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Default :::Leon's Pure Fox Guide:::

LeonSv's Guide Part 1:
Originally Posted by LeonSv
This guide is under construccion

Updated as of 30/12/2007

Disclaimer: This is guide is made exclusively for MyTrickster, if you would like to use it outside of MT pm me and ill get back to you

Well i’m writing a Fox guide to share some of my experience with all those players that chose a Fox. This concentrates on pure foxes, gun foxes should look for another guide. Please post your opinions so i can make a better guide, after all this guide is for you MT comrades.

The following members and sites have provided important info, through their guides and opinions:

The SOSBrigade!

Very Important!!!: This is, as it names implies,a guide. Everything that you see here is NOT mandatory consider it as pointers or guidelines so you can build your character the way YOU like it.

Okay after clearing that up lets begin.

1. What is a Fox
2. Pros and Cons
3. Status Growth
4. Bonus Points
5. Builds
6. Skills
7. Drilling and You
8. Leveling Guide
9. Mature Compounding
10. Combat Tactics

1. So, what is a Fox?
Fox is a name applied to any one of roughly 27 species of small to medium-sized Canidaes in the tribe Vulpini, with sharp features and a bushy tail or brush. LOL

Ok seriously a Fox is the female Sense Type. Sense types are characters that are good at drilling, compunding and i guess mature compounding (but the system is kinda broken if ya ask me). They equip Knives as their main weapon and they can also wear a shield.

Their starting job is Archaeologist

then they move on to Explorer

and ,since this is a pure fox guide, finally to Thief Master.

2. Pros and Cons.
Ok so what are the pros and cons.

- Good at drilling.
- Good at compounding.
- Can kill most monsters in one hit (OHKO) at early-mid levels.
- Skill spamming means you don’t get bored that fast.
- As Drarin once said everyone can be “good” at drilling they just need the right equips, but they have to do it by equiping stuff you don’t have to do anything to be a good driller ^^.
- Foxes have low HP compared to other classes.
- Stone Strike, one of the biggest weapons in your arsenal has crappy accuracy.
- Plenty of high level/end game monsters have high Defense and absorb damage meaning they don’t take as much damage from your attacks.
- Foxes have a limited amount of skills that are considered “good”.

Ok now that we got that covered let’s move on to the Stat Growth.

3. Status Growth
Ok when you first create your character you’ll see something like this

>>Growth Chart<<

There are four types of status:


The numbers mean that every time you level up those status will increase according to the number they’re set on. So if you have 4 in power and 1 in sense it means that power will have a higher increase rate than sense. This is how a “build” is founded.

This is how you read a build:
For example:
The order in which the numbers are shown represents how many points you allocate to a certain stat type.
You read it in this order:
So 1144 translates to 1 in Power, 1 in Magic, 4 in Sense and 4 in Charm.

Pretty easy huh.

Now that you understand how Status Growth works let’s move on to

4. Bonus Points
Everytime you level up you get 4 bonus points that you may put in any stat that you desire so you can raise it’s level, so you’re not limited to the Growth thats been set when you created your character.

Now let’s see the status for each status type:

• AP: Attack Power. Determines damage for physical attacks. Formula is level * 4 + 14. Increased by Pumping Heart (party). Decreased by Rust.

• AC: Accuracy. Determines chance of physical attacks hitting. Also determines gun damage. Does not affect spell accuracy and non-physical attack skills. Formula is [(level - 1) / 4] + 50 (brackets mean round down). Increased by Bull's Eye, Gun Booster. Decreased by Shockvibe.

• DX: Dexterity? Delay between attacks (the lower the better). Does not affect skills or guns. Formula is 10 - [(level - 1) / 12]. Decreased by Hyper Beat. Increased by Mana Web.

• MP: Maximum Magic Points. Activated skills have an MP cost. Formula is level * 30 + 50. Passively increased by Bottle of Mana. MP regeneration is increased by Aura of Mana (party).

• MA: Magic Attack. Determines damage for Magic spells. Formula is (level - 1) / 4 + 50? Increased by Mist of Mana. Decreased by Magic Meltdown.

• MD: Magic Defense. Reduces damage from Magic spells. Formula is level * 4 - 14 (minimum 0). Increased by Mana Shield. Decreased by Magic Defense Breaker.

Sense (Our main stat!):
• WT: Weight. Determins the maximum amount of items you can carry. Each item takes up a specific amount of WT. Formula is level * 80 + 620. Increased passively by Heavy Carrier.

• DA: Detect Ability. Also known as Perception. Determines critical hit damage, compounding success, refinement chance, and drilling success rate. Formula is [(level - 1) / 4] (brackets means round down). Increased by Sixth Sense. Decreased by Sense Breaker.

• LK: Luck. Determines chance of critical hit, chance of getting hit by a critical, and magic skill accuracy. Formula is [(level - 1) / 4]. Increased by Lucky Seven Decreased by Luck Breaker.

• HP: Maximum hit points. Formula for base HP is level * 30 + 90, where "level" is the level of the stat. Increased passively by Physical Training.

• DP: Defense points. Lowers physical damage. Formula is level * 4 - 8. Increased by Sturdy Shield and Shield All (party). Decreased by Armor Breaker and Armor Destructor (for monsters).

• HV: Evade. The higher it is, the more likely your character is to avoid a physical attack. Also used to reduce Gun damage. Formula is [(level - 1) / 4] (the brackets mean round down). Increased by Dodge Master. Decreased by Sticky Foot.

5. Builds
Ok so right about now you’re probably asking yourself
So how do I set my Status Growth efficiently?
These are some posible Status Growth builds for your Fox:

This is the standar build that most people follow, you have a nice amount of HP and Defense not to mention HV which is good to evade some hits. The downside is that you’ll have less accuracy than other builds.

This build has higher accuracy and attack but less HP and Defence.

This build’s only brightside is that you’ll have more Mp to use on your skills.

Higher accuracy and attack but since you have really low HP and DP this build is quite fragile.

Extreme build that concentrates on attack and leaves nothing for defence this build and 3142 are leaned towards a melee Fox.

My recommendations are the first 2 builds. Anything lower than 3 in Charm is risky cause you’ll have less defence and hp meaning you’ll die faster. But if you’re funded give em a try.

Ok but what about Bonus Points?
Well here are some of my recommendations:

All DA: This will make your skill damage stronger and your item finding ability will be increased too. You will have a normal crit chance but your critical damage will be good. Every 8 points invested in DA raises it's base point by 1.

All LK: More LK means you’ll have a higher critical chance and you will be good at blocking hits and dodging magic. Your damage with Stone Strike will be lower than full DA. Every 12 points invested in LK raises it's base point by 1.

Hybrid: Well you can split 50/50 your bonus points into DA and LK in the ratio you find more suited to your playing style. Maybe add all DA the first 50 levels and then LK the other 50 and so on, or maybe put 2 points in DA and 2 points in LK. I suggest that you go for the DA the first 50 levels of your Fox life. Because you don't really have any skill that is dependant on luck. Later you get Landmine which is both DA and LK dependant (Formula is: (DA+LK) x Magnification Ratio x 8). After that you may chose to add some LK to pump up Landmine damage. There's also Explosives Expert.

I personally went hybrid.

6. Skills

You have 2 kinds of levels in Trickster, one is your character level and the other one is your TM level, think of this as your skill level, everytime you level up you get one TM point to use on your skills. TM levels a lot slower than normal level so don't be shocked if you have a huge gap in between them, it will catch up eventualy.

1st Job

Invincible Drill (TM level 1. TM to learn 1)
Drilling is not canceled when attacked.

Stone Strike (TM level 1. TM to learn 1. TM to master 2)
Strong Melee Attack with low accuracy.

Sixth Sense (TM level 1. TM to learn 2. TM to master 2)
Increases DA for period of time.

Gun Carrier (TM level 1. TM to learn 5)
Allows you to carry and shoot with a gun.

Heavy Carrier (TM level 10. TM to learn 1. TM to master 2)
Increase the weight of items you can carry.

Shuriken Master (TM level 15. TM to learn 2. TM to master 2)
Ranged attack with high accuracy but sacrifice some damage.

Sticky Foot (TM level 20. TM to learn 1. TM to master 2)
Ranged. Reduces enemies evasion. Max is 0.

Invincible Reload (TM level 20. TM to learn 5)
Reloading is not interrupted by monster's interruption.

Gun Booster (TM level 30. TM to learn 3. TM to master 3)
Increases AC.

Basic Detection (TM level 35. TM to learn 2. TM to master 2)
Detects where items are underground.

Armor Destructor (TM level 40. TM to learn 2. TM to master 2)
Melee. Decreases monster's defense based on percentage.

Quick Reload
(TM level 40. TM to learn 5)
Allows you to reload when moving.

Lucky Seven (TM level 50. TM to learn 4. TM to master 3)
Increases Luck based on percent.

Compound Mastery (TM level 70. TM to learn 2. TM to master 2)
Increases Compound accuracy.

2nd Job

Precise Pitch (TM level 41. TM to learn 2. TM to master 2)
Strengthens the attack power of Shuriken Master.

Item Detector (TM level 55. TM to learn 4. TM to master 3)
Detects items underground in a 3x3 area deeper than Basic Detection.

Aura of Luck (TM level 70. TM to learn 3. TM to master 3)
Increases Luck of all nearby party members.

Landmine (TM level 90. TM to learn 3. TM to master 3)
Installs a land mine into the ground. The mine seeks and explodes on a target within perception range.

Sticky Icky (TM level 105. TM to learn 4. TM to master 3)
Lowers the defense power, evasion and luck of all nearby enemies.

Pouch of Pain (TM level 115. TM to learn 4. TM to master 3)
Throws a bag of items. The damage is dependent on the weight the character is carrying.(has a AoE effect)
Lightning Rod
Decreases electric attacks user/party

Gas Mask

Defense against skunk pouch user/party

Ok so what skills should i put my points into?

Well here are some of my recommendations.
Please note that some skills have skill requirements.

I will only discuss 1st and 2nd Job skills, i will add 3rd job and the rest of the 2nd job skills later on.

Stone Strike: is a must for every pure Fox, sure it has low accuracy but it packs quite a punch, this will be your main skill which will help you OHKO many monsters. How many points should you add to it? I suggest 10 or to Master it.

Shuriken Mastery: Another good skill. It has great attack power and it's range, to use it you'll have to equip Throwing Weapons such as needles.
More info on throwing weapons can be found >>Here<<
Again i recommend you put 10 points in it or master it.

Sixth Sense: This skill will increase your DA thus pumping your skill power the only downside is that it has a high cost, MP wise, be careful when you put points into it making sure you don't exceed your current MP points, so level
it acordingly. Level 10 or master.

Lucky Seven: Raising your luck will help you get more crits for your skills so i suggest leveling this to 10 or to master it.

Aura of Luck: Well what can i say more and more luck is good for you and your party members. Level 10 or master.

Gun Booster: This will raise your accuracy so if you feel like you're missing way too much get this. But this skill comes at a great price since you have to invest around 25 points into it.

The other skills are yours to choose if you like to drill in dangerous places you might consider Invincible Drill, if you like to carry more items get Heavy Carrier but i suggest you save some points for other usefull skills.

Build Template
This is a small template of what you should invest your TM points in. Adjust it to your playing style by adding or removing skills to your liking. Note that i didn't include mastered skills since it's up to you if you decide to master them. I mastered all my basic skills between TM levels 55 to 70 since i had spare points.

My Build:
TM 1: Invicible Drill. 1 Point.
TM 2-13: Stone Strike. 10 Points.
TM 14: Sixth Sense. 1 Point (Level this skill according to your MP, by level 26 a 1144 Fox should be able to use this skill at level 10, ignoring MP+ gears.)
TM 16: Shuriken Master. 1 Point.
TM 17-37: Alternate between Shuriken and Sixth. When you MP is high enough to sustain the next level of Sixth Sense level it up. If not level Shuriken Master until they're both level 10.
TM 37 - 40: Save points.
TM 40: Armor Destructor. 1 Point.
TM 41-55: Lucky Seven. 10 Points.
TM 56-70: Aura of Luck. 10 Points.

7. Drilling and You

Ok now we shall explore a little more of the wonderful world of drilling.
If you don't know how to drill or have doubts check this link for more info

Remember that i told you that Foxes are good drillers, here's why: with good amounts of DA you can "sense" when an item is underground, so if an item is beneath you'll see bulb if there isn't anything a cloud will appear above your head. This save both time and drill life.
But just because you know if there's an item underground or not it doesn't mean that you'll find items like crazy, you must know how and where to drill.
So here are a few tips:

a)Drill near the edges of the map, items tend to respawn at the edges rather than in the open ground.

b)Drill near obstacles.

c)Drill near corners.

d)Look for remote places, places where most people don't go chances are there are items waiting to be drilled.

f)The smaller the map the higher the chance to find an item, i.f. Phantom School 1-1.

f) Use your drills wisely, some drills work better in certian types of soils.

But why do i have to drill?
Well for one most quest items are underground, a lot of equips are underground too, drilling is also a source of income: it's cheap and the rewards are great. Just imagine you drill for a quest item that's worth 10k galders on the market, ok now imagine that you drill 10 of those items for a drill that's what, 1k? Now you sell your items and look, 100k O_o!, i know thats how i made money from the start, i was walking at megalopolis with 400k+ and feeling dam happy may i add :3.
See, drilling may not be the most fun activity of Trickster but it sure helps you make some galder.

8. Leveling Guide

Okay so i will discuss 2 ways to level one is the Grinder's path and the other is the Quest path. Choose the one you like. Sometimes the roads between leveling will split apart some times they may join since quests have a level requirement. Please note that this is made assuming you have 0 galders and no access to MyShop. Check this >>> for tips.

Levels 1 - 15

Ok as soon as you start you'll see yourself in a boat, talk to the captain and say you are willing to participate in the event. You'll be teleported to a place with 5 NPCs talk to them to get your first equips and a pet and to get used to the interface of the game. Also you get your first skill called Stone Shower you can learn it without TM points at any level. It's not that great but it helps you a little.

Next you'll be in Blooming Cora teh begginer's Town =D. OK now we split the road.

Quest Path
Ok so talk to Esther to begin your first Episode 0 Quest. This quests are good for exp and grant you items so if you're new i suggest you complete them.
Just do what the NPCs ask you to do and you'll soon be level 12 or 13. Also check the notifications and open the MyShop window to collect your gifts. After finishing the quests try to complete Yuri's quests at Coral Field 4 and do the Lifeguard quests so you can earn some moneyz =D. Try to get to level 15.

Grinder's Path
I recommend that you do Episode Quests to move quickly from Blooming Cora. If you don't wanna do the quests then kill some of the torobies and move on to Bad Furys and Torochies. When you get to level 6 or 7 move on to Little Coras and Blue Pengs. When you reach level 10 go to the next map and kill Buttshells, Cliones and Thiefmons. Check your MyShop inventory to collect the gift boxes.

>>>Get Stone Strike as soon as you can, master it acording to your MP points so you don't get drained much.
By level 8 some of you, depending on your build, will start to notice your normal attacks don't do much damage, don't despair, that's when SS (Stone Strike) comes in. At this time you will hit all the monsters with SS and not with melee. Try not to use too many potions, unless you're funded, instead rest for a while, get up and start killing again.
Driller Marky can be found in Coral Beach, he will give you a drill so you can start getting the hang of drilling.

Equips/Items to look out for:

Blue Peng: Dropped by Blue Penguin. A pet not that useful to you to be honest but you can sell it to other players for some galders. The drop is kinda rare so don't worry if you don't find one.

Clione Cards: Dropped by Clione. This card is a mastery item for your skills and it's also used by other players. You can keep them or sell the to other players for 100-300k.

Rusty Chains:
Drillable in every map of Coral Beach. Mature compound material to raise AC on equips level 30+. You can sell them or keep them if you need to compound some AC into your items. You will need 13 Chains per slot.

Plastic Bags: Drillable in every map of Coral Beach. Mature compound material used to raise the Weight of equipment 1+. It's not the most wanted item on the market but you can use it to add more weight to any equip that is WT compoundable. You'll need 8 per slot.

Levels 15 - 20

Quest Path

Now you can continue doing episode quests. Go to Gate of Desert Beach and meet the Driller Marky and Giovanni they both ask for items that are drilled from the ground, Marky will give you a Basic Drill, all the items are found at the Gate.
After finishing the quests don't forget to equip your new pet, go to the teleporter or walk two maps up and voila....Welcome to Paradise, the Desert Beach town, make yourself comfortable as you'll be spending some time here. First things first, go to Officer Robert and continue doing the episode quests.
This quests introduce you to some of the games features like compounding, mature compounding and refining. Keep doing the quests and if you're not 20 by the time you finish em go outside of town and kill some Moles or Fanta Fish, or try doing some of the Hunter Yuri's quest that involves killing moles.

Grinder's Path
Once you're 15 go to Gate of Desert Beach and move to Paradise which is 2 maps up from the Gate, you could stay at the Cave too and kill Addax and Moles but be careful of Addax cause it has a double attack and it crits a lot. Well once you're in town go to the west exit and kill some Hula Octopus, if they're too hard try killing some scorpions or some Fanta Fishes.

>>>Ok right about you'll love the benefits of drilling, some may find it boring, some might find it fun, but no one can deny that is profitable. Now with your basic drill start drilling the maps of desert beach for quest items such as letters, sundries, sun creams, limestones, jenny's photo. You can now do 2 things, save em for upcoming quests or sell em at private shops.
This is the part where you start getting rich if you just have a little patience. Check other stores and prices and try not to overprice your items or no one's gonna buy em.
Remember to put some points in SS, right about now you may get Shuriken Master(SM), but since needles are not exactly cheap you may wait till you get some more galder.
Don't worry too much about equips right now just try to get the best equips you can afford. When you go looking for a new weapon the thing you should look for is DA, the more the better, there's no point in buying a new weapon if it's not going to help you boost your DA. I don't suggest using MyShop until levels 50+.
Also remember to check your MyShop storage for new items.

Equips/Items to look out for:

Tanning Oils:
Drillable in every Desert Beach map. This is a quest item but also a HV mature compounding material. Racoons and Cats may be looking for some. You'll need 14 per slot.

Levels 20 - 30

Quest Path

Now that you're 20 go visit Andrew he will let you continue the Episode Quests, he asks you to help some NPCs in town. You can also complete other NPCs quests which give good amounts of exp. The one's to look out for are

Homeless Ian - The Last Romantist
Bunny Maid - Bunny Maid's Request
Al-Hauri - Help Al!

Why? Cause they're easy and each one gives you the item for the other one. Ian gives Buckets which you turn to Bunny for Filled Buckets that you can use to complete Al's quest.

The Eliza's Curiosity quest is a little hard cause you have to get all 5 letters, but it's good exp. Plus both Eliza's and Al's quests give equips.

Every quest can be made 5 times, once you've finished a quest 5 times you will get a Sticker, use this to talk to Sandman. You'll notice a key above his head, this means that this NPC gives a Key Quest. You will need 5 stickers to be able to start it.
After you complete it you will get an exchange ticket, go to the mall and look for Mint, use the ticket to get an Edge Knife. Funded players may choose to get an Ult. Knife.
Don't forget you can also go to the Monster Hunter Guild to do some quests, Yuri's quests give exp, Robin's quests give TM exp try to complete as many as you can. Tera gives a party quests which you can do with your party members, it involves killing a enemy X number of times.

If you think that you've had enough of Desert Beach you can go kill some Sand Demons or move on to path to desert beach and kill Pochis and Squirrels. Try to get to level 30 in a party or solo.

Grinder's Path
Once you get to level 20 you can go kill some Pineapples or stick to Octopus, then you can move on to Fan Lizards till 23. After that go and kill some Sand Demons. Skip Cannon Shell's, they have a double attack and a high critical chance. By 26-28 You should move on to Path to Desert Beach. There you'll find Pochis and Squirrels. Grind on em till lvl 30.

>>>If you like you could stay at Desert Beach and sell letters and quest stuff, it's up to you.
I recommend you go hunt Fanta Slimes to get some Noctilucent Stars, you can use these to compound some DA into your equips or if you have some DA 20 Stones compound them into your Megalo Pouch. For more info on compounding check the Mature Compounding Section.

This is a time where you should consider putting some points into Sixth Sense, the extra DA will help your leveling a lot.
Try to have SS to level 10 by now and if you like SM but i suggest investing more points in Sixth right now.
Try to have the best equips you can afford and don't forget to equip the Fox pet you got from the quests, assuming you completed em, otherwise buy it in the mall.
Also right about you should get interested in parties. You can invite people or they can invite you, notice that when you're in a party theres a +x.x above the first character.
These are exp multipliers, if you have a +1.3 this means you'll level 1.3 times faster than if you were soloing. Before level 31 the only type of party you can access is a begginer's party, the maximum multiplier you can achieve is 1.6.

Once you hit 31 you can join or make Royal/Special parties.
A Royal party is when you have at least one of each type of character in your party, regardless of the sex. So to make one you require a Buffalo/Bunny, a Dragon/Sheep, a Fox/Lion and a Racoon/Cat, the other slot can be filled with any kind and you will get an amazing 2.5 multiplier, this is what you always look for in a party.

The other type is a Special Party which is made if all of the members are from the same sex, all males or all females it doesn't mather the type they are. Sometimes these parties are easier to make than a royal , cause instead of finding a certain type of character you look for a character of your same sex, this type also gives 2.5 multiplier.

Pretty cool stuff huh.
But people sometimes don't like to party.
The greatest tool for finding a party is the party board. Press P and check the bulletin board, here people recruit members or people find parties. Sadly people don't use it enough or sometimes it's all filled with trade posts. But use this as much as you can cause some people search for members here so if you're gonna kill some monsters to level the best way to do it is in a party.

Also be careful with Share parties, some people use these too leech off other players, but if every one is killing at a good pace let it be, my preference is No Share, that way people don't get the wrong idea if you're resting and you can fight at your own pace.

Equips/Items to look out for:

Baby Fox: Bought on Paradise Item Shop also obtainable as a quest reward from Kristoffer J. Good pet for the lower levels. Adds some DA, LK and weight. This little fella will keep you company for a while.

Noctilucent Stars: Dropped by Fanta Slimes. DA compound material for equipment level 1+. You'll need 9 per slot.

Ult. Dagger:One of the best weapons for you right now it will last you quite a bit, they're usually found around the 50k price range(max), i don't think they're worth much more than that, so don't buy one if it's overpriced.

Ult. Beannie:Try to get one, again checking player shops and find a suitable price for you, from this point on you'll want a M. Hat since you can compound LK and DA to them.

Levels 30 - 35

Your priority in these levels is to get to 31 so you can form royal/special parties. Go to Southeast Forest and look for Vagabond Elroy to do a quest involving Multi-Vitamins, which are not that hard to get, this is good exp, plus you get 500g coups.

Left from SE forest is.....Megalopolis, the main town of all Trickster. Walk around to check it out and look at the player shops for prices that will make you go @.@, Not to worry as you'll be able to buy stuff easily later on.
Restock on some potions and if you can get better equips..

Stay in SE for a while till you hit 35.

>>> Antoher thing is slots.

Levels 35 - 45

Quest Path
After you've hit 35 you'll move on to another good place for quests. Phantom School.
The way to get there is to go left from Megalopolis and you'll be in Southwest forest, go left from there to Path to Oops Wharf and then to the Gate. I suggest you register this teleport so next time you don't have to walk there. Use the teleporter to get to the town. Don't try to walk the maps, you'll most likely get raped by the monsters since there high leveled. Once in town move to the exit in the north and you'll be in Path to Phantom School. Move to the exit in the north and be careful of Gallies.

Once you've arrived to the Gate talk to Robin to get one juicy TM quest. You need to kill 20 Ghost Books in 20 minutes, not that hard except that Ghost Books are hard hitters at this point so make sure you bring needles, because it's not likely that you'll OHKO them so use the SS+SM combo to finish em quickly.

Another good quests are

Shaman Jia - Trying to Save Phantom School
Toilette Mara - Searching for Tissues

Jia's quest gives you random item out these 4:
Body Charm, Mind Charm, Mind Body Charm or Shaman Jia Card. The best out of the 4 is the Mind Body Charm. But since they're are given to you randomly you'll just have to test your luck. Dead Tree Pens are dropped by Marie Toy and Dead Tree Quill Pens are dropped by Maro Toy. Maros are harder but you can kill em. But if you feel they're too much for you, skip this quest until you think you're ready.

Now Mara's quest is a must, because through cycles 3-5 you may get a Duo Doctor, one of the best innerwears, although it's for level 42. Red Tissues and Blue Books can be obtained by digging at Phantom School.
I recommend you go to Phantom School 1-1 since the only agresive monster there is Maro Toy.
Check >Here< for some recommended drilling spots.

After that you're done for now with Phantom time to head back to Megalopolis. Just talk to Kochi in Oops and she'll take you there.
Now you may choose to head to Poppuri Dungeon, the quests and the monsters here are hard may i say and i personally didn't completed them all, but you can give em a try.

For leveling you can go to SW Forest and fight Mantis and Ticklers, a party is adviced here for faster leveling. Do Robin's quests too for TM exp. You can also try to go to Path to Caballa but most people don't party there, what a shame as the monsters there are better exp than SW. Don't forget to pay a visit to Card Girl in SE forest, she is one of the best sources for TM exp besides Robin, she usually asks for a card to solve a riddle.

Grinder's Path
Move to SW Forest to kick some insect butt, SW will be your friend for quite a while. Fight Mantis and Tickler, if you feel that spot is getting old try to go to Path to Caballa maybe some people will be partying. Fight Leaf Birds and Mandragoras over there.

>>>When you hit 40 you'll notice you get a Lvl 40 Gift Box in your MyShop inventory, WAIT!, don't open it. Inside the box is a Stallion Sprint, a little trinket that will make you run much faster, the question you should ask yourself is should i open it?.
Why do i say this? because Lvl 40 GBs are worth between 1.5M-3M (prices may vary), a lot of dough if ya ask me, anyway is your choice, i personally went the merchant way and sold the dam thing cuz me lovez moneyz .

Atention all drillers!: SW and SE provide you with a handy item called Gingseng, doesn't seem much but it can be sold to players for some good galder since you need it to make an item for an Episode 1 quest. That being said you can keep for yourself and try to make Gingseng Tea at Caballa which is worth way more than the root itself.

There's also honey and royal jelly provided by Forest Wasps. Again you can try to make Honey Tea which is also needed for Epi 1.

By now you should have enough galder to buy yourself some Ultra Equips, be careful as some people tend to overprice these. Try going to Desert Beach or to Megalopolis to find one that fits your level. Try not to shop like crazy if you have 1M+ galders cause the job change is not that far and'll soon find out why.

Levels 45 - 50

Not much going for quests right now, head over to Gate of Caballa to register the teleport and to get an easy quest. Talk to Wise Hen to get a quest that involves killing Leaf Birds for some hulled millets. The Hen gives you a sticker if you complete the quest 5 times. Hopefully you leveled up. Stick to SW Forest or Path to Caballa. You can try to go to Azteca and see how tough the monsters are there, depending on your equips you can stay here till level 50.
If not stick to good old SW till 50. As always a royal/special party is recommended.

>>>Try to have your TM to 40 by the time you reach lvl 50. 50/40 is the level you have to be to change your job. Just do Robin's and Card Girl's quests to raise your TM exp.

Levels 50 - 60

Job Change
If your level meets the requirements (Level 50 TM 40) you may now change your job!. Go to Explorer Reina in the Skill Garden in Megalopolis or in Azteca. Remember how i told you to save some money, this is why. She asks for 2 things to complete the job change. The first one is a 1 Million Galder Check!. You can get one at the Megalopolis bank for a little over than 1 million. Ouch. But money can be recovered so it's no biggie. And what's the second thing? a Smart Fox Badge dropped by our friendly neighborhood Kaboom.
He's found in the Caballa dungeon, more especifically in Caballa Relics 4. You might have some trouble beating him by yourself so get help from a friend or a nice player. If you have good equips you can try to do it by yourself.

Another option is to wait. Yes, wait. You can hold the job change till you're 60, this is also good because your job change ring, oh yes you get a job change ring did i forgot to mention? heh silly me, has a level requirement of level 60. By then you should be strong enough to kick his kaboomy butt.

When you get the items, go talk to Reina and *poof* Congratulations on becoming an Explorer!. Notice that you got TM levels, sweet. Ok depending on your level you can equip your job change ring. You can compound it with LK or WT up to you.

Quest Path
Now that you're 50 you can go on and do some of the quests of Caballa Relics. First head to Azteca via the teleporter or walk there. These are the quests available to you:

Guide Sabrina - Contributing to the Fund
Guide Sabrina - Catch That Thief
Fairy Feria - False Charge
Officer Tera - Aposis Data Collection
These quests have a level requirement of 50+, so they're great for you to get some levels real quick.

Once you get to 55 another new set opens up for you:

Genius Cochma - Launch! Caballa V
Dr.Cat - Caballa V-Steel Punch
Dr.Cat - Caballa V-Steel Heart
Dr.Cat - Caballa V-Steel Body
Dr.Cat - Caballa V-Laser Eyes
Vagabond Eloy - Need Coffee!
Indiana John - Request

These will get you through these levels amazingly fast, i didn't even notice when i hit 60. There are other quests to do but they are either long or not as useful as these.
You can also start Episode 1. Go talk to Monkey_T in Azteca near the item shop to start it.
He'll ask for 100 coups, if you don't have any right now go drill at the fields Oops Wharf. Then he'll send you to meet the Old Artist in Relics Field 1, near the Gate, go in the daytime because you can't continue the quest in the night. Continue doing the quest until you finish Chapter 1.

Grinder's Path
Now that you're 50 you can go to either Path to Oops or go to Relics Field 4 just outside of Azteca.

If you choose to go to Path to Oops you'll find Ironclad Turtles and Seatigers. The tigers are easier than the turtles, since they're physical weak. If you can't OHKO them use the SM+SS combo to beat them. The turtles don't have much hp but they hit hard and crit often so careful with your hp.

If you decided to go to Relics Field 4 you will fight Mimics and Aposis. Mimics drop Gold which is a quest item for some of Azteca's quests and for the Episode 1 quest. They have a skill that pushes you back and causes damage. Be very careful as this skill can OHKO you, it's fast and somewhat anoying but if you kill it fast enough there's nothing to worry about =3. Aposis are weak to physical damage but they have Magic Arrow which can hurt you a bit, and they can spam it too.

>>>Since the introduction of Oops Wharf as a town and the quests there, Path to Oops may be the best choice for you if you're looking for a party.

Stick in Azteca for a while and hunt for some quest items, Azteca is a busy town so players roam the city, thus buyers are out there *drools*.

Levels 60 - 70

Quest Path
Once you hit 60 you can go to Gate of Oops Wharf for some quests, if you haven't started Chapter 2 of the Episode 1, now is a good time to do so. To start it go to Caballa Dungeon 1 and look for Indiana John, talk to him to start chapter 2.
He asks for 3 Weird Pieces, these can be obtain by doing 3 quests in Oops. The quests are:

Skipper Min - Min's Tale: You need to drill for 5 Thick Ropes and hunt Black Foes for 5 Piece of Lumber.

Shaman Girl Jia - Jia's New Vibe: Hunt Crows and get 2 Bell Clusters.

Vagabond Eloy - Eloy's Tale: Hunt Quiems for 3 Baby Powders.

After that you'll need 2 Lamplights from Naranjos and a Doc from the Weird Box, which you can get by talking to the Weird Box nest to him and giving him the right password "Vendetta". You're done with chapter 2.

Now i suggest you go and complete as much Oops quests as you can.
Some of the easiest are:

Rosemary - Make a Luxury Coat
Sophia - Let's be Healthy!
Grandpa Tango - Destination: Sea Palace!

All found on the Gate the Gate of Oops. They can be completed 5 times and give good exp as well.
The Fortune teller gives you a quest in which you need to get 10 blue bottles from Requi, also a 5 time run.
Then she asks for Red bottles from Quiem, again can be completed 5 times.
And the last time she will ask for Crow's Claw, dropped by Crow.
Be carefull when figthing Requis cause they have a self-destruct move that can kill you instantly. The Quiems like to teletransport you when they're weak so be carefull. And the Crows have a skill that raises their attack power, they start to glow red so be carefull too.

After you're done with that batch of quests, when you hit 65 you can go to the town of Oops Wharf to get another new set of quests.

Officer Tera also gives a quest similar to the Fortune Teller's, but now you kill pirates. 2 quests 5 times each.

The quests that require a little drilling are:

Merchant Miguel - Rare Ivory: 4 Sea Ivory, 5 times.
Explorer Reina - God of Sea: 1 Sculpture of Poseidon, 5 times.

If you have 7 Oops Sticker you can start the Key Quest. Go talk to Capt. Stan and then talk to Skipper Min and give him the Stickers.
Then talk to Captain Stan and he'll ask you to get Voyage log p9,31 and 25. P9 is dropped by Master Foe, p25 is dropped by Quiem and p31 by Requi.

After that talk to Skipper Min and get 5 Nausea Drinks and 5 Nausea Patches. Nausea stuff can be drilled in any of the Oops Wharf fields. Once you complete the quest he'll give you a Weapon Ticket C. You can exchange the ticket for an Edge Rapier but if you have a better dagger stick with it.

Grinder's Path
There's only one place you should have in your mind right now, Path to Black Swamp, where the grass is green and girls are pretty......Just kiding. No but seriosly Path to Swamp provides you with a very nice enemy called Electric Snail, you'll want to grind on those until the late 70's and early 80's. There's also the Super Golden Mole, now these enemies have been seriosly gimped, they were fast and anoying and now they've become thankfull cause they could mob on you really fast but now it's a more safer place to hunt. Stick here till 70.

>>>Now you're a decent level to go boss hunting, and that is: Tutankhamen. It's not that tough but people camps at his place like it's the last day he's ever gonna be there. So it's pretty safe to say you'll have competition. There's a guide dedicated to becoming a Pharao so check it out if you're interested.
Also find a nice guild, if you haven't, some nice people to talk to or party could really make the difference between boredom and fun (Yay SOS).

Levels 70 - 80

Quest Path
Well if you're not over with the quests at Oops finish em. Now it's a good time to stop by Phantom School and take one of Robin's quest, he now asks to kil 20 Tritchs in 20 mins, piece of cake. Do it all 5 times. You can also go to Gate of Black Swamp and complete the Card Girl's quest, she asks for a Super Golden Mole Card, if you don't have one hunt some moles or check the ground, people rarely pick them up. You could also check out Azteca and Caballa Dungeon for Hunter Yuri's quest, not that great exp but easy.

You can also try your luck at Rose Garden, the quests there are good.
Right now you can do these:

Wolf Boy Hoping to Become a Man
Queen Cecilia - Secret Garden Queen's Quest
Rose Garden - Assistant Hunter (15 Dancer Isabelle in 20 mins)

The other one's have a requirement of 80+ so save em for later.
After those quests are completed you'll wanna train on Electric Snails and S. Golden Moles until you're 80. If you have trouble finding Gate to Swamp go to Azteca and then go to the top and then left then keep going to the other side of the map and voila you're there.

More to come!
Originally Posted by LeonSv
9. Mature Compounding
AKA Growth.

Growth refers to adding additional stats to equips.
Maturing Compounds can be added to weapons with a compound number. You can add maturing compounds by visiting Nate the compounder in Paradise, and Carbigal. Nate does charge a fee, so make sure you check the price at the bottom left corner.

Notice that when you're compounding an item, there's a range of the status that are about to be added, so if you have for example 1 - 3 in range you can get a value between 1 and 3.
LK is supposed to push the value to the max value in the range.

Also sometimes stones have a greater min/max value than normal comping items, but they are harder to come by.

Here is a list of Compound materials you should look out for:

DA Compounds

DA Stone (0 - 1) Levels 0 and up
Dropped by all the monsters in Coral Beach.

DA Stone 20 (1 - 3) Levels 20 and up
Dropped by all the monsters in Desert Beach.

DA Stone 35 (1 - 4) Levels 35 and up
Dropped by all the monsters in Megalopolis.

DA Stone 50 (2 - 6) Levels 50 and up
Dropped by all the monsters in Caballa Relics.

DA Stone 65 (3 - 7) Levels 65 and up
Dropped by all the monsters in Opps Wharf.

Noctilucent Star (1 - 2) Levels 0 and up

Dropped by Fanta Slime.

Batglasses (1 - 4) Levels 30 and up
Obtainable by Lions who complete Dorothy - Dream Guardian quest in Episode 0.

Golden Bracelet (2 - 6) Levels 50 and up
Dropped by Mimics in Caballa Relics.

Old Hand Knife (3 - 7) Levels 70 and up
Dropped by Maiden Ghost in Phantom School.

10. Combat Tactics

Here's some quick pointers for you to fight efficiently:

a) Hit and Run: This tactic consist of hiting an enemy with Stone Strike/Shuriken Master and then running away from them till the skill cooldown passes. You'll be using this a lot when you first begin using skills as Stone Strike has a medium cooldown.

b) Combo: Consists of using Stone Strike+Shuriken Master to kill an enemy efficiently. If a monster doesn't die from a single Stone Strike finish him up with SM to avoid waiting for Stone Strike to cooldown.

c) Always try to train on physical weak monsters since you will be able to kill em faster and with less amount of potions.

d) When buying potions carry only the necesary amount to train, and always buy the potion closest to your max mp/hp. There's no point in carrying 200 Pink Potions A, when 100 Potion Bs will do the work.

e) How you gain exp: If you notice every time you attack your little yellow bar in the upper side of your screen fills up. There's actually a formula in which you gain experience.
The formula is:

Melee/Skill Formula: D * 1.2

Where D is the damage inflicted to the enemy. This formula only applies if the monster is over your level.
The best way for you to train is to fight enemies that you can kill without surpassing their HP. How does that work? Let's take a monster with 2000 HP for example. Let's say your SS does about 5000 Damage to the monster. You will be getting about 2400 exp instead of the 6000, you've gotten if you had fought an enemy with over 5000 HP, since you can't overkill and enemy. So always try to fight monsters which you can hit your maximum damage without passing their HP.

Sometimes you can't kill a monster for it's exact HP. Let's say you're using SM and SS to level. The monster has 7k hp. Your SS does 5k damage to it while your SM does 4k. Even if you use 2 SS to kill it or 2 SM to kill it you'll still be losing out. The solution? Use the skill with higher damage then use the less damaging skill to finish him. You'll miss out on some exp but it will be less than if you would've used your weakest skill first.
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Hehe thanks for reposting it back on this site, I was so sad when it couldn't read it on mytrickster xD
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Thanks for posting this guide. Granted, I'm outside of the level range but I look forward to when you update it further. ^_^
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Thanks for reposting it, but I was about to ask a question before died. T.T.
Do u think a lion could follow something this guide
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Originally Posted by super5cell
Thanks for reposting it, but I was about to ask a question before died. T.T.
Do u think a lion could follow something this guide
Yes, you could follow some portions of this guide, like the stat build and training spots, but I'm not so sure on the skill build :P
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Whyyy does all the guides end after lvl 80? =/
Am i supposed to grind all the way to 130 till i can go 3rd?

But this is a nice guide never the less
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Is that all the skills we should get for Foxes? owo

Other than that, it's a really well done guide. c:
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Originally Posted by Raion
Whyyy does all the guides end after lvl 80? =/
Am i supposed to grind all the way to 130 till i can go 3rd?

But this is a nice guide never the less
the important skill is tackled on lvl 1-80 what you do beyond that is up to you beyond lvl 80 is something "unsavable" and you might start from scratch if you realize you made a mistake in those lower lvl. you could, of course, shop your way through the mistake and set things straight with your character


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