe that if it has /1 before the.gif it will not give views when loaded, and so the egg will not be getting views, just clicks. This goes with linking directly to the egg in being the cause of many of the severe cases.
3. I'm not sure if this kind of soft shell happens, as I've never seen it, but if it tends to happen to you, follow the cure before it happens.
4. Hide your egg for a day or so right after you get it if this tends to happen to your eggs. Experiment to find the amount of hide time that is right for your eggs, but a day or so is usually good. Remember to try to not get more than 400 views on your first day, 200 or less is best.

I do have my own comments to add, based on my own experience.

Now, MMOG is a very high traffic site, so you have to also think about how active you are here on the forums in general before you post your eggs/hatchlings. If you're an active and regular poster, I suggest you either leave out the codes or hide your eggs/hatchlings their first couple of days. You may notice mine are frequently popping on and off of my signature, and that's due to my high activity here, and the number of guests (Primarily) clicking on the dragons. Mine frequently get sick, simply because they get overloaded with views. My eggs on their first day can easily get 600-800 views, which isnt good at all lol. Usually by the time they hatch, the views on the eggs are anywhere from 3500-4000, and the hatchlings get sick immediately after hatching, simply from the overload. Now, it isnt healthy for them, but its not 100% fatal either. Mine have matured to adult under these conditions, but its something you've got to remain vigilant about. If you see they're sick, hide them and make sure they do not gain any more views. Its generally best to leave them be for a day or so, and the softshell/sickness will cure itself. If they've already gained 2000-3000 views, you could just leave them hidden until they have 3-4 days left to hatch/mature, and they'll usually be fine.

If you're a less active member here, maybe doing more lurking than anything, or perhaps you only post to a couple sections, then just keep an eye on how many views your eggs get the first day. If its 100-300, then your eggs will probably remain fairly safe from sickness, and your hatchlings will emerge safely without any problems. Ive seen adults that matured with less than what my eggs get before they even hatch, so they'll probably be fine.

If you notice your eggs/hatchlings arent getting many views however, and they're close to dying (Less than 3 days left), feel free to pm anyone who has dragons (And is active, above all) and we'll see if we can get yours posted into their signature, or someone else's, and try to drive the views up.

Also pasted some of the FAQ thread here too, which can be found at


Eggs and Hatchlings

Q: How do I get eggs?
A: A random amount of eggs is produced every hour on the hour. (For those that are wondering, the server is on-time with GMT) If you visit the cave at the beginning of the hour, you should see up to three eggs. A small amount of eggs may also appear every 5 minutes after that (x:05, x:10, etc) To get an egg, click one of the eggs. If someone else gets the egg first, just keep retrying.

If there are abandoned eggs (which can appear at any time), you can also take one of those. You can take an abandoned egg when you see this text:
"Near the entrance to the cave, there are some abandoned eggs. If you don't want the dragons inside to die, you can take one of those instead."
Abandoned eggs usually have less time left than normal eggs, but by taking one, you gain a 1 day bonus.

Q: How do you abandon an egg/hatchling?
A: If you have had the egg for at least five hours (or bred the egg yourself), click "Actions" on the account page, then "Abandon". Once an egg or hatchling has been abandoned, it cannot be reclaimed.

Q: Why can't I get another egg?
A: You may not be clicking fast enough to get an egg from the entrance. There is also a limit to the number of eggs and hatchlings you can have at any one time, as follows:

When taking an egg or hatchling:
If you have 4 or more eggs, you cannot take another egg/hatchling.
If you have 4 or more hatchlings, you cannot take another egg/hatchlings.

When breeding an egg:
If you have 5 or more eggs, all bred eggs will be abandoned.
If you have 5 or more hatchlings, all bred eggs will be abandoned.

These are the only limits imposed on the number of eggs and hatchlings. Note that this is not an actual limit on hatchlings, but if you have more than the specified number of eggs or hatchlings, you will not be able to take any new eggs or hatchlings.

Q: How many clicks does my egg need to hatch?
A: There is no set amount. Hatching is based on a ratio of clicks, views, unique views, and time, so there is no magic number that you must reach. It is entire possible for an egg to hatch with 0 clicks. This doesn't mean that clicks don't help your dragon, but they simply aren't necessary.

Q: How long will it take for my eggs to hatch/mature?
A: Just as there is no definite amount of clicks/views/unique views needed, there is no definite time frame for hatching. Just try and get as many different clicks/views as you can. Every one counts. Time is a factor in the hatching process too, so even if you have a lot of clicks, you may have to wait for your egg to hatch.

Q: My egg is cracking/has a big hole. Is it sick/did it run away?
A: That is perfectly normal. In fact, cracking is a good thing, as it is a sign that your egg is beginning to hatch. An egg with a crack or a hole on it doesn't mean it will hatch, but you're certainly on the right track! The only time a change in the egg's image indicates a problem is if the egg becomes split in half horizontally.

Q: What is forcing/how do I force my egg?
A: When you attempt kill an egg, there is a small chance that, if the egg is developed enough, the hatchling inside will survive the fall. If this happens, then it is considered that you forced the egg to hatch prematurely. However, it is possible that forcing a hatchling out of its egg will scare it enough that it runs away from you.

Q: How do I know if my egg is dead and if it is, how do I get rid of it?
A: A dead egg is denoted by the egg graphic being broken in half horizontally. If you wait 2 weeks, it will disappear from your scroll on its own.

Q: How did my egg die?
A: There are several ways an egg can die. The most common is that it ran out of time. From the moment you get your egg, you have 7 days to help it hatch or the egg will not survive. Eggs can also die from soft shells, which can be caused by several different conditions. (See: "Why is my egg or hatchling sick?" or the Soft Shell Guide)

Q: Do dead eggs count towards the egg "limit"?
A: No, only live eggs count towards the 4/5 egg "limit".

Q: Why is my egg or hatchling sick?
A: Egg soft shell and hatchling sickness is caused by abnormal conditions in the egg. There are three causes of disease:

* Having too many views compared to unique views. If your egg or hatchling has over 10 times more views than unique views, then it will become sick.
* Having more clicks than unique views
* Getting too many views/unique views/clicks in a short period of time.

Removing the sickness is simply a matter of removing whatever conditions are causing it. For example, if your egg has more clicks than unique views, then in order to get rid of the disease, then you need to get enough unique views so that the number of clicks becomes lower than the number of unique views.

Q: What happens if I hide my egg or hatchling?
A: Hiding an egg or hatchling prevents it from being viewed. While hidden, eggs and hatchlings will not receive views or clicks. Hidden eggs and hatchlings will display a "fog" graphic instead of the usual image, and anyone (excluding the owner) who tries to view the egg/hatchling will be unable to. Eggs and hatchlings can still die while hidden, and will not hatch or mature while hidden.

Q: How do I name my hatchlings?
A: From your scroll, click on "actions", then click "Name". You can only do this once, and once done, the name CANNOT be changed, so please make sure that you choose the name you want. Once a hatchling is named it cannot be abandoned.

Q: How/When do I know what my hatchling's gender is?
A: In order to find out a hatchling's gender, you must wait until it is near maturation. At that time, the gender will appear on the dragon's page below its view and click information.

Q: What is 'Freezing'?
A: If you 'freeze' your hatchling, it will not mature into an adult. However, it will also not die when its 7 day growth period is over. This action is completely irreversible. Frozen hatchlings do not count when taking a new egg or breeding. Also note that frozen hatchlings may still grow, such as gaining wings, but they will not mature into an adult.

Q: What happens when I try to kill my hatchling?
A: It may die, or it may avoid your attack. If it avoids your attack, you must wait another day to try to kill it. The closer it is to maturing, the harder it will be to kill it.

You'll find me here, if you wanna look ;x

Dragon Cave - Viewing aerohemisphere's Dragons

+rep if this helped you :<?

Mysteria 11-17-2008 07:16 PM

I like Nreag. I might register someday when im bored. O.o

Kusuriuri 11-17-2008 07:51 PM

You could just take my spare scroll if you want it :x Its already got an adult and a few hatchlings. Otherwise it'll just rot lol. Or I'll kill the named dragons (Cause I dont know yet if I can take the names of the killed ones, I wanna keep the skywing's name >_>) and abandon the eggs/unnamed hatchlings to give them a chance.

Kusuriuri 11-29-2008 12:13 PM

Weee forget about that scroll thing lol. I killed my Skywing just on the offchance I -might- be able to take its name, but I still couldnt. I should have just let it rot long enough to where their names vanish off the scroll from inactivity lol ;-;

Anyway, Ive been experimenting with my eggs/hatchlings lately. Soon as I get one or one hatches, I basically just leave it on my scroll. I dont post it anywhere until they have about 4-3.5 days left. I post them the entire day, and usually they can rake up about 1k-1.5k views. Best thing is? They have yet to get softshell from this.

Also, in case no one has noticed yet, if you have eggs about to hatch or hatchlings ready to mature, if you still have about 4 days left on them or so, they will typically mature around the 3.5 day mark. I dont know why, thats just the time lol. Thats why I wait until about 4 days left, I'll usually end up maturing it within about 24 hours.

heysara 05-11-2009 07:28 PM

Well, I don't know if you already answered this or not (there's so much info!), but how can I get rid of my dead hatchling? I mean the little gravestone thing.

Kusuriuri 05-11-2009 08:16 PM

It goes away on its own after two weeks. Until then, you're stuck with the gravestone. If I remember right, you can make one attempt to revive it from its options, but chances of it working are slim.

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