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reyham 10-02-2010 05:26 PM

My seal eternal destiny installer keeps restarting, any suggestions? :(

I'm gonna keep trying until i can :|
but until then, anyone know any torrent downloads i can take?

NoeJeko 10-03-2010 08:15 AM

What do you mean it keeps restarting? Are you able to download the file? Is the installer itself restarting when you try to install it?

Adun 10-03-2010 09:14 AM

Worked fine for me.

kenbeluba 10-03-2010 06:10 PM


wa Worked fine for me

up up up up

bverzcrew 11-05-2010 07:05 AM

help me too !
when it started to download it kept asking for id pass ..
i can't stand it

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