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Default Lance Law's Channel

I will post all of my videos in this thread after I have create it.

This time is FAZZ after adjustment in HK Sever. Somebody said that this unit is the main course of this adjustment because it is so cool that the number of missiles of this unit’s weapon 1 now is much more than that at past. The ammunition is also increased. That means the power is much more than the past, and the fire is more continuous and easier to hit the target. You can make gorgeous “missiles rain” easily. However, this adjustment has a big problem. After the adjustment, this unit is much more popular than the past. Therefore, there are many “missiles rain” at a bout. You should think twice about whether or not your computer can support it before the bout. Anyway, this unit is becoming more interesting and amazing.

I have played only in R1. So I will just explain the weapons of R1 only.

Weapon 1: missiles launcher, after a simple counting, I found that there are more than 40 missiles launched once. At the past, there are just only 8-12 missiles launched once. Also since the ammunition is increased from 1-2, not only the power is improved; it lets the opponents to be very lag. Although reloading speed is reduced, the recharging of weapon 1 is still quick. In addition, the launching directions are increased from 1-8. There are upper left, the upper left-left, upper right, the upper right-right, medium left, the medium left-left, medium right and the medium right-right. The increasing of directions of missiles can reduce the opponents’ escaping of missiles, but the missiles may be blocked by the embarrassments easily. There is no any wrong thing to be explained but I suggest you to focus on the range. Many people think the increasing of launched missiles will increase the distance of weapon 1. No, it isn’t. The range is still the same to the range at past which is a little bit longer than most of the beam rifles.

Weapon 2: beam rifle, at the past, this is the best beam rifle for me. It is really smooth, really powerful and really sharp. Nevertheless, it is quite difficult to use today. The feeling is harsh. The attacking speed is quite slow for me. The reaction is quite numb (probably because of my networking speed). Therefore, my hit rate is always low. Despite the comments above, the thing of this unit is weapon 1, so you may not care my comments of weapon 2 too much.

Weapon 3: high mega cannon, the power is as strong as that at the past. The reloading speed is still not bad. However, there is one thing wrong with it: its attacking speed. In addition, concluding my delaying of networking speed, the attacking speed is much slower until now.


Skill 1: attack up, power is increased. The effect is very good so it is not necessary to be explained.

Skill 2: will of the newtype, is a skill of the entire team. After the HP of this unit drops under 50%, the movement speed of the team is increased; boost duration of the team is slightly increased; enemy positions are indicated on radars of the entire team; search distance of the entire team is increased. Moreover, defense against beam weaponry is increased itself. In my opinion, this skill is very useful to this unit and even to the whole team. But it cannot follow the upheaval of this unit because there are some problems of weapon 1. The range of weapon 3 is remaining unchanged, and you will be stun when you are launching weapon 1.

In conclusion, this unit has upheaval especially weapon 1, but some characteristics have remained unchanged such as stun and medium range. Therefore, the missile weaponry of FAZZ cannot be as brilliant as meteor freedom’s. Sometimes I think it is gewgaw. Even though it can be easier to hit the target than the past, the greatest effect is the lagging against the opponents.

Since the networking speed is low and my computer is not designed to play SD CFO in the first place, my performance is so terrible.
1st bout, thanks for the delaying of network
2nd bout, you can just focus on 2:57. I think the player of that FAZZ was numb at that moment.
3rd bout, there is just for fun.
This is the first time that I use BGM of Accel World. I have to say that the music is amazing and enjoyable. Hopefully I will not be alarmed by copyright infringement.
Sorry for bad playing.
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Default [KR]CS Rank Dra-C (UC)

This is Dra-C (UC), the reward of battle of UC forces when you had chosen the force Neo Zeon. This has very classic weapons. Both weapon 2 and weapon 3 are ballistic machine guns. It likes B-Ranked Cgue, A-Ranked Gundam Heavyarms Kai and S-Ranked Gundam Heavyarms Kai (EW). This is only a CS-Ranked scissor. Between this and another reward Stark Jegan, this is less popular than the Jegan. But, before you leap to conclusions, there is a thing I should be honest. This unit is a unique. In my opinion, this is much better than that but it is difficult to explain why.

The jegan has shotgun and chasing missiles. They are powerful, easy to use. You can hit the target when you are closing your eyes. And the jegan also has very useful skills: Reload Up. The Dra-C, which has ballistic machine guns, has only machine guns. However, when we give it an immobile image which is so normal, it can let you be surprised because it is so staunch yet it is so understated. Every time if I lost the battle while I was using the jegan, I was so angry and wanted to throw my computer outside. But when I lost the battle in first two battles in the video, I wasn’t so angry. I thought, “Um, you are well-done.” It is very surprisingly strong but it is not high-profiled because you cannot attack sharply. But it can support itself to the last second. I really admired it that it can do it very well.

Some people may think this unit is very boring because of its weapons are only machine guns and machine guns. However, this unit can be much interesting than other similar units because you will be busy of controlling its movement. The boost duration of this is quite longer than many scissors. Also it drops down to the ground slowly but you can press V to drop down faster. So when I am using this unit in the maps with gravity, I will use it as in space. The controlling of movement is tricky but if you can control it well, it will be amazing.

Weapon 1: beam saber, has 4 bouts once. Lots of people said it was rubbish because the original C-Ranked Dra-C had a better beam saber which was faster, smoother, bigger range and more powerful. Yet this is the Dra-C (UC)’s secret weapon because they don’t expect to be attack by its melee. Surely it is less powerful, slower. But I can hit the opponents successfully and it is as smooth as the original Dra-C. I have used it at 1st bout and 3rd bout successfully.

Weapon 2: mega gattling gun, has 10 bullets. The normal ballistic machine gun has 12-15 bullets so you may find it has less bullets but it can combined to use with weapon 3. At the beginning of using this unit, I thought it is quite powerless. But this is the main shooting weapon of this unit so after couples of bouts, the feeling of powerless is much less than past. But you know my machine-gun controlling is very terrible so I am sorry that I can’t give you the feelings. But I think there is no difference between this and the other normal machine guns. You can realize in my video.

Weapon 3: same to weapon 2 but it is more powerful than weapon 2. It likes Cgue’s weapon 3 that it will hold your body of shooting so you will be besieged. But this has 3 bullets so it is continuous and interesting. Also the reloading speed is quite fast. Even though it is quite powerless on paper but while you are using both this and weapon 2 to shoot to your opponents, you will be surprised that how it is so violent. Nevertheless, you should use it at a right time not like me.

Skill 1: Mobility up, I had said many times that this skill is not necessary to scissors but this unit is special because it has more mobility than most of the scissors. You can shoot to your opponents secretly and continuously. Until you are discovered, you can escape as fast as you can. This is the usage of this unit so this skill is helpful.

Skill 2: Armor-piercing Rounds, cause additional cost of ballistic machine guns. That means that this increased the power of weapon 2 and 3. Therefore, it is not necessary to explain that.

It likes cockroach because of its fortitude. And we can use its machine gun to confuse the opponents. Even if we are killed, since all C-Ranked units have 4 lives in a death, we can have more chances to say, “We still alive!” I hate cockroach but I like this unit.

In conclusion, the Dra-C has no powerful weapons, normal skills but sometimes you may not ready to face this and it will make you be surprised. Although my controlling was terrible and the “fast” networking speed, it lets me to stay until the last second. The first two bouts were lost yet I was happy.
OP: show you the melee of weapon 1
1st bout, I think I should escape to embarrassment after my last SP
2nd bout, show you the machine gun is also useful in space
3rd bout, the respond of its fortitude
Sorry for bad playing.
Happy Chinese New Year!
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I really like your write ups, they are good reads!
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Originally Posted by shiningman
It likes cockroach because of its fortitude.
I can't stop laughing. I'm sorry, I should be contributing something, but I can't stop laughing
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Originally Posted by Kisaragi
I can't stop laughing. I'm sorry, I should be contributing something, but I can't stop laughing
I agree that is funny. That's why there are many supporters of my comments.
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Default SD Gundam Online (HK) Units' weapons between before and after adjustment (S Rank)

Providence Gundam 0:11 0:15 0:22 0:27
Legend Gundam 0:46 0:49 0:55 1:03 1:36
00Qan[T] 2:00 2:10 2:23
Sinanju 2:33 2:38
Alvatore 2:48
GN Arms Type-D 3:09
GN Arms Type-E 3:42 3:44 3:51
at 3:44, it should be:R2 Weapon 1: attacking speed and attacking area are increased
Victory Gundam 2 Buster 4:04
Full-Armor ZZ Gundam 4:32 4:43 4:49 4:56
00 Gundam 5:29 5:33 5:58
00 Gundam Seven Swords/G 6:04 6:11 6:18
Cherudim Gundam 6:27
Gundam Double X 6:33 6:46
Altron Gundam EW 6:51
Destiny Gundam 7:06 7:10
Sazabi (Mega particle gun) 7:19
Cherudim Gundam GNHW/R 7:23 7:26 7:42 8:07
Akatsuki Gundam (Shiranui) 8:21 8:24 8:32
(HWS) Nu Gundam (HWS) 8:40 8:55
GP-03D (Folding Bazooka) 9:00 9:06 9:10
Sazabi 9:21 9:25 9:29
The-O (awakened) 9:38
Saravee Gundam 9:45 9:49
Turn-A Gundam 9:56 10:01
(correction: weapon 1 attacking area extended, not R2 weapon 1)
Susanowo 10:10
Gundam X-1 10:17
Gundam X-2 10:27
Justice Gundam 10:36 10:41
Freedom Gundam 10:45
Strike Freedom Gundam 10:49
Gundam-F91 10:53
Akatsuki Gundam Oowashi 10:56
Neue Ziel 10:59
00Raiser 11:09 11:24 11:30 11:35
Beam Sniper 11:43
Staff 11:58
02-21-2013   #8 (permalink)
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Default SD Gundam Online (HK) units' weapons between before and after 1/23/13 adjus

GP-03S 0:12
Hyaku Shiki (beam saber) 0:49 0:53
Gundam X-Astray 1:03
Perfect Zeong 1:11
Qubeley 1:20
Garazzo (Hilling Custom) 1:30 1:35
Gelgoog Commander Type 1:43
Enhanced ZZ Gundam 1:49 1:59
Sword Impulse Gundam 2:12 2:21
Forbidden Gundam 2:27
Gundam G-3 (twin Bazookas) 2:32 2:42
Strike Gundam Rouge IWSP (beam rifle) 2:58 3:02
Dreadnought Gundam 3:06
Exia Gundam (seven sword) 3:48 3:54
Aegis Gundam 4:03 4:08 4:19
Altron Gundam 4:27 4:32
Impulse Gundam 4:41
Blast Impulse Gundam 4:46 4:49
Palace Athene 5:00
Val Varo 5:09
Palace Athene (Large missile) 5:14
Gundam Kyrios (Tail unit) 5:19
Vigna Ghina 5:28
Dragon Gundam 5:38
Gundam Maxter (Boxing Mode) 5:49
Gundam Spiege 5:58
The-O (Beam saber) 6:01 6:06
The O 6:14
Gundam G-3 6:18
Masurao 6:22 6:31
Strike Gundam 6:43
Gundam Epyon 6:47
Ahead Sakigake 6:57
Gundam Virtue 7:05
Garazzo (Bring Stability) 7:08
V-DASH 7:14
Staff 7:29
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Default SD Gundam Online (HK) units' weapons between before and after 1/23/13 adj.

B機 B Rank
GP02A 0:12 0:21
Tieren Taozi 0:52 1:03
Gundam Astray Red Frame 1:13 1:18
LaGOWE 1:26
Original Gundam 1:43
Gundam (Twin Bazooka) 1:55 2:04
Gundam 2:11 2:18
Gundam Heavy Arms(Missile launcher) 2:28
Koumei Re-GZ 2:33
GP-02A(MLRS) 2:40
GN-X (Daryl Dodge Custom) 2:48
Kyou-I Gundam F91 2:56
Gundam (Hyper Hammer) 3:06
Sonsaku Physalis Gundam 3:15
Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina 3:24 3:32
Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L 3:38
Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L (Lohengrin Launcher) 3:41
Gundam Astray Red Frame Flight Unit 3:45
Gundam Astray Red Frame Second L 3:49
ReZEL (Commander) 3:53
Gundam MK-II (Titans Unit 1) 4:02

C Rank
GM 4:05
105 Dagger 4:13 4:18
Hygogg 4:22 4:25
Gunbarrel Dagger 4:30

Staff 4:56
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Default [SDGO/TW] AMX-014 Doven Wolf (INCOM) (AR Rank)

Come back to TW. This is the first time that I add subtitles in the battle movie. Hopefully it is acceptable for you. This time is AR ranked Dooven Wolf (incom). After the launching of this unit in super capsule in TW, Hinanawi Tenshi(比那名 居天子, we call Tenshi) always said that how good using this unit is. I just felt that the reloading speed of R1 weapon 2 was terrible. And then he said, “You, stupid thing, use it to do shooting. Of course, this is used for melee.”

Right (囧)

Base on Tenshi’s comments, I used it again and found out that this was a superb unit. It was stable; alternatively, it was exciting. Its melee, shooting weapons and skills could reach S rank levels; however, it was quite well-balanced so made it more entertaining but not too strong.

Weapon 2, 1300 power, having 7-8 bullets and penetrated feature, is mega particle gun. If you are a smart person, you may find out that this unit does not have weapon 1. I think that one of the reasons is this most of the funnels or those sorts of things should be arranged at weapon 3. But weapon 2 should not be empty so weapon 1 is blank. The feeling of this gun is as good as the weapon 2 of GP02A (MLRS) and F91’s R2, but I have to say that the range, not long enough, is only 2800, the same level to most of the beam rifles. Comparing to the reloading speed; however, it is even better. The reloading time is 6 seconds per 1 bullet which is not reliable. Thus, you may know how save bullets when you use it more, and the experience becomes more interesting, and weapon 3 is more useful as well.

Weapon 3, incom, 410 power, having 2 bullets, ranged 3000, whose reloading time is 20 seconds per all bullets under no skills are launched. The power is 530 before the adjustment; nevertheless, the power is still remarkable. After skill 2 is launched, the reloading time reduce to 14 seconds, as fast as Akatsuki Gundam (Shiranui)’s, meaning that it is deducted by 6 seconds. On the other hand, the power of incom is increased by launching of skill 2. In fact, many players do not use funnels as much because funnels cannot replace beam rifles or other normal shooting weapons for most of the units which has funnels. However, because of the terrible recharging speed of weapon 2, weapon 3 becomes useful at the same time.

Weapon 4 is ranged special attack whose power is increased by launching of skill 2. On the other hand, this SP is one of the fastest attacking speeds of SP. Anyway, this is very useful.

Weapon 1, 1300power per bout, is beam saber. Tenshi always said that it is the fastest melee in all A ranked scissors; however, I think AR Brave is faster than that. Also that range is quite small. But the power is quite high, and it is not too bad at all, but it is not as good as Tenshi’s image because he used not only weapon 1.

Weapon 2, 220power per bout, which I can’t find the actual name of that, is maybe wire-guided hidden hand. Its usage likes rods which I can’t use them very well. It’s brilliant. The feature is slow down not as useful as bullet zero but the power is very high, and more important thing is the fall down rate is zero, which means you can attack your opponents in all bouts of this and change to weapon 1 to attack in all bouts as well. On the other hand, rods can hold opponents down and fake SP. That’s why Tenshi really love its melee.

Skill 1 is mobility up. It strengthens R2 directly against rocks. But weapon 2 can slow opponents down, which means this skill is for chasing opponents only in R2. However, this skill is quite useful in R1 because the reloading speed of R1 weapon 2 is terribly slow, which means you may try to go to the space as close as you can to shoot opponents down and escape to bunkers. Its effectiveness depends on its speed and agility.

Skill 2 is strengthened funnels. Let me just say that in my superficial knowledge in Gundam, incoms are not controlled by humans as funnels. They are controlled by computers so this skill makes no effect to this unit on paper. However, I think this is the thing of this unit. First, it has no any other conditions of launching apart from SP, which means you can launch anytime when you have enough SP. Then, it can increase your power of SP. Moreover, this skill can increase the power of incom to 500 even though incom’s power is decreased to lower than 500. But the most important thing is the increasing of reloading speed because the skill decreases the reloading time from terrible 20 seconds to dazzling 14 seconds, and then you hide. If you have ever used funnels with low bullets, high power and high reloading speed such as Chaos Gundam’s weapon 3, you will know the reason that the power of Chaos’s weapon 3 is decreased from 700 to 400. Moreover, Doven Wolf has higher speed and boost duration, which means it has more time to attack opponents when you are being chased by them. The wrong thing is this skill is put on skill 2, which means you have to take a risk to enjoy skill 2 but I don’t care because this is the worth thing of this unit.

This is an epic. Its usage is wonderful but it is well-balanced (at least this is my thought). But if you want to know more of this unit, please watch the video. Subtitles are provided.

Sorry for bad playing.
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[Kr]G-Generation GP02A-MLRS
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Default [SDGO/TW-Subtitles] GN-000 0 Gundam (Type A.C.D.) (BS Rank)

This time I show you O Gundam (Type A.C.D) (BS Rank). I believe that this unit’s appearance based on the original Gundam RX-78-02. The head, the body and the painting are very similar. This looks even better. However, RX-78-02 is not a bad unit but it is a sort of plain because it uses saber-rifle-Vulcans weapon distribution which is used in lots of units. It isn’t as mad as G-3 or as fast as Shining Gundam. It gives us not really special.
O Gundam A.C.D uses saber-rifle-stun equipment which is quite popular as well but the equipment feels numb and heavy in some units such as Gabthley or as slow and less powerful as O Gundam. Or will it be as brilliant as Zaku-III, AGE1-Normal and The-O?
This unit uses the same equipment as O Gundam (B Rank) but except that, it has totally changed.

Weapon 1, beam saber, has 1 hit less than O Gundam but it feels so useful which you can see in the film. It feels not like a long-ranged unit. But because it is not the main feature, I don’t need to say anymore.

Weapon 2, beam rifle, is more powerful than O Gundam that its power increased from 900-1100. The handling is not very smooth as the O Gundam but because of the increasing of the power, you can feel the difference clearly. Since though this weapon is smooth, you still feel lack of power.

Weapon 3, beam rifle (high output), is the main difference between this and the most of stun weapons. It is the only one equipment that doesn’t hold yourself when you launch it as AGE 1 normal but you can shoot once more before reloading. Same as the weapon 2, this feels smooth as well but the attacking speed is not that fast so 2+3 combining attack is not that savage as The-O and not immediate as Age1-Normal. So it is quite good and special but you can it is not good and special enough.

Skill 1, Attack up, at first is not necessary to say. The increasing of attacking power to every unit is so useful and yet I can’t feel that exists. You can feel that every hit is more sensitive but not violent.

Skill 2, Mobility up, seems not really useful in long-ranged units but that works brilliantly in this. After the skill launches, everything becomes sensitive and immediate. You can feel 2+3 is faster than that in past, and you can even use beam saber to melee with short-ranged units. That gives me the sense that it is not an actually long-ranged unit which it probably is but because of the low boost-duration and the habit that low mobility of every long-ranged unit, when you compare this with Age1-Normal, you can see the gap between them.

In summary, this is a balanced unit between agile Age1-Normal, immediate Zaku-III and savage The-O, which turns out this is not bad. The stun gun is the only one contains 2 armor, not hold-yourself gun. But it is still a long-ranged unit even you may think it isn’t. It is fun to use but you can feel the unit is not that unique. Actually, I will choose Age1-Normal.
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Default GNX-903VS Brave (Standard Test Type) - 5 (AR Rank)



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