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07-22-2008   #1 (permalink)
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IGN: Lionary
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Default Lionary's Cyber Hunter's Guide

-. Lionary’s Cyber Hunter’s Guide.-
For pvp and pvm-Builds.
-Skill Build.
-Leveling Spots.
-. Builds.-
1414: If u want hax damage go this path but u’ll be dying very easly and for ppl half of your lvl.

3142: Like 1414 but sacrify a bit of AC for more durability.

2143: A good build. You don’t die that easly and don’t have good damage.

1144: A good build too you have too compound AC for good damage but at end game you be pwning everything and will mostly never die.

I would recommend you going 2143 or 1144 because hp is one of the most important stats in trickster.

-. Skill build.-
TM level 5: Stone Strike---lvl 5---5 Tm used.
TM level 10: Gun Carrier---passive---5 TM used.
TM level 20: Invincible Reload---passive---5 TM used.
TM level 30: Gun Booster---Master---15 TM used.
TM level 40: Quick Reload---Passive---5 TM used.
TM level 55: Power Shoot---Master---15 TM used.
TM level 55: Stone Strike---level 10---5 TM used.
TM level 57: Armor Destructor---level 1---2 TM used.
TM level 73: Lucky Seven---Master---16 TM used.
TM level 88: Shooting Spree---Master---15 TM used.
TM level 115: Double Shoot---Master---16 TM used.
TM level 125: Aura of Luck---Master---15 TM used.
TM level 131: Sticky Foot---Master---12 TM used.
TM level 140: Armor Destructor---level 10---9 TM used.
TM level 156: Sticky Icky---Master---16 TM used.
TM level 173: Shiled Breaker---Master---17 TM used.
TM level 188: Leg Training---Master---15 TM used.
TM level 203: Gas Mask---Master---15 TM used.
TM level 218: Land Mine---Master---15 TM used.

-.Leveling Spots.-
Tips: ˇˇˇALWAYS DO QUEST!!! They help TM and EXP level growing faster
And always try to get 2,5 parties.

Level 1-15: Coral Beach and coral beach quests.
Level 15-25: Desert Beach Monsters and quests.
Level 25-30: Path to desert Beach.
Level 30-40: Popuri dungeon quest and monsters.
Level 40-50: Path to oops wharf, path to caballa relics or south west forest.
Level 50-60: Path to oops wharf.
Level 60-70: Electric snail quest, gate of oops wharfs quests.
Level 70-80: Path to Black swamp.
Level 80-100: Black Swamp Fields.
Level 100-130: Techichi filed 1.
Level 130-170: Snow filed 3.
Level 170-200: Techichi field 4.
Level 200-250: Tap field 1, Ice dungeon 3.
Level 250+: Tap fields, Ice dungeons.

-Always bring an AC gear and a LK gear.
-If you can hit the target put on the AC gear and if you can’t put the Lk one.
-Don’t ever hit players with guard on cuz if u do it u are pretty much dead.
-Always lower your target’s evasion so u can hit more and stronger.
-Don’t kill noobs >.<.
-Don’t be a bully because people will come together and kill u.
-Beware the land Mines!!!
-Run while shooting.
-Have fun =D.
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07-23-2008   #2 (permalink)
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DarkGunnerXZ can only hope to improve

XD sticky foot good b4 sheild breaker? o_O-for pvp i mean XD i have sticky foot lvl 1 O-O
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08-03-2008   #3 (permalink)
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LiquidAlucard is on a distinguished road

Build one (1414) should be 4141 glass cannon o:
Nice list of skills too, you might also want to get Sixth Sense for more Land Mine damage.
08-06-2008   #4 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Moogler
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Lemoninity is on a distinguished road
IGN: iS2kev
Class: Lion
Level: Vend Mode
Guild: The Best One

gun carrier is a level 1 tm skill but needs 5 tm points (so required level 5 i guess)

not really sure if thats gonna affect the guide since gun dmg at under level 10 is pretty nonexistant without equips (level 5 gun has like 8 10 or 14 ap depending on which you get lols...)

most lions regret getting lucky 7 before spree cuz spree makes levelling easier and luck isnt really a problem for pvm mostly. lucky 7 is only suggested early in the old guides because of the low hitrate of regular shots (PS wasnt out yet and there pretty much no good skills)

altogether an easy and straightfoward guide good for people who dont really know what is good or bad to add to

Ty Web Rider (weissritter) for providing a copy of the Chibi Clan Sig.
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09-03-2008   #5 (permalink)
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IGN: Yohimbe
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Since when can a Lion go 1414?
09-03-2008   #6 (permalink)
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Probably meant 4141? 4141 backwards is 1414 :x

09-03-2008   #7 (permalink)
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StrawberryPocky is an unknown quantity at this point
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4 in charm is better than 3 in charm?
09-04-2008   #8 (permalink)
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BAM is on a distinguished road
IGN: Yohimbe
Class: Elesis
Level: 28

If that was the case every Lion would probably be 4123 or something like that. @__@


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