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moffit 11-14-2008 08:45 AM

Symphony, the MUSIC is in our SOULS

Symphony has been around for quite a while. Guild created since : November 8, 2007. Might not seem to be too long, but hey, we're hitting our 1st year anniversary soon. And we're not dead yet. We're still very active in-game, and we're spreading throughout other MMOs. I would like to thank everyone who has been in Symphony through all our tough times, and our wackiest orgy times, and I would like to thank those who has helped keeping the guild active and lively. Congratulate yourselves and go buy some ice cream :3.

Our spots are coming and going, but there's always room for new members. So don't miss out your chance in joining one of the most humble, friendly, active guild around, Symphony. Please contact myself, Memoir, or any of our other guild leaders. Their rankings can be viewed through clicking on the link on the bottom of the page, The moderating team.

Brief Background:
To be honest, I wouldn't have thought we would have come this far. We started out as a guild with just close friends that was trying out Trickster, and it was hard back then to come up with 2 mil. We started recruiting members, and created many unforgettable memories. Members comes and go, and it's sad but we all have that personal connection to one another, and do keep in touch outside of the games. We've grown greatly from being just a personal guild, to now a PvP and GvG guild. We all aid each other in our journey to becoming elites in Trickster and other games. Many thanks to everyone in the guild who has made it possible, and who has encouraged me to keep Symphony.

S I N G our souls...
C O M P O S E our story...
H E A R our hearts...
P L A Y our playlist...
R E W I N D our past...
F O R W A R D our future...

This is Symphony...

Guild Information:
Guild Leader: Memoir (Yuki)
Guild Sub-Leaders: Astenhof/Norenos (Andrew), Kylith/Seregil (Moff), kaizen1/Lillysbunny (Dave)
Guild Average Level: 150 (And going up)
Guild Website: Symphony's Website
Guild Mascot: Headphones
Guild Theme Song(s): Click the Songs to Download :3
Pure Pwnage - The Noob Song, Milk & Cereal, NigaHiga - The Ninja Glare, Adam Sandler - Secret, Peanut Butter Jelly, Ms. New Booty
Guild Members: 6X/64
Guild Active Average: 16 Members



*Credits to Moff


*Credits to Moff


Guild Accomplishments:
-To be added soon.

Guild Requirements:
1.) Must be FLUENT in English.
2.) Must be active.
3.) Must be friendly.

4.) Must be level 75+
5.) Register at our FORUMS
6.) Willing to withstand our "PG 13" conversations.
- Sometimes as a joke we would be including some "adult" issues.
7.) Is mature enough to hold their own weight in the guild.
- We're willing to help, but don't count on us doing EVERYTHING for you.
8.) Willing to help others when needed.
9.) Pay attention to both Public Notices and the Forums for updated information.

Guild Rules:

1. Respect Others - The most basic manner of all, is to respect others and you will be equally as respected. Those who do not respect other members of the guild, or they take each other as an advantage for your own benefit, will be kicked from guild without notice. We do not tolerate this at all.

2. Flaming - Do not flame other members of the guild, it's not tolerated in this forum nor in the game. Accept the fact that everyone has different opinions on everything, as offending other members will only result in an endless argument.

3. Scam/Hacks - Do not scam or hack. Anyone who fails to follow this rule will be kicked from the guild, and reported to the GMs. I do not tolerate this situation at all. Also, do not accuse others without proof.

4. Inappropriate Language - Please keep inappropriate language to a minimum as Trickster Online consists of players of all ages.

5. Insulting - Do not insult other members of the guild for any reasons. If it was for fun that's ok, but if it goes too far, and the other member feels as if it hurt them, than you'll get a warning.

6. Begging - Do NOT beg for items, equips or money, I can't stress this enough. We're friendly yes, and we're willing to help yes. But we're not here to do EVERYTHING for you.

7. Obeying - This goes in GvG and such. There's guild leaders for a reason so that we can guide you guys on what to do. Please follow the instructions we ask you to do.

8. Double Characters - I would like it, that you guys dedicate your MOST ACTIVE characters in Symphony. If you double guild, I'm ok with it, as long as you're more active in Symphony. Symphony isn't here for your secondary characters. If you want to have another one of your character join Symphony. Make sure you'll be ACTIVE on that character. And the add is NOT PERMANENT, I'll only invite if we have room. When we're in need of room, you'll need to pick one character or the other. Guild leaders are allowed to have double characters in the guild.

9. Spamming - Please do not spam in-game, it gets rather annoying, and it's my biggest pet peeve. Only time spamming is allowed is done by the guild leaders that needs to announce something important to the guild. If you spam and it is not something significant to the guild, you will be kicked.

BASICALLY... just be nice to everyone okay. ;3

Why join Symphony?

Memoir: Because we do hot orgy. :3
xHayate: It feels like family on the internet.
AngelicDestiny: Because we're talkative and entertaining. :gar:
Raimitsu: Because having a guild is like having a family you can visit every day.
Zafirakun: Because its a fun guild, theres always conversations or laughter in the never get lonely haha its a great place to stay and to meet new friends.
Kaphei: Because the people that are already in Symphony are really nice. [at least most of them]
Kiwixz: Because out of most guilds, symph's name looks good : D The guild is excellent, at least I find funny and active people to talk with almost everytime I log in, and it gives me a reason to keep playing XD
Raimitsu: moff offers tarp cookies if you join ;D
Memoir: And because we has awesome testimonials ;D

^Credit to Yuki.

Loki 03-17-2016 03:49 PM

Makes me sad and grateful at the same time.

DrownedBurrito 03-19-2016 05:51 AM

I'm blind, thought this was a music thread.

moffit 03-19-2016 11:41 AM

The music comes from Yuki's cup.

And our souls.

But mostly Yuki's cup.

Loki 03-22-2016 07:08 PM


Originally Posted by posu (Post 1849566)
Is this a music thread?


Moffit Q__________Q

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