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08-05-2007   #1 (permalink)
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Default Sieg Help

So far my skills are in:

Destruction Fist ~ Level 3
Blow ~ Level 2
Crescent Moon Sword ~ Level 2
Hurricane Sword ~ Level 1
Wind Kick ~ Level 1

Increase Health ~ Level 2
Deadly Blow ~ Level 2
Mana Recovery ~ Level 2

SP Left: 6

I was wondering if I made any bad choices, and I would also like to know what skills I should get in the future.
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08-05-2007   #2 (permalink)
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I don't think there are really any bad choices for sieg anyway, its hack and slash for him and most of the emphasis during battles will be your ability to dodge attacks and dealing punishment :P I think adding to deadly blow and the physical damage reduction skills will be the most important after your primary attack skills (Crescent Moon / Cross Cut whatever)
08-05-2007   #3 (permalink)
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For starters, get Cross Cut (it goes with lots of combos), Crescent Moon (it's an awesomely powerful ranged attack), Kick (goes well with various combos), Deadly Blow (critical hits!!), and I can't seem to live without Mana Recovery.

So yeah, that's basically the skills that I focus on. I made the mistake of adding points to useless skills (Finishing Blow), so I'm not sure how that affects my build.

It's best to use a character as a "guinea pig", of sorts, to figure out which works best. Then get started on a "serious" character to level and raise perfectly.
08-06-2007   #4 (permalink)
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so far thats good personally i think charge skills r ur best bet cuz it's ur combo skills (good in pvp and stg) but d fist crescent moon and such r good 4 boss it really depends on ur playing style


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