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zgmfx19a 05-10-2011 03:14 AM

[MSoTW] [09/05 - 15/05] Tallgeese III
Posting on behalf of StrykerX. Sorry for being late, but I am busy.


Originally Posted by StrykerX
Look at the vid 1st b4 looking at this, gives a more lulzy feel XD

Tallgeese III is the second ever Endless Waltz S rank to be released, piloted by Zechs Marquise A.K.A Milliardo Peacecraft and is probably the coolest looking non-gundam in gundam history(well, to me anyway). Despite being a little old, Tallgeese 3 is definitely more than able to handle itself in this modern battlefield with an array of effective close and long range weaponry.

Suit HP -------15.30
Attack -------21.30
Defence -------16.80
Special -------21.30
Agility -------21.60
Speed -------26.70
Overall -------123.00

Shields: Left Arm

Movement type: Hover


Weapon 1 Beam Sabre
Ammo Count: N/A Reload: N/A

*Blocked By: Veteran Ranger, King of Hearts, Undefeated of the East, Enhanced Close in Protection

Fast 5 hitter that cancels brilliantly. Only downside of this is that the blade is so damn short that you can't compete with melee heavyweights such as Sword Calamity, in melee anyway.

Weapon 2 Mega Cannon

Ammo Count: 3 Reload: 7 seconds/shot

*Blocked By: Veteran Infighter, I-Field, Laminate Armor, Yata-no-Kigami, King of Hearts, Undefeated of the East, Will of the Newtype
A distinguishing feature of the Tallgeese III. A huge cannon on the right arm, made even larger in the sd version. A little bit of history for you, Tallgeese III is in fact the first ever rock suit to acquire a non-kd long range beam attack. Although described in the anime as "As powerful as Wing Gundam Zero Custom's Twin Buster Rifles", this is not the case in the game though. Despite that, this weapon still lets you dish out alot of hurt from afar. It does require you to stand still for abit to fire and reloads rather slowly.

Weapon 3 Heat Rod

Ammo Count: 1 Reload: 14 seconds

*Blocked By: Veteran Ranger, King of Hearts, Undefeated of the East, Enhanced Close in Protection

Another feature of the Tallgeese III. A small looking shield containing a heat rod mounted on the left arm which is identical to the one on epyon. Extremely useful weapon as it is in fact, the longest whip weapon in SD Gundam to date. A few ways to use this are to whip when melee, whip then shoot with weapon 2 or to whip then run so that they cant shoot you in the back while you're running.

NOTE*: You can look up the effect of mentioned skills in the link below.

Info from /forum/sdgo-guides/7...anslation.html

1) Art of Fighting: Mobile Suit
Melee damage increase by 20%
A decent skill for any rock to have as it increases melee damage. Also affects your heatrod.

2) Cry of the Peacecraft
Team: Boost duration up 50%, Boost recovery up 25%, all damage(except SP or item) reduce by 30%.
Extremely powerful team boost and is generally regarded as one of the best team buffs in the game. Improves mobility and survivability of your team as a whole, greatly increasing odds of victory.

Custom Builds
1. Full ATK
Not really recommended unless you are 100% sure you can dodge fire while standing still. Used only if you plan on staying far far away and spamming beams.

About the same as full atk, but you just die slower.

Best build for Tallgeese III overall, synergises well with Cry of the Peacecraft and lets you dish out still impressive damage since Tallgeese III already has good ATK anyway while taking one for the team(yes, I'm talking about tanking).

OC simulator:

I admit that I am not the best Tallgeese III player in the english speaking community of SDGO, some might even call me sucky, just ask the people who have played me in my Tallgeese III before. But here are some techniques that will definitely help you in game.

Movement Cancel Acceleration(MCA)

Very important if you want to play Tallgeese III effectively as you will often find yourself reduced to your whip and sabre due to the medium-ish reload of your cannon. And because you blade is short...

Cannon Peek

I don't know what to call this so I just made up a name. Basically you stand behind an obstacle and poke your cannon out a little and shoot without exposing yourself to incoming fire. Very useful technique for Tallgeese III.


Spam beams and move in with the team when necessary. Try to stay away from mid range unless there is plenty of cover as it is where you are the most vulnerable.

Anti-Flinch MAs

Spam beams and never go near melee range if they have melee. If they dont, for example alt mode Neue Ziel or Dendro, try to sneak up behind them, whip them, start chopping and GTFO before they switch modes(I tried it in case you are wondering, Neue Ziel, best kill ever). This is a very very risky maneuver so don't attempt this unless you are 100% sure they are in melee-less mode.


Hardest suits to deal cant melee them, shooting them doesn't do much. Best way is to wait for them to attack your ally, then backstab them.

Shift's vid~

My lolzy vid~

Kisaragi 05-10-2011 03:18 AM

"Peek shooting" is probably the best way to abuse the placement of the t3 cannon, yet near nobody tries to do that. Instead opting to fly high up and shoot where everyone else can shoot you as well.

As for God and Master, all you can do is pray that they'll spec you when your health is high enough for you to survive, and hope you can kill them before they gain their sp again.

Crimsonred 05-10-2011 04:16 AM

Peek shooting in really annoying...
I usually use Nu against T3 cause of that....

xConvict 05-10-2011 04:19 AM


Originally Posted by Crimsonred (Post 1529137)
Peek shooting in really annoying...
I usually use Nu against T3 cause of that....

I use akatsuki so that they cant have any gain in SP when my Skill 2 is on.

KirovReporting 05-10-2011 05:16 AM

cept its one of the suits thats been effed up bad by the appearance of super setsuna

KanonoXlove 05-10-2011 07:13 AM

Woots T3 , a fun suit to play till today.

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