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Ladynoosy 04-22-2012 02:00 AM

=----> (Suly Rles) <----=

Attention !!

you Have to Read the Rules before you Think to Join~

1- You have to be nice


2-you have to be Active and TalkActive

3-Share us Good stuff ( good Ideas _ anything you dont like about Our guild can feel free to talk about it.

4- Open your camp any place you like on the game an Support us by writing

5-Hunt bosses As much As you Can ...dont say im low lvl i can kill tut only ... so yeah tut its ..a boss so keep hunt tut .

6-Respect people and Other Guilds.

7-if you dont on more then one week you will get Kicked ,


8-we will help you when we have a free time ,you have to work hard dont ask people or members to help you alot ..
Spoiler! do your best!


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