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06-17-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default Reviving an old Thread from Mytrickster PURE LK FOX

Alright well ive noticed that no one has made or copied a new Pure Lk Fox guide so i did some snooping

Originally Posted by chaoskidd
First of all, this is my first guide on eTO, and I have not make any guide before due to the game I don't like really much as TO.
Pure Luck Fox, My second char I made, and it is based on my experience and opinion. BUT: LUCK FOX IS EXTREMELY HARD TO TRAIN
For luck fox, you will may have these builds.
1144: the most fabulous build for luck for immortal. damage will not bad because damage is based on DA, not ap
1243: this build may good when you are low lv due to no mp. however, when you are high, you dont need that much MP. I recommend not use this build.
4141: DX fox most of the time because this is a new build. However, "face to face" fighting require high hp, dp, and hv. So, this build is just for some high lv people who want fun of making a new char.

Stone Strike Mastered
Shuriken maste Lv10
6th Sense Mastered
Armor Destructor Lv 1 (Pre-Requisites)
Lucky Sever Mastered
Aura of Luck Mastered
Landmine Lv10 (Optional to Master)

If not Mastered Landmine #1
Heavy Carrier Lv10 (Optional to Master)
Pouch of Pain Lv10 (Optional to Master)

If not Mastered Landmine #2
Sticky Foot Lv10
Armor Destructor Lv10
Sticky Icky Mastered (Thanks PaulThao)

LV place:
1-30 do the episode quest and train at dessert beach.
30-50 do some nora quest, and monster quest of Megabolis, or train at path to opp wharf
change job or you can wait till 60
60-70 train at path to swamp. after 71, do the monster quest of kiling electronic snail.
80-100 do the haro quest, tango, and some monster quest at swamp town, or train at swamp6.
100-120, you can either train at swamp6 or after 110, train at snow field 3 till lv 120. LV 120+ be lv 135 if you do all the quest. one of the most important one is mr.freak quest.
130+ train at snow field 3.
after 130+, you are high enough to have some good skill and kill monster easily.

for equips, I recommend you use DA equips.

Give me some opinion, I know it is not good.
and I dont know where to post it. so just post it here. :P
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06-17-2009   #2 (permalink)
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The reason this guide was not copied over was because it's way too outdated. Half the information is wrong and was never corrected.

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