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Sodacan 02-18-2011 09:00 AM

So ronery. ;o;

Fineti 02-18-2011 09:14 AM


So is there anything new?

Sodacan 02-18-2011 09:20 AM

I think we're on 5.0 now. I just went back yesterday. I know we have the new Cath and Emilia. Helena, too.

Fineti 02-18-2011 09:21 AM

Oh wow, we are actually getting stuff. Though it not like we are strong enough to actually get them ourselves. :jj:

Sodacan 02-18-2011 09:26 AM

There's masters running around everywhere. Some 92e/100(30AR) stuff is more affordable.

kuyaBaka 02-18-2011 11:41 AM

If only my laptop could handle SotNW and my internet can actually stabalize--

Sandrie 02-18-2011 12:44 PM

Maybe I should give this a try sometime..

Ascherit 02-18-2011 02:04 PM


I checked back a couple of weeks ago

92e armors are like less than 50m now. I saw an ELV for only 30m. I bought mine for 150m /rage

And my musk is still at lvl 9 vet ;_;

Sodacan 02-18-2011 02:12 PM

Gonna try for an expert team. I really want to expert my scout for some reason. :x

Sodacan 02-18-2011 02:21 PM

btw, Mori, why aren't you ever on MSN anymore? :<

kuyaBaka 02-18-2011 02:25 PM

Normally I just have it to auto sign-in whenever I start up my laptop, but it's made it take forever to load nowdays, so I took it off the start-up programs. Now I just forget to open up MSN and instead load up Facebook 'cause that's where all the cool kids go.

Sodacan 02-18-2011 02:28 PM

Facebook is for noobs. Wanted to ask you about WoW since you ditched me on Dofus. Jerk.

Ascherit 02-18-2011 06:02 PM


Sodacan 02-18-2011 06:11 PM


Ascherit 02-18-2011 06:37 PM

Couple of updates I've noticed:

- Polish system removed--instead you can trade shiny crystals (which you can either buy from market (about 200~300k ea) or do huntan quests for them) for the gear
- Chips up to level 84 can now be bought from an NPC
- Reduced usage of upgrade accels depending on level of gear (max is 15 for vet stuff apparently)
- Vet promotions are now gold-free. You trade 25 shiny crystals for the promotion. However you won't get the ar/dr/stat point bonus unless you buy the scroll, which costs 250k feso. (it's called 'Awakening' 8|)
- FA/AA passes are now tradeable
- Increased mob hp/exp
- You get a mini-buff for every level gained

Sodacan 02-18-2011 06:45 PM

I bought a scroll off the market for 4.5m vis. Not sure who I'll use it on yet. I just have Ed/Soho at 100 right now.

Ascherit 02-18-2011 07:30 PM

If anyone still needs the angler quest, I got 3 spinelles from a lolbox `-`

kuyaBaka 02-18-2011 07:36 PM


Originally Posted by Sodacan (Post 1475494)
Facebook is for noobs. Wanted to ask you about WoW since you ditched me on Dofus. Jerk.

Were like, hardly ever on.
And people I knew had lives to get back to.
And I was sadcra.

WoW is funsies. The quests are just too looolz.

kuyaBaka 02-18-2011 08:04 PM

... I think I'll save this for overnight?

Uploaded with

Sheep 02-18-2011 08:43 PM

At least you're not me, 140KB/S 8| I ENVY YOUR RATES MORI.

Omg kait, I want my musk back 8|

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