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07-16-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default My pvp build (rate it =p)

This skill build is using 75 points (all the skill points i have at lvl 61)

Crosscut- 1/10
Blow- 1/9
Destruction Fist- 9/9
Counter Attack- 5/5
Sky Slashing- 1/8
Iron Hammer- 1/3

Whirling Sword- 8/9
Whirlwind Wave- 4/7
Flash Fate- 1/8

Kicking - 5/10
Wind Kick- 1/9
Whirlpool Sword- 1/8
Flying Dragon Sword- 1/9

Magic Defense- 5/5
Provocation- 5/5
Protective Fortitude- 4/4
Play Dead- 1/3

Increase Health- 8/8
Mana Recovery- 8/8
Deadly Blow- 1/8
Minimize the Damage- 4/4

My Kicking is lvl 5 because i had 4 left over SP so i just dumped it into kick =p
Magic Defense lvl 5 because contrary to popular belief, red spider ropes are really easy to farm >_>
I might remove 4 points from kicking, and dump two into Sky Slashing and two into IMS/Play Dead/ Deadly Blow
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07-16-2008   #2 (permalink)
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hmmmmm, I personally never liked a higher lvl kicking but eh... 4 left over points so i dont blame you :P
Teach2farm Red spider robes please.. and way2max all the bless skills :P

But yea.... good build lol..... what else to say 0.o hmmmmm
07-16-2008   #3 (permalink)
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Good build i would be picky on the magic defense and take it to 3 but if u have a lot of spider rope you can aannoy the crap out of mages and eirs >=D. I would max whirling sword if u can cancel it unless 8-9 damage isnt worth it and protective fortitude eh i wouldn't care your choice, the lvl 4 nado is if your pro at it. but everything else *thumbs up*

P.S If u want to put points in sky slash Make it 4 or 7.
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07-16-2008   #4 (permalink)
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well since you have 4 points left over why not just put them in ims for stable dmg? using a short combo: aa dash as kick ims in pvp can still take out maybe..1/3 of their hp? even though this is pure pvp if you ever got bored and feel like staging, the same combo in stage does 3k dmg =o
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