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02-29-2012   #1 (permalink)
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xXWitchDawn is on a distinguished road
IGN: xXWitchDawn
Class: Witch/
Level: 14X

xXWitchDawn Here With my Fox Tm Guide Hope You Like

1st Job Tm Guide Fox~

Tm 0 Stone Strike
Tm 0-21 Save Points (21)
Tm 21 Stone Strike lvl 5
Tm 21 Shuriken Master lvl 5
Tm 21 Invincible Drilling
Tm 21 Sixith Sense lvl 1
Points Left:7
Tm 21-30 Save Points (16)
Tm 30 Shuriken Master lvl 10
Tm 30 Stone Strike lvl 10
Tm 30 Sixth Sense lvl 10
Points Left:2
Tm 30-51 Save Points (21)
2nd Job~~~

2nd Job Fox~

21 Points Left From 1st

Tm 51 Precise Pitch lvl 10
Points Left:10
Tm 51-60 Save Points (19)
Tm 60 Armor Destructor lvl 1
Tm 60 Lucky Seven lvl 10
Points Left:4
Tm 60-80 Save Points (24)
Chain Of Knives lvl 10
Points Left:12
Tm 80-90 Save Points (22)
Tm 90 Landmine M
Tm 90 Chain Of Knives M
Points Left:3
Tm 90-100 Save Points (13)
Tm 100 Aura Of Luck lvl 10
Points Left:1
Tm 100-125 Save Points (26)
3rd Job~~

3rd Job Skill Guide

26 Points Left From 2nd

Tm 125-130 Save Points (31)
Tm 130 Fan Of Knives lvl 10
Tm 130 Hide lvl 10
Points Left:4
Tm 130-135 Save Points (9)
Tm 135 Poison Assault lvl 6
Points Left:0
Tm 135-140 Save Points (5)
Tm 140 Poison Assualt lvl 10
Points Left:1
Tm 140-150 Save Points (11)
Tm 150 Sudden Attack lvl 8
Points Left:0
Tm 150-155 Save Points (5)
Tm 155 Sudden Attack lvl 10
Just Master Everything Else And get other skills you want
Any Questions Go Ahead & Ask

Last edited by xXWitchDawn; 06-26-2012 at 02:19 PM.
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