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07-17-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default Regarding Trickster Tales

Yo! Anyway, as we all know, Trickster is "ALMOST" dead. Since hardly anyone goes on (Including myself, too busy with MHP2G) I've decided to cancel Trickster Tales... Yeah, it's a shame, BUT I have worked on a few things. I'll finish them all up and then post what I got. Here's a link to all of the finished ones so far, including 2 special sneak peaks for the future...

Trickster Tales-Chapter 3: Caballa at last

Trickster Tales- Chapter 2: The Journey

Trickster Tales- Chapter 1 : The Beginning

Trickster Tales- Chapter XX: The Raid in the ruins

Trickster Tales-Chapter XX: Fight with Harjiwan

You can read em' all here deviantART: Trickstorz: Journal

Btw, if you got time and want to read these, be sure to check out the 2 sneak peaks. Best. Action. Ever. Maybe. You Decide. =D
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Don't touch 8|
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Oh hey I forgot about this o_o
*shoots Rasan* T_T *goes to read your works*


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