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06-12-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default klunia style triple kick shift?

I've been seeing in videos where sieg does this kind of thing:
facing 6: aa dash as kick 9 s 66 9 aa blah to get away from wall. I tried it and it doesn't work, since I remember people saying you have to cancel a dash with 90 degrees or more. So can anyone tell me what's going on?
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It works, people in GLunia do it also... since I am not a Sieg, I can't help you here.

Moved to sieg section.
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facing 6: aa dash as kick 9 s 66 9 aa blah to get away from wall.
like you said, you have to stop the dash with a 90degrees or more arrow. So, on the 66 9 part, you need to do either 6649 or 66whatever pass 90 degrees, then do the 9 before doing aa
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aa dash as kick 9 s 66(8)9 aa blah to get away from wall
ya thats wat i would use o.o
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I personally wouldnt recommend using (Facing 6) 6689 if (and probably only if) your using arrow keys to move. I use arrow keys and everytime I try to do it by using 6689, i end up dashing upwards since ultimately, im pressing 88 twice (cuz im using *right, right up, (up and right)*.
(if you need more clarification on what I mean by ^this, [Since I'm not sure if i communicated properly], then just pm me, ill be happy to explain what i mean further)

If your using numpad this probably wouldn't be a problem but with arrows its a pain. If your using arrows, i suggest you just use the traditional halfstep move, so 6649. And so on so forth for all the other directions.


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