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Thistle 06-27-2008 02:09 PM

Gunner Fox Guide
Table of Contents


Section I General Information

I Why not a lion?
II Tools of the Trade
III Graph Builds

Section II Skills & Eqiupment

I Recommended Skills
II Optional Skills
III Equipment Advice

Section III Other Things to Know

I Areas to Hunt
II Killing Don
III Last Words


Hi, I am Thistle. I have a gunner fox who's around 106. I admit right off the bat I have yet to make it to 3rd class. I won't have every bit of information, like how to get through the trials, and am more than open to advice from others who have gotten that far about it. However, I do feel I have enough experience to give some good information to other players curious about making a Gunner fox. I will also say that I do not reccomend this for a first character (though it's doable) and I also think you need a good bit of money for the things I'm going to suggest with equipment. If you have cash in real life: My shop is your friend.

Section I

Why not Make a Lion?

That is the first thing people ask and tend to laugh about when they talk to you. I've gotten several comments in game but I more often just receive curiousity. It really is a valid question too. You won't have that many skills to use til close to your job change other than buffs. There is the option of going along as a melee, which to me is boring, and then switching to guns at 3rd class. If that is the road you pick then you can just ignore everything until the skills section of this guide. Grab a Golden Lion set and go whack away. There you go. Lions have skills right after jobchange, we do not (other than aura of luck). So yes, the easy answer if you want to shoot things is to make a Lion. However, if you're up to waiting for your skills and want to learn how to time your crits or just like the look of a gun--use guns. I have used them all along and I kill most monsters within 2 or 3 hits. To me this is just fine.

Tools of the Trade

Guns and more guns. In fact I have an important tip that no one ever seems to mention. Get the HIGHEST AP you can find. Don't worry about AC on your gun until you are around your 90's. Until then your gun AP is going to benifit you more than the AC. Why?

Lemme let you in on something that I found out, other people may know this but I've never seen this tip given out. Refine your gun. Get it as high as possible. If you have money get a high AP ultimate for your level range. Then get it to level 6 or so refine. The AP of the gun is worked into your gun's damage. At level 30 I was 1 shotting manti & wasps in Southwest forest. I had an old my-shop gun, but it is certainly possible to do the same with some of the other good guns that have been released. I was doing around 1.6K damage.

Graph Builds

Okay here's where you get to make an important choice. What kind of build graph are you going to go for. The same rules that apply to lions apply to us.

1144 is the tank build. You will be able to take your hits and even just sit there and shoot instead of running.

2143 is a more balanced build that sacrafices a bit of HP for more attack power. If you're going to go melee you may wish to consider this build.

3142 definatly gives you a bit more power overall but you sacrafice quite a bit of HP. If you have good equipment and think you can kite your enemies, try this one out.

4141 is always called the "glass cannon" build by everyone. That is for a reason. This is the same as a 1441 sheep. You will do damage, but you will go down in 2 hits or less at later levels. I highly do -not- reccomend this unless you know what you're doing.

Bonus points


Pure LK: This I believe is more oriented to PVP. I would assume that with your blockrate you're going to enjoy taking alot less damage. I didn't choose this and I don't know much about it.. but it might work well with a 4141 build. You also have high accuracy for your shots. The accuracy of your shots is based off of luck so.. you won't miss?

Pure AC: This is the standard. This is where your damage comes from. I would advise going pure AC.

Hybrid AC & Luck: Going hybrid will cut back on damage but will allow you to get in more blocks and if you're melee you'll do more crits (obviously). You also have the bonus of possibly getting better compounds.

Section II

Recommended Skills

1st Class Skills

Stone Strike
TM Lvl 1
Attack Skill
1 TM to Learn/ 2 TM to Master

Get this to 10, it's a prereq. for Lucky 7.

Gun Carrier
TM Lvl 5
5 TM to Learn

This is a must. You need it to be able to equip a gun.

Invincible Reload
TM Lvl 20
5 TM to Learn

You -must- get this skill. It allows your reload bar to fill while you're getting hit.

Gun Booster
TM Lvl 30
3 TM to Learn/ 3 TM to Master

Get it, and master it. It adds 20 AC.

Quick Reload
TM Lvl 40
5 TM to Learn

This skill allows you to reload while moving. Very useful.

Armor Destructor
TM Lvl 40
2 TM to Learn

Get this to Level 1. It is a prereq for Lucky 7.

Lucky 7
Tm Lvl 50
4 TM to learn/ 3 TM to Master

Master this skill. It gives 45% bonus to luck when mastered and lasts 120 seconds. Since luck affects how often you hit, you want as much of it as you can get! It also helps with Mature Compounding.. a little >_>!

2nd Class skills

Aura of Luck
TM 70
3 TM to Learn/ 3 TM to Master

This skill gives you even more luck! Get it and master it!

3rd Class

Here comes the fun stuff!

Power Shot

TM 105
Attack Skill
3 TM to Learn/ 3 TM to Master.

This is one of the basic and first attack skills you will get. Get it and Master it.

Shooting Spree
TM 120
3 TM to Learn / 3 TM to Master

This is a random AOE that hits multiple targets without a pattern as far as I can tell. Still at Mastered level the damage % is 245. It's fun and it's powerful. Get it and master it.

Double Shot
TM 165
4 TM to learn/ 3 TM to Master

This skill has a lower accuracy than power shot but has a higher attack % bonus. I would say get it and Master it!

There are a few skills I haven't listed. These follow under the next section of optional skills because either I don't think they're absolutly needed (but useful) or I don't know enough about them to say you should get them. I will list them and what I know about them but not much else.

Optional Skills

Invincible Drilling

This skill is useful but it's not something you -have- to get. However, at some point everyone needs to drill. With a few equips it's alot easier for you to hit that 90 DA that allows you not to waste your drills.. and this skill is useful when you're in an area that has aggressive monsters.

Sixth Sense

Unless you're planning on going full DA and then paying out money for myshop to reset your stats.. There's absolutly no need to get this skill. But if you are, get and master this skill. It is useful when compounding items though for quests or potions.

Heavy Carrier

This skill is in fact quite useful. Especially if you want to be able to carry lots of potions and pots. Ammo is fairly heavy but you can go without it if you don't want to waste the points. I got level 5 of it.

Sticky Foot

This is a useful Debuff. It reduces the enemy's evasion. If you have enough points I would say get this.

Armor Destructor

This may also prove useful in the long run as a debuff.


Is a nice little AoE that foxes get at 2nd class. It's damage comes from DA and LK.. you should have quite a bit of the latter so this skill may come in handy.

Sticky Icky

Is probably a good idea to get if you have spare points. It has high prereqs of Sticky Foot & Armor Destructor at lvl 10. I've heard this comes in useful for the trials for 3rd job.

Pouch of Pain

If you find yourself carrying lots of items.. this might be useful? I haven't ever tried it.. but it does give you another attack skill that is based purely off of how much you're carrying.

Butt Plate

I don't really reccomend this as I don't see much use for it myself other than for kicks. It's based off of AC & DA. Power Shot will be avaliable at the same time and will do more damage so.. go for that instead is what I say.

Lucky Fist

I don't know much about this.. It's based off of your LK and the enemy's HP. I'd rather save points.

Keen Sense

This adds critical damage to normal gun shots & timed crits for a period of time. You may want to get this. I don't know much about it. Since it's normal shots, it won't add to skill damage. It might have been useful for a lion as 2nd class but as a 3rd class fox you should have enough AC to not need to do much with normal shots. I would think +.O

Shield Breaker

This would fall into the PvP section. If you pvp alot, you may wish to consider this skill since it breaks through all shields and the sumo suit skill supposedly.

Leg Training

This is a party buff that allows the user to gain immunity to movement imparing attacks.

III Equipment Advice

This section is purely advice. As I stated at the begining, I am in my low 100's and I haven't changed my job yet. I also said that high AP is your friend early on.

Refining a gun greatly increases the overall damage you do with it. I have tested this out, and I can't figure out the formula but I will tell you that it's worth it if you have the money to do so. The higher the base AP the better.

In the early levels this method will give you more damage than going for AC on your guns. In fact I would say you might wish to compound luck onto them until around level 70. At that point you may wish to look for more AC oriented guns but still with high attack power.

On your accessories go for Luck, AC or HP before level 70. HP and Luck outweigh the usefulness of your AC and there are not very many good AC gears at low levels.

Once you get to the 70's start looking for AC gear. At this point you have enough base AC and equip AC to really notice a boost in damage over purely an AP gun. Go for something with decent attack power and refine it still (always refine your guns.. but compounding AC or LK is also important now).

My shop goes a long way when it comes to guns. You can get all kinds of decent headgears and accessories. However, many guns are not that useful. They either have high AP and no AC or crap AC and no AP. You do not -have- to get myshop. But if you have cash for it, it does make leveling alot easier. I'm simply being honest.

If you have money in game.. ultimates are your friend. They cost alot to upgrade. That's the downside... but it's also a lot easier to make cash in trickster than it is in life. This is why I said that being funded is highly useful for a gunner fox.

The other thing to remember is the equipment from the episode and key quests. The guns are fairly nice and the other eqiupment is useful since I believe almost all the physical hats allow for AC compounds.

Section III

Other things to Know

I Areas to Hunt

Level 1 - 27

Go through the beginner quests in Blooming Cora and Desert Beach. While a bit boring and tedius they are very useful.

27 - 30

SouthEast Forest

Pochis drop Multivitamins. These are used for a quest from an NPC that should look familiar, Vagabond Eloy, in the south east corner of this map. You can do his quest at level 30 and it should take you to 31!

Love Hunter also gives a TM Quest for them. He is located on the SouthWest Map.


SouthWest Forest

This is a boring set of levels. However, you can get TM quests for all 3 bug types on this map.

At level 40 you get a gift box that has a sprint in it. DO NOT USE IT! Sell it for around 2-3 mil and use that money to get your 1 mil galder check for jobchange.


Leaf birds. Go down one more map to Path to Caballa Relics. Collect 25 Hulled Millet. At 45 you can do a quest with Wise Hen that gives you a Caballa Sticker.


Start working on the Caballa Relics Quests. These require quite a bit of digging. Get some DA gear and Dig on Dungeon 1. It's the easiest. The monsters won't use the banish skill here as far as I know.

There are also a few TM and Yuri Quests you can do. Do them All.

Do the Key Quest and the Episode Quest!

Do your job change!

Between all the quests you should be close to 60.


From here on out, start hunting the items you need for the Episode and Key Quests. There may be people selling them but it will benefit you more to go and hunt them than to buy. Why? Because you get experience that will, by the time you actually get them all, probably bring you up to the level needed for the quests. This can get a little boring at times, but unless you need to dig for it--go get it yourself.

Gate to Oops and then Oops Warf are your next set of quests. Mermaid palace is fairly easy since Guns do good damage on all of the monsters but the mermen near mermaid palace.

Continue doing this up through all of the other Key & Episode quests. They go up to 120-125 at Rose garden. There are other guides for these quests and I will not waste your time by detailing them here, since I still have yet to do the Rose garden ones.

The other benefit of doing Episode & Key Quests is you can get equipment that is fairly comparable to myshop. Need I say more? These quests should get you up -close- to 3rd jobchange.

More Suggested Leveling Spots 100+

Swamp 6 & Techi 1

I've been to Techi and there is a TM Quest for Kilimenjaro's which are gun weak. It gives a nice chunk of TM Experience and on Fantasia there are still quite a few people running around on that map.

Bug bears are only a headache and are good for a TM Quest and a card quest at this level range. I found them annoying to kill just as Pharoe commented.

Level 105+ Snow Field 3

This is also a good spot around this time. You might want to pick up an IceCream card for the 120 Quest on the previous map. The Santa Bear's are gun weak and the spawn is a very small area. A good party is all you need to make it a nice area to grind for a while!

II Killing Don

As part of the Mermaid quest line you will need to kill Don. He is a serious pain in the ass for anyone to do at the respective level of the quest which is 80. It can be done at 80. I don't care what anyone says. However, you need to get as much HP gear as you can. I would say around 6-7K worth of HP is needed.

It took me 2 days of off and on again smacking at him to kill him. I finally did it because I used a sprint from a lvl 40 gift box.

You will do crap damage. You will burn through a ton of pots.. but you can do it. You just need a LOT of patience. The sprints help because you can run away when he Berserks.

And you get the fashion gear with +1 luck when you're done. And.. access to mirage island which is a good area to train (though ghost blue is much easier hunting). The rewards for Mirage Island are good exp and a TM quest you can repeate 25 times through Monkey T. 10 Panceas per hand in gives a nice reward of around if not over 1 mil TM per hand in if I remember correctly.

III Last Words

I'm no expert. I'm giving what I know and advise on things I don't know. Please accept my apology if you find any differences in what I say and your experiences. I did have my shop to level with but that was a level 30 gun until 90.

There are certainly other paths to take than using a gun all the way to jobchange. I find those boring myself but other people have done it.

The Golden Lion set is useful for this. It's also extremely expensive. Not to mention if you want good compounds.. and have crappy compounding luck like I do. So getting them with good compounds is more money down the drain. For less you can get a good gun and refine it. It should work just as well and it looks much better. :P

You also have the option of going full DA. If you have the money to pay for the stat rest things in myshop. I consider this a waste of cash and don't see the point in it. You're making a gunner fox and I think it's a cop out to do this. That's just my personal opinion.. and it would be a helluva lot easier.

Anyway, if you have further advice or questions please feel free to respond with them!

Thanks to Pharoe for some leveling suggestions!

Pharoe 06-27-2008 08:41 PM

Hi Thistles, first of all nice guide ^^
I have a level 17* gunner fox and I can give some advice for people who don't really enjoy doing those quests or that wanna fight Don only later. I trained from level 70-100 at swamp 6 and Techi1. Of course, techi1 and Swamp6 aren't as active as they were before and there are usually male parties at Techi1, but if you find one you can fit or you can slave friends to party you, you will get great exp killing kilimanjaros at Techi1(stay away from Lakis T.T) and Arachnes at Swamp6(stay away from Mud Bigfoots).
I avoided Path to Snow Hill because it was too crowded and Jokers didn't give me that good exp, and since it is a narrow field I was often mobbed.
From level 100 to 3rd job you can try training at SF3, since bears give good base exp(crappy tm exp thou, but you can get tm with quests, etc) and I could 2 hit them at that level, hit and run.
When I trained Wishey, Ghost Blue was still for level 20 people and Mirage Island didn't really exist, maybe they are better training points and ghost blue has some good quests, but anyway, I hope those advices help future gunner foxes.

CrazyDiamond 11-05-2008 04:36 AM

this guide helped me a lot, gun fox ftw.

joshua24 04-18-2009 06:28 PM

thistle this is a great guide i have a lvl 21 gunner fox right now its pure LK so wat is yur foxes name on trickster mabye we can hang out sometime

Nakigahara 07-04-2009 12:11 AM

Good guide.

Just fyi, the Panacea quests from Monkey T gives you ~1.3m TM experience.

Nariann 10-14-2010 11:17 AM


It's a very good guide :) Particularly liked because there're a lot advices and you didn't mention that we MUST go and train somewhere on mobs. It's very annoying and boring in my opinion.

I've seen that this is the only one guide for gunner type foxes on this forum. I've done my fox, she is at lv56 now but I have some questions about her 3rd job advancement. I'm pure AC and I'm using guns for killing and her built is 2242 (because I wanted to get more MP). So the questions are: is the 3rd job adv hard for those who are using guns? I mean we don't have any attack skills for it. I heard that some people used Unique equips to do the 3rd. Do I have to get a unique set? :S Or it's just recommended?

Note: I won't use any MyShop only in-game EQs or event.

lan4eto 08-17-2012 01:28 PM

TY TY TY for the guide it helped me a lot i <3 my gunner fox and its one of the best chars there is :py05:

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