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DarkJedi 02-26-2010 06:17 PM

Guide for AOE staff
I know many people look for guides and walkthought for exactly what to do so they won't mess up their account. Well look no further, this is a build that I have created and it shows the slow change and development of your party.

The aoe formation have been proven to be lethal almost anywhere (pve and pvp).

It is not exactly what you have to do but it is a good guide for many new players that spend hours online looking for an AOE formation but have no idea how some people get their mercs.

lv 3
spear - spear
- - -
main - bow

lv 10
spear - spear
main - bow
- - shaman

lv 20

spear - main
bow - shaman
viking - monk

lv 30

spear main viking(old)
- bow -
shaman- monk - viking(new)


spear main viking(old)
viking(new) - bow
bt - monk - shaman


spear main viking (old)
viking(new) witch bow
bt monk shaman

Viking(new) staff Viking(old)
bt witch bow
shaman exo monk

Viking(new) staff Viking (old)
bt witch bow
oracle exo monk

Viking(old) Bt Staff
Inventor witch viking(new)
Exo oracle Monk

Bt Staff VIk
Inventor Witch Cannoneer
Monk exo oracle

Bt Staff Exo
Inventor Witch Cannoneer
oracle Spartan Monk

Bt Staff Spartan
Inventor Witch cannoneer
Monk Exo oracle :py36:

Dook 02-27-2010 05:01 AM

Interesting idea, but for new players, they may struggle at lvl 50-60 due to viking being so squishy. I kinda think that the bow or one of the vikings should be a swordsman. Going by your plan, you're gonna remove them all in the end anyway, might as well get the benefit of survivability.

lol in the end you just have a common pvp formation with BT in place of a viking, and a witch instead of 2nd monk/elementalist/minstrel.

I can see it do pretty ok in pvp. But I think it's useless at the moment to focus on AoE for pvp. Unless you're talking CL.

AoE teams in PvE have a use-by date. It's really useful up to Dallas/Detroit, then it's usefulness dissipate.

Shirakani 03-01-2010 04:57 PM

Lvl 121+ PvE


Lvl121+ PvP

MrT/Wit/BT (or Cannoneer)

Assuming you want full AoE formation for the endgame. This is of course not really that ideal, endgame PvP needs a Cannoneer somewhere. You can arguably drop MrT for the Cannoneer, which most do, but then you need another monk somewhere...

Still, the above gives you four usable AoE's: Flame Blow, Powersaw Raid, Beast Summon, Meteor Strike.

It must be said however that for endgame PvE, the AoE formation is very weak. If you're at the stage of the game where you're taking content in Lijang Women's Village or higher, AoE becomes largely worthless. For expansion content (post Adlivun), Aztec, Dallas and Detroit mobs are very phys resist, very magic weak so AoE rapes hard there. But for the rest of the endgame all the way up to the absolute end in Coyote, AoE is largely worthless.

Tier 0 lvl 121 StaffM form:

Spa/StaffM/Nvik (or druid)

Option1 and Option2 can be combinations of Oracle, Inventor, Elementalist, Witch, Janissary or Hwarang. Pirate isn't really used. You have two 'option spots', the rest are considered essential if you watch any Titan final with Staff mains.

It also must be said that if you plan to PvP at the highest tier, your Flame Blow needs to be lvl88. Which means lvl70/70 Flame Blow naturally, lvl120 Charm for +15, and Ruby necklace for another +3 magic levels.

If using a Druid, then drop one monk and add the Oracle as a must have... The metagame with a Druid completely utterly changes. From there, unless your opponent has a Druid as well, they are on the back foot at a disadvantage from the immediate start. Their immediate goal will be to try and stop Wolven Seth. If they cannot, you win by default, end of story.

DarkJedi 03-04-2010 08:52 PM

wow.. Thanks for 121 guide ^^ It's hard for me to level up nowadays..

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