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bobzenrich 01-15-2008 05:43 PM

Sieg Combo Guide
Sieg Combo Guide

~Table of Contents

1. Updates
2. Introduction
3. Basic Movement
4. Basic Non-Knock Up Combos
5. Starters
6. Simple Dash Attacks
7. Let's Pause for a Moment
8. Simple Skill Combos
9. Let's Pause Again...
10. Shifting Combos
11. Wall Attacking
12. Side Stepping
13. Frontal
14. Windmill
15. Advanced Wall Combos
16. Legal Things
17. Credits

-Version 0.01-01/15/08~Started guide, with only the most basic things done. Please don't badger me to add more, I will. I have finals to study for.
-Version 0.02-01/16/08~Added some skill cancels and combos. A slight edit to format. Also added Table of Contents and Legal Stuffs. Thanks Gaiety!
-Version 0.03a-01/17/08~A little bit of shifting stuff. Will add more on that.
-Version 0.03b-01/20/08~Finished the shifting. Added a little of Half-Dashing and Back-Dashing.
-Version 0.04a-01/2?/08~Added Frontal and Windmill.
-Version 0.04b-01/27/08~A little more on Frontal and Windmill. Added stuff about shifting and Dash-S
-Version 0.05-02/03/08~Fine tuning.
-Version 0.05-02/05/08~Added S-Dash
-Version 0.06-02/19/08~Added Gaiety's stuff. Thanks for it! Sorry it took so long :I.
-Version 0.07-03/06/08~Added m1s3ri's stuff. Thanks a lot! I will need better explanations :I. Just PM me.

I am writing this guide in hopes of helping newcomers and also so that I contribute to MyLunia. Also, there isnít a DECENT [Notice I put emphasis on that.] guide on Sieg combos yet. This guide is intended for complete novices, people who just downloaded the game and wondered, ĎWhat the heck is comboing?í This is my Ďfirstí guide, so please give me advice and corrections [Factual and grammatical.] so I can expand this successfully. No flames, or else something bad will happen.


This guide is strictly basic. I am not so high up in the levels, and so I canít do most of the high level combos. If anyone has a trash Sieg that has skills I can use [You can strip him if you donít feel comfortable lending me him.] Iíd happily use that to contribute.

Basic Movement

A~A normal whack.

S~Upwards attack.

Space [AKA Sp]~Ground attack. Use this only in stages for some additional damage. You can also string this in certain combos for additional pokes.

Dash~Double tap the numpad/arrowkeys for a quick sprint, or Ďdashí. I recommend numpad, as you have maximum control over the diagonal dashes.

Basic Non-Knock Up Combos

It is important to know how combos work and how certain combinations of A and S can be quite unique.

A~One whack.

A-A~Two whacks.

A-A-A~Three whacks.

A-A-A-A~Four whacks.

A-A-A-A-A~Five whacks, and the last one knocks the enemy a few steps back.

These are virtually useless. Nothing is really completely useless, but these seem to be the only exception.

More basic ones that donít lift the enemy in the air.

~Three whacks, followed by a swing downwards that hits twice. Combos well, but you may need some extra airtime.

A-A-A-A~Four whacks. You will be using this quite a bit in stage combos.

A-A-A-A-S~Four whacks, followed by a thrust that you spin, and hits twice. You may also add up to three spaces for additional pokes.

A-A-Sp-Sp-Sp~Two whacks, and then adds three pokes.


Compliments of m1s3ri:


AAAS vs AAAA: the time between the 3rd and 4th hit is higher, and the 4th/5th hit with AAAS has a shorter range.
Therefore, A-A-A-S shouldn't be used too frequently unless you have to shift.


On to starters. In case if you didnít know, starters are quick things that lift the enemy into the air for an airborne combo.

Some basic ones.

S~An upwards whack that lifts the enemy into the air.

A-A-S~Two whacks, followed by one upwards whack that hits the enemy into the air. You can do this up to three times in a row. Useful for scarecrow killing and bosses who seem to never want to face you.

Compliments of m1s3ri:


You can use AAS in the middle of a combo; it can be chained fairly smoothly into AA, AAAA, AAAS, or even another AAS; this can be used to control how far you travel in a certain melee string.
A-S-Sp-Sp~One whack, another upwards one that knocks the enemy into the air, a whack, and then a poke. This knocks your enemy quite far. A starter, not used as often. You might use this in a middle of a combo.

A-A-S-S~Avoid using it, as the second S whacks the enemy somewhat too far to combo MOST things. You can add up to three Spaces for three additional pokes.

Those are four VERY basic things, but you'll use some of them very often.

Okay, letís do some very basic combos, shall we?

S-A-A-A-A~This is one that is extremely easy, but even so, it is used as a good starter. Iíll elaborate more later.

A-A-S-A-A-A-A-A~The basic noob combo. Every noob uses this. I canít say I blame them. Two whacks, followed by an upwards whack that hits the enemy into the air, and five whacks, the last hitting the enemy a few steps back.

Simple Dash Attacks

Okay, now that you know these things, Iíll add in some dashing.

~You should always use this when you dash, but not in mid-combo. It looks like you are uppercutting [Thank you, udiefiy.].

Dash-A~You dash, and then you hit the enemy with a whack. You will need to use this if you want to use a skill after. Will explain... be patient and read on.

~You dash, and then hit the enemy with your shoulder. You will need to use this if you want to whack after.

Dash-A-S~You dash, you whack, you hit with shoulder. Knocks down.

These will be part of your arsenal. Very commonly used for combos.

Letís string them together!

A-A-Dash-A-S~A good starter. You whack twice, dash, and then whack, then a shoulder hit. This is the standard starter for PvP.

S-Dash-S-A-A-A-A~Another starter. I just use the extra Dash-S to be safer because it gets you closer to the enemy so that you wonít be too far to hit the last A.

A-A-S-A-S-Sp-Sp~You can use this to start combos, I just donít see it used a lot.

S-A-S-Sp-Sp-Dash-A-S~Upwards whack hitting enemy into the air, and then three more whacks, a poke, and then a dash ending with a whack and a shoulder hit.

These are just a few of the near infinite amount of combos that we are able to make just by combinations of A, S, and Space.

~Let's Pause for a Moment...

Okay, now that you know how to do these very simple things, I'll introduce you to some things...

In case if you didn't know, dashing is just double tapping an arrowkey/numpad. Using Dash-A, Dash-S, or Dash-A-S, we can cancel certain combinations of skills, A, and S, so we may continue our combos. You'll understand this, as this may seem a little bleak. Beware, though, Dash-S will make you lose much height, and may make you lose your combo completely. You'll be using it a lot, but be careful if you haven't mastered it.

As I just mentioned, we can string in skills into combos. Some very good beginner comboing skills are Cross Cut [CC], Triple Kick [TK], and Wind Kick [WK].

-Combo Bonus and Combo Decay-
In stages, if you aerial combo something longer, you will hit the enemy more and more damage, up to 400% of what you actually do. However, in PvP, the longer your aerial combo is, the less damage you inflict. You want your strongest attacks first, so you will inflict the most damage.

Okay, going on.

Simple Skill Combos

Let's start with the Cross Cut cancel. If you didn't know, Cross Cut is a skill that makes Sieg whack the enemy twice, dealing somewhat decent damage, if you add points to it frequently.

CC-Sp~You will have to press the space right when the Cross Cut animation is starting. Also known as basic timing. You may add two more spaces for an addition of two pokes. This will end your combo, so I don't recommend adding all three. I will show you an alternative.

CC-Sp-A~Again, you will have to do this quite quickly. You will Cross Cut, poke, and then whack. You may add up to four more, but I don't suggest four, I suggest three, so you can continue to lengthen your combo.

Now, let's do the Triple Kick cancel. Again, this is a skill that makes Sieg kick three times, and it is probably one of the most flexible skills in the game.

TK-S~You kick, and then you do that downwards swing that Sieg does when he does A-A-A-S. Very easy. However, you will need to cancel that.

TK-S-Dash-S~You kick, you do a downwards swing, then you dash, ending with a shoulder hit. Again, pretty easy, unless the enemy is too high up. Then you'll just dash right under them.

~You kick, dash, and then whack. This is pretty good if you want to use a skill next.

Now, Wind Kick. Wind Kick is generally a combo ender, a knock down skill [KD], and a transportation device, as it makes Sieg jump up and go pretty far. Useful in PvP.

TK-WK~Sieg kicks, and then jumps on his sword and kicks many times. Probably the most simple combo with skills there is.

CC-Sp-Sp-WK~Sieg Cross Cuts, pokes twice, and then jumps on his sword and kicks the enemy lots of times. You may probably add in one more Space if you have enough air.

How about putting them together?

~Sieg kicks, downwards swings, dashes, shoulder hit, then whacks three times, Cross Cut cancel, then whacks four more times, ending with a Wind Kick.

CC-Sp-A-A-A-A-TK-WK~A cross cut, a poke, four whacks, and then a Triple Kick ending with a Wind Kick.

Okay, introducing the sexiest skill Sieg has. PROVOKE.

Provoke-Dash-A-S~Sieg does this shouting thing, and then the enemy will start moving towards him to attack. In PvP, this will pull your enemy slightly more towards you. Then you dash, ending with a whack and a shoulder hit. You can add combos after. You will use this a lot, as the pull-towards-you effect is awesome.

Now, the best powerhouse ever. Well, the sexiest anyways. DESTRUCTION FIST [DF].

This is generally used after Blow, a combo that knocks the enemy down. The enemy just gets dazed and doesn't/can't move after, for a few moments.

However, you can string in some combos before. Destruction Fist hits so far after it's impossible to combo after.

S-Dash-A-DF~Upwards whack, and a short dash, a whack, and then Destruction Fist. You have to be pretty quick to pull this off.

TK-DF~You kick, and then you punch the goodness out of the enemy. You need to time this. Right before you see the last damage number of Triple Kick, you have to hit the Destruction Fist key.

~Let's pause again...

-Numpad- Now the things I will be teaching you will 'require' the numpad. The numpad controls are:

1: Diagonally down left
2: Down
3: Diagonally down right
4: Left
5: Nothing
6: Right
7: Diagonally up left
8: Up
9: Diagonally up right

Here's a picture:


-Shifting- Shifting is the act of changing direction DURING a combo. If this is the first time you've heard of this, it's not as hard as you think. It's quite easy, if you put in an hour or two of practice. You should use numpad, but the arrowkeys are usable. It's a lot harder to use arrowkeys.

To shift, you must combo, dash in one direction and then move toward the enemy. This may seem unclear, but this is how:

[Facing 6]

993 to go diagonally down or 339 for diagonally up

You may also go like this:

[Facing 6]

338 to go up and 992 to go down

The second way is actually easier. Start practicing with that one and then start with another one.

Like Dash-S, Shifting will make you lose height, but not as much. Just be careful when you use it.


This is really not that hard, you just string in:

[Facing 6]


These are beneficial due to when you do this, you don't do that Dash-Whack animation, which forces you to continue with a skill. However, when you use this, you can continue your combo with an A instead of a skill.

Back-Dashing is helpful in Wall Attacking.

-Wall Attack-

Wall Attacking is the act of hitting an enemy continuously against the wall. A-S-Sp-Sp and Hurricane Sword are useful for this.

Let's move on:

Shifting Combos

This may seem menacing, but I'll start off ridiculously easy.

All my combos will be facing 6.

S-338-A-A-A-A~Upwards attack that knocks the enemies up, short dash to bottom right, and then four whacks up.

Easy enough, you should get this in a few tries.

You can string this into some combos!

S-Dash-S-A-A-A-A-TK-S-339-A-A-A-A-CC-Space-A-A-A-A-WK~Very nice combo, good for practicing. Upwards attack that hits the enemy up, dash, shoulder bump, four whacks, kicking, downwards hit, shift, four whacks, Cross Cut cancel, four whacks, Wind Kick.

Now, elaborating on shifting. It's easy to shift after Triple Kick, TK-S, and A-A-A-S.

TK-S-Shift is the most widely used form of Triple Kick canceling. You'll be using this a lot.

You can also shift after Cross Cut.

Here's how:

CC-Sp-Shift~You cut once, cancel with a poke, and then shift. You need to get some height BEFORE you do this, because if you don't have height, the enemy will just fall, ending your combo.

You can go:

~This is what you may call an 'Infinite Combo'. You continuously do it, but then you lose hight, and fail. So it's not an 'Infinite Combo'.

Wall Attacking

Wall attacking, again, is the act of hitting an enemy against the wall in a combo. This requires 'somewhat' quick moving, so you'll need to have some practice to pull this off. First of all, the standard way of wall attacking is using:

A-S-Sp-Sp-446 [Repeat]

You'll have to be VERY quick to pull this off. You can also string in some Triple Kick cancels and other things. I'll elaborate once I get more info on this.



Side Stepping

Side stepping, is, well, side stepping. You step to the side. This is performed by a short sequence of keyboard keys.

To sidestep to the right:
Dash-[A-Sp]~You dash, hit a little, and then sidestep to the right. Make the Space RIGHT after the A, or else it won't work.
To the left:
Dash-[A-S]~To dash, and then sidestep left. Hit the A and the S at the same time.

These two may be useful in PvP, if you see a Blow coming, or anything else threatening that doesn't home in.

Practice these two a whole bunch, and then come to the next part of this guide.


Ah, yes, the sexy frontal. Frontal is a move that you totally cheap out the enemy to death, so that's why it's been mostly banned to do more than two times in a tournament.

Frontal is continuous right side stepping. Remember the 'hit' before the sidestep? You'll be using that to hit the enemy.

So here it is:

S-[Dash-A-Sp-Dash-A-Sp-Dash-A-Sp]~(Repeat bracketed as much as you want.) This just looks like you do an extremely quick Dash-A over and over. You must be VERY, VERY quick to pull this off. This is why most beginners start by just spamming a directional button on a keypad, A, and Space. Eventually, you will learn to do this by finger dexterity.

There is some timing involved. You will have to have a VERY slight pause between the A and then Space, and then you will have to dash RIGHT after. This is very important.

The way to combo with this is to do whatever you would do after a Dash-A.


Get on your knees. You will be crying when you first attempt this. The legendary windmill, so hard, it'll make noobs cry. It made me almost break the keyboard, and I myself cannot do more than two additional Dash-As.

Here's how.

[Facing 6]

S-66-A-Sp-99-A-Sp-88-A-Sp-77-A-Sp-44-A-Sp [etc, etc]~So difficult, you may practice for hours and hours and still not get it.

Applying the windmill. Some people [pros] use this to stall, get away from walls, and also just plain fun [mean] killing.

The way, again, to combo this, is to do as many Dash-As as you want, and then do what you would do after a Dash-A [Cross Cut, etc.].

Advanced Wall Attacking

Compliments of Gaiety:


The advanced Wall juggle:

Facing 6, with wall to your right:
AAS 446 AS Sp Sp [90 degree shift] AAAA Dash A [Kicking S OR CrossCut Space] [45 degree shift so that you're facing wall] AS Sp Sp [135 degree shift so you're facing the opposite direction from where you came] AAAS Dash A [Kicking S OR CrossCut Space] [45 degree shift facing wall] AS Sp Sp [135 degree shift] AAAS Dash A...

The following uses the 4-key shift, the shift normally used for centering position. The "Away from Wall" sequence, facing 8, wall to your right:
AAS AAAA Dash A Kicking 7 S 8867 (997 if you're a bit left of the actual wall) AAAS 884 AAAA Dash A...

A bit long-winded, but yeah, that's how stuff goes at the more advanced stages.
Compliments of m1s3ri:


For example, Gaiety's advanced wall combo section could be broken down into:
1. Using AS sp sp in any of the 3 directions facing the wall to build airtime and get next to the wall
2. Using dash A CC sp to safely shift from AAAA, or to keep the combo legal under GNG tourney rules
3. Using the downward slash of Kicking S or AAAS to push a target away from a wall, then using a 4key shift to catch up with it and continue the combo
As it shows, we are just applying what we know to do all these.

Legal Things

Post this in the Wiki please :).


BOLD = Lots more help.

-MyLunia. The best forum ever, the one who introduced me to Lunia.
-Godbot3000. Thanks for extra comments and corrections!
-Gaiety. Thanks for correcting/suggesting and letting me use your format! And the Legal Stuffs thing!
-Gota. Some commenting
-m1s3r1. Half-Dashing and Back-Dashing
-ItzRai. Taught me how to Frontal
-Remeiko. Showing me a nice Windmill
-udiefiy. Upperdashing reminding

ares67 01-15-2008 07:31 PM

lol pretty good for new siegs, i love the way usage of "whack" :P

Maiyu 01-15-2008 07:33 PM

Lol, that's what i was about to say!
Whacks and pokes lol!

bobzenrich 01-15-2008 07:47 PM

I'm glad you approve.

Now, after finals, we have a four day weekend, and my birthday is on Friday, so I can screw around a lot.

I hope to add another section to it this weekend.

Kayosay 01-15-2008 07:55 PM

Nice beginner guide and nice choice of words. ^^

Godbot3000 01-15-2008 07:56 PM

AA and AAAA are not useless. You can use those to circle-strafe Daru :P

Also, try AASS Space Space Space.

bobzenrich 01-15-2008 08:00 PM


Originally Posted by Godbot3000 (Post 120556)
AA and AAAA are not useless. You can use those to circle-strafe Daru :P

Also, try AASS Space Space Space.

Didn't I say, AASS hits too far for MOST things?

And what's circle-strafing?


Note: 'VIRTUALLY useless'

Godbot3000 01-15-2008 08:03 PM

Starting facing south (2):

AA 443 AA 116 AA 229 AA 338 AA 667 AA 994 AA 881 AA 772...

Rinse, repeat. It's a pretty funny way to take on bosses in general :P

(I wouldn't follow it to the letter though, adapt and change attacks as needed)

Maiyu 01-15-2008 08:06 PM

Well that won't always work...
Since most bosses don't flinch...
and they're attacks are wide range...

but yeah, the circle thingy isn't that bad in mobs and stuff....
Makes it easier to gather them up for a strong skill or combo.

Godbot3000 01-15-2008 08:08 PM


Originally Posted by Maiㅋㅋㅋ (Post 120577)
Well that won't always work...
Since most bosses don't flinch...
and they're attacks are wide range...

but yeah, the circle thingy isn't that bad in mobs and stuff....
Makes it easier to gather them up for a strong skill or combo.

That's why I'm dashing around in circles. The principle is that the bosses attacks will be angled at where you were moments before, and therefore miss. As I said, if I do see a hard to avoid attack though, I'll S-cancel the heck outta there :D

bobzenrich 01-15-2008 08:11 PM

Lol, I can picture that.

Okay, can anyone pick up errors? I'm scared I might have some...:rolleyes:

Maiyu 01-15-2008 08:13 PM

Just commenting.
I think some of the begginer combos are too hard!!!
I think like... Dash as kicking is easier than most...

bobzenrich 01-15-2008 08:15 PM


Originally Posted by Maiㅋㅋㅋ (Post 120590)
Just commenting.
I think some of the begginer combos are too hard!!!
I think like... Dash as kicking is easier than most...

Just so you know, these combos are meant to teach beginners on HOW THE COMBOS WORK.

Maiyu 01-15-2008 08:16 PM

right, right!
i Kneeeeew that!
Hmm... no wonder you put poke, shove, stab, etc... lol?
oh mann...
How are you going to describe how the longer combos are going to work lol o.o;;

Godbot3000 01-15-2008 08:18 PM

I don't see errors as much as stuff that needs comments.

1. The S -->S starter, while it would let you hit the AAAA, will lose you air time.

2. AASAS Space Space will knock the target VERY far away.

3. Might want to add more commonly used starters/combos. (e.g. AA -->AS, AAAAS Space Space Space)


Originally Posted by Zentai (Post 120592)
Just so you know, these combos are meant to teach beginners on HOW THE COMBOS WORK.

If this is the objective... You should be talking about air time and distance from target, and whether an attack would hit based on those two variables. I can only see this as a listing of possible attacks.

bobzenrich 01-15-2008 08:18 PM


Originally Posted by Maiㅋㅋㅋ (Post 120595)
right, right!
i Kneeeeew that!
Hmm... no wonder you put poke, shove, stab, etc... lol?
oh mann...
How are you going to describe how the longer combos are going to work lol

What? If you know how a small part works, you know the whole thing.

If you know how to shifting works, you know how healer can unlimited shift you to death. [illegal in tourny]

Gaiety 01-15-2008 09:31 PM

^ Very, very, VERY wrong. Healers can't shift infinitely on a whim. They have to correct distance from time to time, making a shift melee infinite incredibly difficult.

Anyway, about the guide...

AAA Pause S acts just like an AAS hit. You can do AAA SS, too.

AASS Sp Sp is a pretty common wall starter. AS Sp Sp acts just like the last 3 hits of AASS Sp Sp, making it the premiere wall combo string.

Anyway, glad to see someone finally started this one up. I'm afraid it'll probably end up being much, much longer than my Dainn one, though...

Zentai Erm, do you mind if I use... 3 Hours Ago, 05:49 PM
Zentai Sieg Combo Guide 3 Hours Ago, 05:43 PM

Way to ask beforehand x-x But anyway, go ahead and use my format if you wish.

incarnate 01-15-2008 10:18 PM


Originally Posted by Zentai (Post 120605)
you know how healer can unlimited shift you to death. [illegal in tourny]

I would LOVE to see a healer do that when people have upwards of 2k HP

darkdestiny 01-15-2008 10:34 PM


Originally Posted by incarnate (Post 120756)
I would LOVE to see a healer do that when people have upwards of 2k HP

I wouldn't! Cuz I have 2k + HP! It'd be boring dude. If a healer can combo and will combo me to death I'd rather have 1.3k hp and go INT or something

riceburner4540 01-15-2008 11:24 PM

If lag is in my favor and I get the angle just right, I can wall combo someone forever. Takes a while, though, especially considering each hit does about 4-5 damage. I don't think I'd want to juggle someone for 400 hits...I did 60, and it already felt like an eternity.

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