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yylotus 01-23-2013 03:03 PM

Need help for thief master in CT
I recently started a fox and found out she was so bad at CT, does anyone know on what lvl I can conquer the 72th boss? It would be extremely welcome if u can upload some videos about thief master against CT bosses. :py55:

Mis 01-23-2013 03:26 PM

210 i think...

yylotus 01-23-2013 03:56 PM

I think 210 is for bunnies :py33:

ShinMegami 01-23-2013 04:00 PM

Would probably depend on a few factors, mine can get around 810ish da with buffs if I recall and has some trouble killing the eye in time unless I use the apricot throwing items. She also doesn't have a guardian either so I'd imagine one with shield breaker would help a lot.

yylotus 01-23-2013 04:10 PM

thx 4 the reply, i ll try to get lvl 200 before doing the ct again

LuckyStorm 01-23-2013 04:13 PM

On my fox I found it pretty difficult to kill 72nd since it heals very fast.. Even with 1.3k DA I had trouble the first time. I actually ended up testing out my bunny's inferno gear to kill it, it shockingly worked! But anyways I recommend getting a guardian first or having someone help you with it since it is pretty difficult.. Good luck!

yylotus 01-23-2013 04:46 PM

Thank u luckystorm ^^

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